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Egypt Travel Reviews by our Clients

The team at Inside Egypt has worked hard to earn the excellent reputation that we have today. This includes the positive opinion of our guests as evidenced by five-star Egypt tour reviews.

Here at Inside Egypt, we go all out to offer our guests a once-in-a-lifetime trip, along with high quality and friendly service. We keep your best interests at the heart of everything that we do. Your feedback from your Egypt travel reviews spur us on to do the best we can for you, on your trip to Egypt.
We spend our days thinking of ways to make your Egypt vacation memorable for all the right reasons. The Inside Egypt team shares a wealth of knowledge about Egypt and a real passion for the country they call home. Our guides love to talk about the history of Egypt, sharing their knowledge of the ancient past with you.

People from all over the world have joined us to enjoy a tour of their lifetime. We love hearing from our happy customers and getting positive feedback from our Egypt tour reviews. We've had hundreds of great Egypt tour company reviews! You know just how to make us smile with your glowing comments. We have received some amazing Egypt Nile cruise reviews, the best Egypt tours and reviews from our fantastic guests, sharing with us how they felt on their once-in-a-lifetime Egypt vacation. Almost everyone commented on how welcome and safe they felt throughout the trip, making them feel at home. They listed what Egypt sites, apart from the pyramids in Giza, made the greatest impression on them. A large number of our trip participants even plan to return to Egypt in the future.

Take a look below to see how some of our guests described their experience with Inside Egypt and what they exactly said in their Egypt travel reviews or WATCH LATEST VIDEO-TESTIMONIALS FROM OUR GUESTS

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When you are looking to arrange your tour package to Egypt, you want to know everything there is to know about the travel agency you book with, and the country you will be visiting. You can find lots of information via our Egypt trip reviews. These are honest reviews of Egypt tours from real people visiting the land of the Pharaohs with us.

We ask all of our guests for feedback during their tour of Egypt to ensure that we are meeting our customer's needs and to make us aware of anything else we can do to make their trip memorable for all the right reasons. Luckily for you, this means you have plenty of Cairo, Egypt reviews, Egypt holiday reviews, and even Egypt excursion reviews to read as you make an informed decision about your trip.

We speak to all of our customers individually to understand how they felt the trip was handled get any feedback they want to share with us. We are happy that most of the feedback we receive from our guests is positive, and we love to share the feedback we get with you. This will help you to understand more about Inside Egypt as a company and how we work. Our guests are our top priority, and we can't wait to hear the great stories from the tours they have experienced with us.

Many of our guests return time and time again, becoming friends.

We're ready to welcome you into the Inside Egypt family and are happy to answer any questions you may have after reading our Egyptian vacation reviews.

Why is Inside Egypt Different?

At Inside Egypt, we pride ourselves on our high standards and great customer service. Our customers are our number one priority and are at the heart of everything we do. You only have to read our guests' Egypt trip reviews to see how our guests feel about us and the service we offer.

We offer high-quality tour packages throughout Egypt showing you the most famous sights you dream of visiting, along with lots of hidden gems.

We know that after a long day of sightseeing you want to stay in luxury accommodation, allowing you to get lots of rest before you head out again. This is the same for our Nile Cruise, as seen from our Egypt Nile cruise reviews.It's not enough to be cruising down the River Nile, watching the world go by, and visiting magnificent monuments. We want you to do this in luxury, not wanting anything as you relax and take in the sights and experience everything in Cairo and Luxor. Browse our Egypt cruise reviews to see what awaits you.

All of our travel arrangements are made with you in mind. We choose the best transportation for a comfortable journey and domestic flights where possible so that you don't have to spend many hours traveling between Egyptian cities.

At Inside Egypt, we have worked alongside the Ministry of Antiquities for many years building relationships that allow us to give our guests a VIP experience. We can offer you private access to many of the wonderful Egyptian monuments that others can only dream about.

We want our guests to return home with big smiles on their faces and lots of happy memories to last a lifetime of their amazing experiences discovering Egypt and its treasures. Check out our reviews of Egypt tours packages from previous guests to see how we can make your dreams come true.

