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Inside Egypt offers the best Egypt tour packages to the highest standart a very reasonable price. This is manifested in luxury accommodation, small intimate groups limited to 20 travelers, an extensive Egypt tour itinerary, personalized service, first-class guides, travel in comfort and style, as well as VIP Egypt travel experiences you wouldn't get anywhere else.

Inside Egypt is a well-known and reputable travel agency in Egypt, offering the best Egypt tour packages with the best Egypt tour prices. We have been cooperating with our Egyptian contractors for years, and  thanks to this, we can negotiate preferential prices that are available only to our clients.

Our Egypt tour prices are affordable and attractive - especially when you look at what is included in our all-inclusive Egypt tour packages. The Egypt tour packages price that Inside Egypt offers are characterized by excellent value for money. Our customers emphasize this in their reviews.

With us, you will travel luxuriously but on a budget. We offer some of the best Egypt tour packages that allow you to choose your Egypt holiday according to your budget. What will your Egypt trip cost? The Egypt tour prices depend on how many days you will spend in Egypt and whether you will book additional optional trips or extensions.

Whichever of our all-inclusive Egypt tour packages you choose, you can rest assured that our travel agency offers the best Egypt tour packages price around.



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14 Days in Egypt Tour
Maximum group size:  20

Our signature Egypt Vacation takes you on an enthralling 14-day Egypt tour from Cairo to visit Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Au Simbel, and back again, exploring Egypt's most iconic landmarks. Vacation the Egypt pyramids ahead of the crowds and enjoy a peaceful moment to drink in the atmosphere of the Pyramid tours of Khufu and the Great Sphinx at the Giza Plateau before tourists are admitted for the day. You’ll also discover the country’s hidden gems with exclusive access to rooms and locations normally off-limits to the public, and sail down the Nile in style aboard our well-appointed cruise ship to delve further into the mysteries of Southern Egypt. Our 14 day Egypt pyramids vacation offers the most in-depth experience of our Egypt vacation tour packages. 

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10 Day Tour of Egypt
Maximum group size:  20

This 10 day Egypt travel pacage vacation offers a unique tour of Egypt that is custom designed to highlight the attractions of four Egyptian cities: Cairo, Giza, Luxor, and Aswan. See the Step Pyramid, Egypt’s first pyramid; tour some of the most notable monuments on Earth at the Giza Plateau; enjoy a comfortable 4-night stay on our exquisite cruise ship as it sails down the Nile; explore ancient temples; and marvel at the stunning artifacts that chronicle a compelling history at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. You’ll enjoy all the exclusivity and luxury of our signature Egypt trip tours on a briefer timetable.

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8 Day Egypt Tour
Maximum group size:  20

Don’t let an expedient schedule prevent you from getting a premium Cairo Egypt vacation to experience of the best of this mystical realm. This 8 day Egypt tour and vacation to Egypt is planned with efficiency in mind. You’ll wander through the halls of the Egyptian Museum, see awe-inspiring views of Cairo, and try your hand at bartering with local merchants before spending 3 nights abroad on a first-class trip down the Nile to see historic temples and the Valley of the Kings. Upon returning to Cairo, you’ll tour the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization and enjoy an intimate visit to the Giza Plateau before it’s open to other tourists, drinking in the majesty of the Sphinx and the great pyramids with every comfort our luxury Egypt vacation have to offer. 


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Egypt Tours Price

Many of our customers have highlighted the attractiveness of our Egypt tour prices in their testimonials and reviews of our all-inclusive Egypt tour packages. Here are some of their statements, where they talk about our Egypt tour packages price:

"The best of the best in luxury at a very reasonable price! Loved it!"
Eduardo Godoy (14 Days in Egypt Tour, 4 - 17 December 2022)

"Great Value for a high end trip (...)
The trip itself was fantastic, I think we said 'This trip is fantastic' everyday. The value is tremendous, I could not figure out how they were doing this trip for the price we paid."
Roger Murl Fisher (8 Day Egypt Tour, 11 - 18 February 2023)

"Inside Egypt was a good value considering the class of hotels at which we stayed, the lavish spreads of delicious food, the exclusive access to the Giza Plateau, and the caliber of our guides."
Linda Kay Stevens (8 Day Egypt Tour, 11 - 18 February 2023)

"I would like to give the four b's to this particular tour group. We have the best itinerary. We have the best schedule; and then we also have the best curator, who is Dr. Atef Amr. We have the best price as well!"
Lih Kuo (14 Days in Egypt Tour, November 2022) 

"Incredible staff, phenomenal access to the pyramids, Sphinx visit was awesome, luxury pampering all the way at a price equal to large tours, Nile cruise on the Nile was great, the choice of hotels in Cairo and Giza were 5+ star. I thoroughly researched companies and potential travel experiences before choosing Inside Egypt and the company was clearly offering the best — and it more than delivered".
Harlan Lee Menkin (14 Days in Egypt Tour, 14-27 January 2024)


What’s Included

Inside Egypt offers the best Egypt tour packages, which are luxurious and include all services, from the first to the last day of your stay in Egypt.

