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Jennifer Pansch
Date: 2018-05-04
From: United States
Tour: 14 day
My tour managed by the Inside Egypt team was my first worry-free vacation ever. Logistics were executed flawlessly with the team anticipating my every need. Their attention to my enjoyment, comfort, and safety allowed me to relax and fully immerse myself in the beauty of Egypt. When I flew to Cairo, I thought it would be a once-in-a-lifetime trip. But by the time I flew home, I knew that I already longed to return. Don't miss this trip.
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Sarah Goldberg
Date: 2018-04-09
From: USA
Tour: Around Egypt in 14 days
I absolutely recommend this tour for anyone who wants a truly memorable experience exploring Egypt! Everything was perfect and was far more than what we expected. Everything was taken care of and organized very well. It was the perfect mix of luxury travel and getting the local experience. Visiting the sites and museums in a more private environment was a real VIP experience and my favorite part was getting to visit a local Nubian home. Definitely recommending this to everyone I know and we are already talking about going back with our kids someday.