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Egypt Travel Reviews by our Clients

The team at Inside Egypt has worked hard to earn the excellent reputation that we have today. This includes the positive opinion of our guests as evidenced by five-star Egypt tour reviews.

Here at Inside Egypt, we go all out to offer our guests a once-in-a-lifetime trip, along with high quality and friendly service. We keep your best interests at the heart of everything that we do. Your feedback from your Egypt travel reviews spur us on to do the best we can for you, on your trip to Egypt.
We spend our days thinking of ways to make your Egypt vacation memorable for all the right reasons. The Inside Egypt team shares a wealth of knowledge about Egypt and a real passion for the country they call home. Our guides love to talk about the history of Egypt, sharing their knowledge of the ancient past with you.

People from all over the world have joined us to enjoy a tour of their lifetime. We love hearing from our happy customers and getting positive feedback from our Egypt tour reviews. We've had hundreds of great Egypt tour company reviews! You know just how to make us smile with your glowing comments. We have received some amazing Egypt Nile cruise reviews, the best Egypt tours and reviews from our fantastic guests, sharing with us how they felt on their once-in-a-lifetime Egypt vacation. Almost everyone commented on how welcome and safe they felt throughout the trip, making them feel at home. They listed what Egypt sites, apart from the pyramids in Giza, made the greatest impression on them. A large number of our trip participants even plan to return to Egypt in the future.

Take a look below to see how some of our guests described their experience with Inside Egypt and what they exactly said in their Egypt travel reviews or WATCH LATEST VIDEO-TESTIMONIALS FROM OUR GUESTS

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When you are looking to arrange your tour package to Egypt, you want to know everything there is to know about the travel agency you book with, and the country you will be visiting. You can find lots of information via our Egypt trip reviews. These are honest reviews of Egypt tours from real people visiting the land of the Pharaohs with us.

We ask all of our guests for feedback during their tour of Egypt to ensure that we are meeting our customer's needs and to make us aware of anything else we can do to make their trip memorable for all the right reasons. Luckily for you, this means you have plenty of Cairo, Egypt reviews, Egypt holiday reviews, and even Egypt excursion reviews to read as you make an informed decision about your trip.

We speak to all of our customers individually to understand how they felt the trip was handled get any feedback they want to share with us. We are happy that most of the feedback we receive from our guests is positive, and we love to share the feedback we get with you. This will help you to understand more about Inside Egypt as a company and how we work. Our guests are our top priority, and we can't wait to hear the great stories from the tours they have experienced with us.

Many of our guests return time and time again, becoming friends.

We're ready to welcome you into the Inside Egypt family and are happy to answer any questions you may have after reading our Egyptian vacation reviews.

Why is Inside Egypt Different?

At Inside Egypt, we pride ourselves on our high standards and great customer service. Our customers are our number one priority and are at the heart of everything we do. You only have to read our guests' Egypt trip reviews to see how our guests feel about us and the service we offer.

We offer high-quality tour packages throughout Egypt showing you the most famous sights you dream of visiting, along with lots of hidden gems.

We know that after a long day of sightseeing you want to stay in luxury accommodation, allowing you to get lots of rest before you head out again. This is the same for our Nile Cruise, as seen from our Egypt Nile cruise reviews.It's not enough to be cruising down the River Nile, watching the world go by, and visiting magnificent monuments. We want you to do this in luxury, not wanting anything as you relax and take in the sights and experience everything in Cairo and Luxor. Browse our Egypt cruise reviews to see what awaits you.

All of our travel arrangements are made with you in mind. We choose the best transportation for a comfortable journey and domestic flights where possible so that you don't have to spend many hours traveling between Egyptian cities.

At Inside Egypt, we have worked alongside the Ministry of Antiquities for many years building relationships that allow us to give our guests a VIP experience. We can offer you private access to many of the wonderful Egyptian monuments that others can only dream about.

We want our guests to return home with big smiles on their faces and lots of happy memories to last a lifetime of their amazing experiences discovering Egypt and its treasures. Check out our reviews of Egypt tours packages from previous guests to see how we can make your dreams come true.

Why not start makeing your travel plans today and join us for your own Inside Egypt adventure. Start your journey now by reading our transparent and informative Egypt tour reviews!