Our Egypt tour prices include: 5-star accommodation in Cairo; Nile Cruise on board a 5-star deluxe Nile cruise ship; domestic flights during the tour; three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner; all sightseeing tours and entrances included in the itinerary; bottled water while sightseeing; English-speaking Egyptology Expert as a tour guide, English-speaking Travel Concierge; transfers in air-conditioned buses; airport pickup; airport arrival and departure transfers; government taxes; private entrance to the Great Pyramid of Khufu (pyramid tour); special entrance to the Sphinx Enclosure; Special Guest as indicated in the itinerary.

Nile Cruise

Egypt Tours Price

The scenic cruise down the River Nile, allowing you to visit the most awe-inspiring sites is on our all inclusive Egypt tour packages, and is included in the Egypt tour packages price.

On our custom tour, Egypt we offer Nile cruises on a luxury 5-star ship with spacious cabins featuring floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the beautiful landscapes. The boat offers world-class standards and superior hospitality. In your free time on our all inclusive Egypt tour packages you can drink cocktails at the ship's bar, go to the gym or enjoy the modern sundeck that includes a bar, jacuzzi and a small swimming pool.

You can join a Nile cruise for three, four or seven days, on the Luxor - Aswan or Aswan - Luxor route. The duration of the Nile cruise will affect the Egypt trip cost.

Domestic Flights

For the comfort and convenience of our guests on our all inclusive Egypt tour packages, we offer two domestic flights on the routes between southern and northern Egypt. The flights are included in your Egypt trip cost and are with EgyptAir, Air Cairo or Nile Air.

Depending on which of our all inclusive Egypt tour packages you choose, flights take place on the following routes: Cairo - Abu Simbel, Cairo - Luxor, Aswan - Cairo and Luxor - Cairo. Flights from Cairo to Luxor and Abu Simbel, and from Luxor to Cairo on our best Egypt tour packages are in the morning. The flights from Aswan to Cairo are in the afternoon.

Domestic flights in Egypt can be expensive and therefore, are a significant share of Egypt tour prices.


Egypt Tours Price

Accommodation for our all inclusive Egypt tour packages is carefully selected, thus, we book only the best available hotels in Egypt. Guests on our best Egypt tour packages will spend several nights of their Egypt vacations in a luxurious 5-star hotel in Giza. The Marriott Mena House and the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at the First Residence are these hotels. Between stays at these hotels on our all-inclusive Egypt tour packages, there is a Nile Cruise on a 5-star Deluxe Cruise Ship. The cruise can last three, four or seven nights depending on the selected package. Luxury accommodation is part of the Egypt tour package's price.


Egypt Tours Price

Our Egypt tour prices include three main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Customers receive dinner only on the first day of the tour, and the last day, only breakfast.

Meals on our all-inclusive Egypt tour packages are served in the form of a buffet or set menu. Lunch while exploring Cairo and its surroundings are at local restaurants famous for their excellent cuisine. During the Nile cruise, all meals are served on board the ship. The hotels you will stay in on our all-inclusive Egypt tour packages and the Nile cruise ship offers international cuisine and selected Egyptian dishes.

We can also provide special meals for people with dietary requirements on our best Egypt tour packages such as vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free etc. This is included in the Egypt tour prices. You just need to inform us in advance and we'll take care of the rest.

Entrance Fees

The Egypt tour cost covers all entrances included in the itinerary.

Our 14 days in Egypt tour price includes the following entrance tickets: Saqqara area; Dahshur (the Bent Pyramid & Red Pyramid); the Qasr Qarun temple; Wadi Al-Hitan (Whale Valley) with the Wadi Hitan Fossil and Climate Change Museum; the Giza Plateau with private access to the Great Pyramid and the Great Sphinx enclosure; Karnak temple, Luxor temple; the Valley of the Kings (3 tombs); the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut; the Temple of Kom Ombo with the Crocodile Museum; the Unfinished Obelisk; the Philae temple complex; Abu Simbel temples (the Great & the Small); the Temple of Edfu; the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization; the catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa; the Bibliotheca Alexandrina; the Alexandria National Museum; the Egyptian Museum; the Citadel of Cairo with the Great Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha.

