Inside Egypt provides you the unique opportunity of an audience with former First Lady of Egypt, Jehan Sadat through a lecture by Mrs. Sadat followed by dinner at the residence of President Anwar El Sadat.
Jehan Sadat

I am inviting you all to my country with Inside Egypt. Not only will you see the historic monuments of ancient Egypt, but also learn of the history that I'm very proud of.

It will also be a great opportunity to meet the friendly people of Egypt and get familiar with local traditions and culture. You will sample extraordinary cuisine and discover new flavors that will delight you.

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I look forward to meeting you.

     Jehan Sadat

Jehan Sadat with husband Anwar As-Sadat

Mrs. Sadat played a key role in the modern history of Egypt and her works continue to this day.

Born to an Egyptian father and a British mother, Jehan Sadat obtained her elementary and high school education in Cairo, at a school run by Christian missionaries. At the age of 15, she met Anwar El Sadat, an Egyptian officer who fought against British domination during the World War II. He later went on to become the president of Egypt in 1970. 

President Sadat launched the war against Israel in 1973 to regain lands lost in the Six Day War. In 1978 President Sadat along with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem were awarded Nobel Peace Prizes.

As First Lady, Jehan Sadat earned her Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language from Cairo University and later on obtained her Master’s degree in Literature. 

Mrs. Sadat was an active First Lady, taking part in social and cultural activities and visiting military hospitals and troops on the Egyptian-Israeli border. 

Her visits to wounded soldiers inspired her, and she founded the Faith and Hope Foundation, a charity organization offering medical and rehabilitation services to wounded soldiers. 

She was also active on the political field, with a special interest in women’s rights. In 1975 she represented Egypt at the Women’s Conference in Mexico City. She also founded a private organization whose aim was to help women learn skills, enabling them to enter the workforce. 

She played a crucial role in the formulation of Egypt’s Family Law, also known as Jehan’s Law, introduced in 1979. The law made it mandatory for men to register divorces and extended child custody to divorced mothers as well as enforcing alimony from the father. 

The law also enforced the mandatory consent of the first wife if a husband was to remarry. 

Jehan Sadat with her the youngest daughter Jehan Sadat


Following the assassination of President Anwar El Sadat in 1981, Jehan continued her charity work in Egypt. 

She later moved to the United States, where she taught at a university and in 1985 became the honorary leader of the Women’s Organization at the Women’s International Center. 

In 1993, Jehan moved back to Egypt where she obtained her PhD in English Literature from Cairo University. 


Jehan Sadat with daughter and Mostafa Lotfy - chairman of Inside Egypt company

She initiated a cooperation with the University of Maryland, where she lectured on international relations and authored two autobiographies, A Woman of Egypt and My Hope for Peace. 


Mrs. Sadat is a senior fellow of the Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and Development at the University of Maryland in the United States. 

Today she continues to keep her husband’s legacy alive and lectures on women’s rights, the role of family and global peace.