Lynn Crawford
Date: 2022-05-27
From: United States
Tour: Around Egypt in 14 days
My favorite place to visit throughout my Egypt trip had to be the Nubian village, and holding the baby crocodile. I have to admit at first I was afraid of them, but then I realized how cute and amazing these creatures are. I really enjoyed learning about the people and their culture and how the Nubian children go to school. Another site that was breathtaking was the Temple of Abu Simbel which was really nice, and of course I can't forget how amazing it was to be on a Nile cruise. It was so peaceful, and looking at the little sail boats from above was a really fun experience. Egypt is a really nice and safe country, and the weather was amazing this time of the year. I haven't felt unsafe for a single moment, and our tour guide made sure all of our needs were taken care of, and that we enjoyed every single moment during our trip. The hotels we stayed at were really comfortable and the beds were super soft. I had the best night's sleep on them. My brother found Inside Egypt through their website and convinced me, my mom and my sister in law to come and visit this beautiful and extravagant country. I'm hoping to bring my friends one day to make them live their dreams as Egypt is truly out of this world.
Youssif yousry
Date: 2022-05-15
From: Egypt
Tour: Cairo
من اجمل الشركات السياحه المحترمه فى التعامل والمصدقيه
Jessica Harvey
Date: 2022-04-27
From: USA
Tour: Around Egypt in 14 days tour
It's been a very friendly and extraordinary trip to Egypt. The guides and the people assisting us were wonderful. We really had an exceptionally great time all the way through. It's hard to pick a favorite site as all of them were somehow magical and really breathtaking, but I think the temple of Abu Simbel was the best. When I was 10 years old I always listened to everyone talking about their journey there and how beautiful this temple is and I remember feeling excited to just listen to my aunt and cousin talk about it, since then I knew I had to go and see it by myself. When I came back home, a lot of people kept asking me, "Is Egypt safe?", and my answer is yes, Egypt is really safe. Inside Egypt did an amazing job of taking care of us and I've never felt unsafe for even a single moment. I would definitely recommend going with Inside Egypt as they really did take care of all our needs and they made sure that each and every single one of us was comfortable and having the time of their lives. Hopefully, soon I'll be able to bring my daughter and my son in law to see how magical Egypt is, and to be honest I want to come again as I can never get enough of the beauty and how amazing and exciting Egypt is.
Sally & Mick
Date: 2022-04-14
From: US
Tour: 14 days in Egypt
What we would say is that the experience was actually quite amazing. It exceeded our expectations in every sense. We have never visited Egypt before but we did some research, and Inside Egypt's program really rose to the top, catching our eyes. Our overall experience was great and it was the best trip ever. The Egyptian sites we have visited were on our lists that we would like to visit. The cruise was great to travel along the Nile and experience that. We think that the most important thing is to hear the history about different parts of Egypt, different eras from the past and past history, going to the Nubian village and seeing different parts. That was an extremely unique experience. We felt safe and we felt happy and secure, with the security around us. Egypt is an experience that you can't miss! The Inside Egypt team is very helpful and they care about everyone's special needs. This is a major plus.
Jennifer James
Date: 2022-04-12
From: United States
Tour: Around Egypt in 14 days tour
My trip to Egypt was amazing. I met so many amazing people and the Inside Egypt team took great care of us. Everyone was so much fun to be around. My favorite place to visit in Egypt was Nefertari's tomb. It was just stunning! I never expected to see something like that. The beautiful intense colors, it really was great there. The whole trip was a once in a lifetime experience. I will never forget it. I have learnt so much on this Egypt tour. I have been interested in Egypt my whole life and our guide was able to tell us things I have never heard before. He was very engaged and passionate. It was very exciting to see this passion. The service was fantastic, and all the food in Egypt was delicious. The Four Seasons hotel in Cairo was amazing, my room was gorgeous. I enjoyed every second of this Egypt vacation. Come to Egypt with Inside Egypt. It is a wonderful country, and you will have an amazing time! Don't be afraid to come. I never felt unsafe there. Come and see everything you can.
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An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks
Date: 2022-03-31
From: USA
Tour: Around Egypt in 14 days tour
Egypt was always on my bucket list. I wanted to go to Egypt and see the pyramids, the tombs, see the Nile and do a lot of tours. And finally I was there! I learned a lot and it was a wonderful trip to Egypt. Actually there were many of my friends at home that said don't go to Egypt, it's not safe, you're gonna be in danger. But I really didn't feel unsafe before I left. After coming to Egypt I have learned a great appreciation of the Egyptian people. That proves that they have been very warm and they have been very friendly. I felt very safe. I love Egypt. The only thing that I don't like is the hot weather. I wouldn't recommend Egypt in the summer. Egypt is a wonderful place to visit. I highly recommend it. The inside Egypt team is very accommodating and very helpful. I had wonderful tours and it's been very busy. If you go on a tour like this you should be prepared to be busy and to be going on lots of different trips and tours, and be ready to go. By being able to go on all the tours, that's how you get the information, and how you know more history. You see actual tombs, pyramids that you go inside. You actually see history come to life. Inside Egypt staff are very knowledgeable. I had a wonderful Egypt vacation!
Date: 2022-02-23
From: United States
Tour: 14-day Egypt tour
Our Egypt tour with Inside Egypt was amazing. It was very well organized, and they really showed that they cared about us and where we were, at all times. They were also concerned about our safety, not that there was anything to worry about, but it was just a good feeling to know that we were looked after, and we felt very at ease. There was always support whenever you needed it, and they never let us down. It was an amazing experience. When we first saw the pyramid's themselves at Giza, it was an amazing feeling. To see them on TV and to see them in magazines cannot describe the feeling of actually seeing them in person. The structures were amazing and mind boggling. I really enjoyed the pyramids in Giza and the Great Sphinx. It's hard to pick one particular site, as I enjoyed almost each and every single one, but the decorated tombs in Luxor were one of the most memorable places that we visited. The service was top notch and everyone was on their game with one goal, which was to please us, and they definitely did. I don't think enough words exist to explain how fantastic this experience was.
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An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks An Egypt Tour Reviewer taking a picture inside one of the Egyptian landmarks
Sarah & Robert
Date: 2022-01-21
From: United States
Tour: Egypt itinerary 14 days
The tour with Inside Egypt was a unique experience, and we're glad we got to be on this once in a lifetime tour. To be part of the group visiting the wonders of Egypt and to have one of the best, most professional and knowledgeable tour guides we've ever met, was truly an amazing experience. Egypt is absolutely safe, we thought about it before we came, and not only have we checked the government ratings and it turned out to be on the same level of security as Europe and the USA, but we've also read reviews about the people living there. When we went and saw it by ourselves, we were pleasantly surprised by how welcoming the people were. It's not just the staff that welcomed us generously and took care of us throughout the tour, but the people in the streets that smiled at you, the little kids that wave on their way out of school. We really couldn't have asked for a more secure and welcoming visit. We definitely will come back in the future. We will never forget how our tour guide was outstanding, always telling us interesting facts about the sites we were visiting. The whole team was on point, and they always made sure to take care of our needs. We would definitely recommend Inside Egypt to anyone who wants to be mind blown by the secrets and mysteries of Egypt.

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