What to pack for Egypt? Find a basic packing list here

It's a challenge when packing for any holiday, especially when you will be travelling around the country.
Some areas in Egypt are very quiet with little or nothing around. Even the more busier areas will not have everything you need. Therefore, you should make sure that you have the basics to hand.

Below are some items that are considered necessities when travelling around Egypt.

1 - Everyday prescription medicine
2 - Cosmetics, sanitary products. Little choice & high prices
3 - Wet wipes, sanitiser. For use in public toilets
4 - Suncream. To stop the burn from the hot sun
5 - Camera. To capture the memories 
6 - Sunglasses. To stop the glare from the sun
7 - Power adapters (2 pin adapters)
8 - Copies of documents (passport, travel docs)
9 - Money for tips
10 - Comfortable footwear. Lots of walking around monuments & temples.