The home of books, art and ancient history

The Bibliotheca Alexandria in Egypt has a library capable of holding eight million books, and is one of the largest libraries in the world.

The One Who Comes in Peace
Imhotep was possibly the most famous non-royal Ancient Egyptian that ever lived. Learn more about this pioneering ancient Egyptian architect. 
The sacred bird of wisdom

Throughout Egypt, images of large wading birds called ibises appear on the walls of tombs and temples. Find out what this sacred bird meant to the ancient Egyptians and where they were found.

One of the greatest linguists of all time

Do you know the linguist who deciphered the Rosetta Stone? Learn about the man that unlocked the secrets of hieroglyphs.

The magic of make up

The history of make up in Egypt shows us just how long cosmetics have been around. Want to know what natural substances they used so do themselves up?

You can move mountains... or monuments!

An ancient Egyptian monument was completely moved over the course of 4 years. Find out which one and why. 

Effective for Aten

Almond, slightly slanted eyes, elongated head - did the great innovator Pharaoh Akhenaten (Amemhotep IV) come from another planet?

Where is the tomb of the last queen of Egypt, Cleopatra and her husband, Mark Antony?

Head of the Dominican archaeological mission Kathleen Martinez believes that the tomb of Cleopatra VII and her husband, the Roman leader Mark Antony, is in the basement of the temple of Isis and Osiris.

After Tutankhamun

Tutenkhamun only reigned for a short period but who was to know what would happen following his sudden death. Who would take to the throne & how would this affect the country. His life and death is still shrouded in mystery...

The king has passed

Mystery still surrounds the death of Tutenkhamun & there are many theories of how he died & in what circumstances. Many theories have been tested over the years. The truth is out there somewhere...

The life of a king

Tutenkhamun & his queen lived a luxurious lifestyle in a palace in Memphis. 

Inside Tutenkhamun's tomb

The content of Tutenkhamun's tomb held many amazing treasures.

Safety Updates on Visiting Egypt During the Hamas-Israel War

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