Our 10 day trip to Egypt price includes entrance fees for: Saqqara area; Dahshur (the Bent Pyramid & the Red Pyramid); the Egyptian Museum; the Citadel of Saladin with Alabaster Mosque; the Valley of the Kings (3 tombs); the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut; Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple Complex; the Temple of Kom Ombo with the Crocodile Museum, the Temple of Edfu, Abu Simbel Temples;  the Unfinished Obelisk; the Philae temple complex; and the Giza Plateau with private access to the Great Pyramid and the Great Sphinx enclosure.

Our 8 day Egypt tour package price includes: the Egyptian Museum; the Citadel of Sultan Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi (Saladin) with the Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha; Al-Moez Street; Abu Simbel Temples; the Philae temple complex; the Temple of Kom Ombo with the Crocodile Museum; the Temple of Edfu; the Valley of the Kings (3 tombs); the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut; Karnak Temple Complex; the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization; the Giza Plateau with private access to the Great Pyramid and the Great Sphinx enclosure; and the Saqqara area.

Private Entrances

Egypt Tours Price

Our Egypt tour packages price includes: private entry to the Giza Plateau - a place that should be on everyone's bucket list. Home to Egypt's most famous landmarks – the pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. A site that to this day, even after 4,500 years, still holds many mysteries.

Inside Egypt provides guests on our all-inclusive Egypt tour packages with VIP access to this site. We open the entire Giza Plateau only for our groups, which means they can enter the Great Pyramid of Khufu completely in private, and explore chambers inside which are off-limits to the public. On our pyramid tour, you'll see this iconic landmark in a true royal style.

To top off the experience on our all-inclusive Egypt tour packages, our guests are then given special access to the Great Sphinx enclosure, where they can touch the Sphinx and stand between its huge paws. This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment for sure!

VIP Egypt travel experiences that are normally reserved for royalty and celebrities are now within your reach!

Tour Guides

Egypt Tours Price

Our Egypt tour package price includes the guides' fees. Inside Egypt tour guides are not ordinary guides - they are Egyptology experts and the keyholders to the ancient secrets hidden in the majestic landscapes of Egypt. Thanks to their unparalleled knowledge, you will gain access to an extraordinary world of hidden stories and unusual facts.

Our tour guides on our best Egypt tour packages will lead you through the intricate world of hieroglyphs, helping you uncover the secrets of this fascinating ancient language. Unravel the stories carved into the walls of temples and tombs, and watch the magic unfold before your very eyes.

Curiosity knows no bounds on our all-inclusive Egypt tour packages. Our tour guides are more than encyclopedias of knowledge, they are storytellers who bring history to life. Engage in captivating Q&A sessions with them and quench your thirst for knowledge on our best Egypt tour packages. No question is too big or too small as they take pleasure in sharing their passion and wealth of experience and insights.

Our friendly, fluent English-speaking tour guides are waiting to share their passion, wisdom and stories with you on our all-inclusive Egypt tour packages.

What’s Not Included

Any items not referred to in your itinerary are not included in the Egypt trip cost. Our all-inclusive Egypt tour packages do not include: international flights to/from Cairo in Egypt, visa cost ($25) and travel insurance. Our Egypt tour packages price also does not include: tips, soft and alcoholic beverages and personal expenses.

International Airfare

Egypt Tours Price

Our Egypt tour prices do not include international airfare from and to your country of residence. However, Inside Egypt is happy to assist you with booking your International airfare if needed. Our employees will help you find the best air connections at the best prices by checking the offers of various airlines for you. All you need to do is let us know from which airport you want to fly from with arrival in Cairo, and give us the name and date of the Egypt tour you have booked or are going to book with us.

If you search for Egypt flight on your own it is best to book your airline tickets to Egypt directly through the websites of airlines offering a trip to Egypt price. To get the best price, book your flight ticket in advance; for example, two to six months before your planned trip to Egypt. 

Travel Insurance

The Egypt trip cost does not include travel insurance. So be sure to purchase comprehensive travel insurance as the level of health care in Egypt varies greatly. Private hospitals and clinics are of a good standard but are very expensive. On the other hand, the level of public health service may deviate from the norm. If you do not have your own funds, you will not receive any medical care if you fall ill or have an accident. 
The appropriate travel insurance will help you quickly deal with the consequences of any unpleasant, unexpected events such as travel luggage loss, illness, or an accident. In this situation, a good insurance policy may prove to be an invaluable help. 

Visa Cost

Egypt Tours Price

Our Egypt tour packages price does not include Egyptian visa.

