Arabic numerals? - Used around the world & invented in the 5th Century

Arabic numerals are a bit different than what you find in the West. Here's what you need to know.

Hawawshi – Egyptian fast food. A bread pocket stuffed with delicious spicy meat

Hawawshi is a very popular street food, sold as a takeaway and served in paper. It is also commonly made in Egyptian homes and served in restaurants.

Bamya – a tasty okra stew, with or without meat

Everyone loves a hearty stew, especially on a cold winters evening....


Shisha - a perfect way to relax with friends at a coffee shop

Also known as ‘hookah’ or ‘hubbly bubbly’, ‘shisha’ are the ornate, Arabian water pipes through which Egyptians while away the hours toking contentedly on fruit scented tobacco.

One way to make Egyptians smile

One of the effective ways to make Egyptians smile and gain their sympathy is to speak a little Arabic.

These simple Arabic phrases go a long way in helping you navigate Egypt.

Hungry? Grab a tasty falafel sandwich

Falafels are generally known to be made from chickpeas.

Beauty is found in stone...

In pharaonic times Alabaster was used for all kind of ornaments or statues. Up until now, the soft mineral stone is processed in Egypt.

Al Max fisherman village

Al Max fisherman village, otherwise known as ‘The Venice of Egypt’ is located on the Mahmoudeya canal in Alexandria. The village has hundreds of fishing boats zipping through every day.

Mahshi – Stuffed vegetables. An Egyptian favorite!

Mahshi has got to be the favourite food of all Egyptians, both big and small!

A Delicious Smokey Eggplant Paste

It is a typical meze (starter), often eaten as a dip with pita bread, and is sometimes added to other dishes. It is a smokey flavoured paste made from grilled egg plant, mixed with tahina, lemon juice and olive oil. The whole dish is flavoured with garlic and cumin.

Egyptian flavors at your home

 Egypt is famous for its spices & these are used in homes & restaurants all across the country. 

Whales in the desert

Places near Fayoum, in Middle Egypt, have been discovered, to show that it was once the shore of a prehistoric sea and fossilized skeletons of the above marine life were found. Read more about this discovery here!

Safety Updates on Visiting Egypt During the Hamas-Israel War

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