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Valley of the Queens

The Valley of the Queens contains at least 98 tombs that belonged to queens from the 19th and 20th dynasties as well as other members of the royal families, including princesses and princes. Four of the tombs are open for viewing.

The most spectacular tomb in the valley was constructed for Queen Nefertari, the principal wife of Ramesses the Great. She was a respected woman  in ancient Egyptian times. She was well educated and was able to read and write hieroglyphs, which was a rare skill. Nefertari acted as a diplomat, using her reading and writing skills to correspond with other world leaders and royals of the period.



Nefretari's tomb is the largest and most beautiful in the Valley of the Queens.

The wall paintings in her tomb depict the Queen's character through images of the queen honoring the gods and goddesses who would help her on her journey in the afterlife.