Every tourist visiting Egypt must have a passport valid for at least six months from the date of your planned return from Egypt and buy an Egyptian visa, which costs $25.

This can be done at the Egyptian Embassy in your country, online or at the airport upon arrival in Egypt.

Soft & Alcoholic Beverages

Egypt Tours Price

Soft and alcoholic beverages are not included in our Egypt tour packages price. 

However, bottled water is provided to travelers during sightseeing tours and lunches at local restaurants. This is included in our Egypt tour prices.

Personal Expenses & Tips

Egypt Tours Price

Personal expenses and tips are not included in our Egypt tour prices. 

Tipping in Egypt is a way to express your appreciation, and we recommend a tip of $250 per person. This will be paid to your tour leader in the hotel on the first day of your trip.
The tip you give includes all staff on your tour with Inside Egypt, such as the cruise staff, hotel staff, restaurant staff, drivers etc. 

Find out more about giving tips in Egypt

Travel Extensions

Egypt Tours Price

Egypt enchants visitors with its ancient mystique and stunning landscapes. If our standard journeys leave you wanting more, we have optional excursions to enhance your Egyptian adventure.
If you want a bit more out of your trip to Egypt cost without adding extra days to your schedule, enjoy one or more our optional excursions. Upon arrival, please inform your Egypt tour leader if you would like to take part in optional excursions.

For those with an insatiable wanderlust, we’re thrilled to offer you these opportunities to add extra days onto your voyage. If you wish to participate in either or both add-on trips, please indicate this when booking your Egypt tour via the booking form on our website. You will need to purchase an extra night in a hotel in Cairo before or after the tour.  This can also be completed via our booking form on the website.

Jordan and Egypt Tour Package Price

Each of our luxury Egypt tours can be extended with a 5-day trip to Jordan, meaning that you can travel to two countries and make a trip to Egypt and Jordan. The price of the 5-day tour to Jordan is $3655. Single supplement costs $1265.

With Inside Egypt you can experience Jordan on a fascinating tour to a land of ancient wonders. You will unveil the secrets of the Rose City of Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will explore the desert of Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon, with its prehistoric petroglyphs and ever-changing landscape of otherworldly rock formations. You will visit Mount Nebo, from where Moses is believed to have seen the Promised Land and take a relaxing dip in the Dead Sea. 

The add-on starts the day after the Egypt tour ends. You should purchase an additional night at the hotel, so you can use that day to rest, or take part in our 1-day post-tour add-on. This can be completed via our booking form on the website. Join our Egypt and Jordan tours!

Create a Customized Tour Package

Inside Egypt offers luxury small-group Egypt tours. However, if you prefer a custom tour Egypt, and are looking to travel to Egypt alone, as a couple, or with your family or closest friends, we can offer you an individual and flexible tour of Egypt. We will prepare for you a customized tour package tailored to your preferences and interests with the best Egypt tour prices.

All you have to do to arrange our all-inclusive Egypt tour packages is contact us via the contact form on our Luxury Egypt Private Tours page and describe your requirements. Our Egypt travel specialists will then take care of the rest!

You can rest assured that our travel agency offers the best Egypt vacation prices around, with the highest standards.

So, don't hesitate to contact us today and travel with Inside Egypt, making your dream trip to Egypt come true!

Other Egypt Trip Costs & Booking Details

Other important considerations when booking our all-inclusive Egypt tour packages are the tour cancellation policy, deposit and payment methods.

Accepted Payment Methods

Before your tour there are two payment options: by credit card or wire transfers. We accept Visa and Mastercard with a 3-D Secure. For the wire transfer option, any fees are to be covered by the traveler. The information for wire transfers is detailed on your booking form. 

In Egypt, any payments can be made by credit card or cash to your tour leader.

Cancellation Policy

In case of tour cancellation done by the traveler all refunds will be given as mentioned in the Terms and Conditions - Inside Egypt (tour cancellation policy) included in the booking form. If Inside Egypt cancels the tour, you will receive a 100% refund of all the Egypt tour costs. If you want to have your own cancellation insurance, you are advised to purchase it in your country of residence.

Required Deposit

The traveler’s place on the tour shall be confirmed by Inside Egypt upon receiving a non-refundable deposit from the traveler. The deposit is low, only $1000, and is collected on the day you book. Upon receipt of the deposit, Inside Egypt gives the traveler the right to change the tour date once without additional costs, providing that the changes are confirmed up to 365 days or more before the first day of the initial tour date. After that deadline, the traveler’s deposit shall become non-transferable.

The remaining amount will then be paid at least 90 days before the trip to Egypt. Travelers making reservations less than 90 days from the date of the Egypt tour are required to pay the full amount on confirmation.

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