Get all the gifts & souvenirs you need from a local bazaar, don’t forget to barter!

We all bring souvenirs home from every holiday & it’s no different when we go to Egypt. What is worth buying when in Egypt? What souvenirs should we bring? What Egyptian products are a good, durable and original gift idea?

Whenever you buy souvenirs, try to choose things that are actually produced in the country you are visiting, in this way we are supporting the local economy.

Below are our 'must have' top 10 souvenirs and gifts that we feel you must take home to remind you of our beautiful country:
1. Papyrus - the world’s earliest example of paper made from reeds in the river Nile. You can buy a range of souvenirs made of papyrus from small postcards to beautiful works of art
2. Hookah (shisha pipe) with tobacco - an oriental tobacco pipe with a long, flexible tube which draws the smoke through water contained in a bowl. 
3. Spices - black knight (canna lily), cumin, coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, hibiscus, anise
4. Dried dates - excellent source of vitamins and minerals
5. Galabeya - a wide, loose gown worn by Arab women or men. The Galabeya also works well as a comfortable lounging outfit to be worn in the home. Beautiful coloursand made from great quality Egyptian cotton.
6. Ladies handkerchiefs and scarves, colorful high quality males scarves
7. Kohl - a black powder stored in a tiny wooden or plastic bottle. It functions as a black eye crayon and can also be used as a pencil for eyebrows. The additional advantage of the original kohl is that it closes the blood vessels of the eye, making it appear whiter.
8. Alabaster - Alabaster “factories” are presentall around Luxor, where the pink, orange, and purple-hued desert stone is carved into small decorative sculptures and vases
9. Decorative caskets, bags made from leather or fabrics
10. T-shirts and towels made of Egyptian cotton – Egyptian cotton is hand picked so that there is less stress on the fibres. This produces a finer, stronger cotton with a soft feel to the touch.

Your Inside Egypt team knows what else to add to this list and will endeavour to help you in your search for the best gifts and souvenirs.

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