Boatman invitations in Egypt

Understand Egyptian kindness – it's done a little differently. For instance 'boatman invitations' are invitations you're expected to politely turn down.

A small bite to eat and share with family!

Mezze (hot and cold snacks) are the perfect start to any meal, and it’s usually acceptable for diners to order an entire meal from the mezze list and forego the mains.

A hidden paradise

The Siwa desert is a striking oasis with a landscape like nowhere else in Egypt. Delicious dates and olives are grown here, surrounded by the world's 3rd largest sand dune field. Curious?

One of the greatest linguists of all time

Do you know the linguist who deciphered the Rosetta Stone? Learn about the man that unlocked the secrets of hieroglyphs.

Eid al-Adha celebration The ghostly, beautiful White desert..

As the sun goes down, the calcium sea appears to reflect all of the different beautiful colors of the changing sky. Learn more about this amazing desert in Egypt.

Health in a cup – drink your nutrition!

Helba Tea has a deep nutty flavor with a bitter, maple-like taste. It also has a lot of health benefits. Try this tea yourself !  

The magic of make up

The history of make up in Egypt shows us just how long cosmetics have been around. Want to know what natural substances they used so do themselves up?

You can move mountains... or monuments!

An ancient Egyptian monument was completely moved over the course of 4 years. Find out which one and why. 

The Traditional Travelers

 Bedouins are an ancient people, with customs and traditions that run deep. Today, Bedouins are traversing an ever-changing, modern world.

A hermits life...

The monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul are the oldest Christian monasteries in both Egypt and the world. Do you know the full story?

Cairo, the city that never sleeps

There is one time during the week, when the Cairo is quiet. Do you know when?

Safety Updates on Visiting Egypt During the Hamas-Israel War

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