Why not start makeing your travel plans today and join us for your own Inside Egypt adventure. Start your journey now by reading our transparent and informative Egypt tour reviews!

Tina Baker
Date: 2021-10-14
From: United States
It was a wonderful trip. To just be immersed in the culture, everything was so rich to be a part of this. There are no words to describe this feeling. The smells, the people, the sites, the sounds, it was all very stimulating. This is something I'm gonna carry with me for the rest of my life. I don't think I can top this vacation ever. It's hard to pick my most favorite Egypt sites because Inside Egypt took our group to amazing places and gave us special access to them. I have to say that the Karnak temple was absolutely amazing and the Giza Pyramids too, all the areas that you can go to... You can't ever imagine the places that you see. What you see on television is very different from experiencing it. Egypt is absolutely safe. I have never once felt at all in danger. It's 100% safe. I have been to so many countries and this is one of the safest countries I've been to. The service was 5-star, absolutely excellent. Everything I needed, I got, and they were almost psychic, they were mind readers. I didn't even have to ask and they would bring it for me. You have to come to Egypt. It is absolutely amazing. If you want to have a life changing experience and come back as a changed person, this is the place to come to. It is spiritual, emotional, and physical. It is a very moving country. You really need to go.
Date: 2024-06-30
From: USA
Tour: Private Tour of Great Pyramid
Spectacular private tour of Giza and the Great Pyramid. Inside-Egypt Representatives Tiffany and Mustafa in Cairo were great! Worth it and what an unbelievably awesome experience. In summary, imagine seeing the Giza Plateau and the Great Pyramid without any tourists or people selling your things. Once in a lifetime adventure and Inside-Egypt made it happen!
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An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks
Cathi B.
Date: 2024-03-18
From: United States
Tour: 14 Day
We just finished our 14 day tour of the beauty and history of Egypt. We felt safe and taken care of the entire time. Inside Egypt delivered on their promise of a safe and exciting adventure within their fascinating country. The accommodations and food were top notch. I can't recommend this tour enough!
JP Brennan
Date: 2024-03-18
From: USA
Tour: 14 Day Egypt
What a fantastic trip! Inside Egypt Travel Solutions delivered on all of their promises... we had a small group (15 in our group) which meant our private access was truly special. We had private access to the Great Pyramid of Giza, which proved to be an incredible experience. The private access made all the difference. Inside Egypt set up a well known Egyptologist to provide a guest lecture while we were seated directly in front of the Sphinx! In the Valley of the Kings, we were granted access to one tomb which had been closed to visitors for years. From Giza, to Luxor, to Alexandria and beyond, Inside Egypt made sure we did as much as possible during our 14 days, all the while ensuring our pace allowed us to fully absorb all the splendors of Egypt's history. Our Egyptologists were so knowledgeable, and carefully explained all of the sites we visited. Inside Egypt says they provide luxury, and when they say luxury, they mean it. Our stays at the Marriott Mena House and the Four Seasons Cairo were superb. Both locations were incredible and opulent. The historic Mena House grounds were like a calming oasis, and the Four Seasons was luxurious. We were pleasantly surprised when we looked out our window at the Four Seasons and realized we could see the pyramids of Giza in the distance! Our Nile River Cruise was also a real joy, with impeccable service. The ship was clean, and the stateroom very comfortable. The food throughout our trip was also amazing, both on the river cruise as well as in carefully selected dining in some fantastic restaurants. Inside Egypt did a great job of picking top-notch restaurants throughout our trip. The most important thing to me during this trip, however, was the Inside Egypt staff! Their team guided us through the entire process incredibly smoothly. They were with us from the time we stepped off the plane in Cairo, helping us obtain our visa on arrival, until they said goodbye to us at the Cairo airport after helping us check-in and check our luggage. Our team of Egyptologist/tour guides, Hussein and Ahmed, were simply the best. Funny, accommodating to our needs, and providing a safe and fun atmosphere. Safety was a major concern of ours pre-trip, but Inside Egypt provided an incredibly safe experience... we never, not once, felt unsafe during our trip. Honestly, the whole team was superior... from Thammie who guided us through the planning, to our guides Hussein and Ahmed, to Hosan who met us at the airport and helped us multiple times during our stay, to Mahmoud our photographer, right down to the bus driver who was without a doubt one of the best drivers I've ever seen. I simply cannot recommend this 14-day Egypt experience with Inside Egypt Solutions more highly! It was a trip of a lifetime!
