The Pearl of the Mediterranean!

Alexandria is a cosmopolitan city and is known as "The Pearl of the Mediterranean”. It has an atmosphere that is as European as it is Middle Eastern.

The Solar ship

Some say the vessel is a solar barge, used by the Pharoah during his daily voyages across the sky. Others say the ship was a funerary craft for transporting the Pharaohs body to the afterlife.

The second female ruler of ancient Egypt

There were three female pharaohs, of whom the greatest was Hatshepsut (reigned 1498-1483 B.C.).

The colourful, laidback city of Aswan

Aswan is a city of great ancient history, colourful buildings, beautiful islands and warm, hospitable locals. It is a place that you certainly must visit when touring the great country of Egypt. 

The home of books, art and ancient history

The Bibliotheca Alexandria in Egypt has a library capable of holding eight million books, and is one of the largest libraries in the world.

The Red Sea Riviera in Egypt

Egypt is know for its amazing & fascinating history but who knew that only a few hours drive from Cairo or Luxor, you will find beaches to match the Caribbean. From Sharm El Sheikh to Marsa Alam you will find beautiful sandy beaches, clear azure sea & marine life that you have only ever seen in an aquarium. Don’t miss out, read more here.

The Whirling Dervish

He twists and twirls, spinning on the spot in a trance like state. It’s an art that is learnt at an early age with lots of practice requires. The whirling dervish is a sight to see!

Egypt was the gift of the Nile... The One Who Comes in Peace
Imhotep was possibly the most famous non-royal Ancient Egyptian that ever lived. Learn more about this pioneering ancient Egyptian architect. 
The forbidden dance...

The fascinating way that they move their hips & the layers of chiffon swaying to the beat. Egyptian belly dancers keep you transfixed throughout their act.

Lake Nasser - man made beauty

One of the world’s largest artificial lakes, Lake Nasser is named after the Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser, who is largely responsible for the lake’s creation. 

The sacred bird of wisdom

Throughout Egypt, images of large wading birds called ibises appear on the walls of tombs and temples. Find out what this sacred bird meant to the ancient Egyptians and where they were found.

Safety Updates on Visiting Egypt During the Hamas-Israel War

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