Brandon Apling
Date: 2023-12-27
From: United States
Tour: 14 day tour dec 3-16 2023
This trip was the trip of a lifetime. The tour hit everything I wanted to see and even a few things I had not even heard about. The Mena House was fantastic. From the garden views of the pyramids to the food and the staff. The Nile cruise was also great. Again the staff made this. My wife has a gluten allergy and both place took her by hand through the buffets to tell her what she could and could not eat. Our tour leader, Aladdin, also made sure when we ate out that my wife was able to eat and did not have to worry. The VIP private access to the pyramids and the Sphinx was unbelievable. No giant line to see the inside of the pyramid and then our group got to get right next the the Sphinx, most can not do this. Also the private tour of the step pyramid, also no open to everyone, was fantastic. If I had to pick my favorite part of the trip it would the entire pyramid complex day and the valley of the kings day. To be inside the great pyramid and King Tuts tomb were high bucket list items for me. Our tour Guide, AMR, was full of knowledge and not only went through the highlights at each site but if we had any questions was right there to answer them. I have already recommended this tour to a few of my friends who were also wanted to see these wonders in person.
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An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks
Date: 2023-11-30
From: Canada
Tour: 14 day tour
Our 14 day tour was simply amazing and would recommend to anyone interested I visiting Egypt. Mustafa, our team leader, and Khaled, our tour guide were fantastic. Lots to see, learn and do and new friendships formed. Our safety was always paramount.
Maria Renaud
Date: 2023-11-28
From: United States
Tour: 11/5/2023-11/18/2023
If Egypt is on your bucket list, don’t wait!! Inside-Egypt travel solutions was outstanding in every way! From the moment we touched down at the airport, their representative was there to hold our hand every step of the way! The exceptional service continued through out the entire tour. Khalid, our Egyptologist , was an exceptional story teller and made all the over-whelming history appreciated, understandable, and just plain fun! Together with our phenomenal tour guide, Mufasa, a better duo could not be had. From a misplaced phone, left behind iPad and minor fiascos…these guys handled everything without worry! Their impeccable timing and attention to detail allowed for maximum enjoyment at each stop as we were shuttled right into every attraction with no lines or waiting. Private Giza entrance and Ashraf Mohie El-Din lecture at the paws of the Sphinx was a once in a lifetime delight! Unfortunately, tensions between Hamas and Israel exploded just before our scheduled trip. Our media and government definitely gave us pause about continuing our planned trip. After a couple emails and very quick, reassuring responses from Inside Egypt, we decided to throw caution to the wind and go. Boy are we glad we didn’t listen! Never not once did we feel fearful or in danger! The Egyptian people were nothing but kind and welcoming! This was truly a trip of a lifetime that will be hard to duplicate! Check your list and go with Inside-Egypt and leave your worries at home!
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An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks
Janis Gordon
Date: 2023-10-18
From: USA
Tour: 14 day tour, 10/1/23-10/14/23
Inside-Egypt provided us with a wonderful 14 day tour! The itinerary was exceptional! The guides (Medhat-Egyptologist, and Achmed-Tour Manager) were knowledgeable and entertaining, and the accommodations were great. Everything was included and well-organized, from the moment we arrived until the moment we left. The private entry into the Giza Pyramid accompanied by the archaeological presentation at the Sphinx was the experience of a lifetime! The trip was a little exhausting, but that’s because it included everything you want to see when you visit Egypt, and more! I highly recommend this tour company!

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