Private Egypt Pyramids Tour

The pyramids are the most famous sites in Egypt, and one of the best places to visit on your trip to Egypt. Come with us and visit the Land of the Pharaohs, join our Egypt pyramids tour and see the wonders that Egypt has to offer with your very own eyes! Book your luxury Egypt tour today!

When you go on our tour, you will learn that the Egyptian pyramid was built as a monumental tomb structure, the place of eternal rest for the deceased pharaoh. A mortuary temple adjoined the tomb, and was connected by a ramp with the lower temple above the Nile ridge. This was known as the temple in the valley.

The king's body was transported on a ship through a specially dug canal from the bank of the Nile to the temple in the valley. The funeral ritual began in the courtyard of this temple. Passing the chapels of royal statues, participants in the funeral ritual came to a narrow roofed ramp leading up the slope towards the pyramid. After traveling 200-500 meters, the procession reached the mortuary temple, which consisted of an open courtyard with numerous chapels and statues. Here, the mummy was symbolically brought to life through the ritual of opening the mouth. During the opening the mouth ceremony, the priest touched the mouth of the deceased with a specially shaped wooden cane.

As a result, according to ancient Egyptians beliefs, the deceased was then able to breathe again, which helped restore all vital functions to the mummy. In the "alive" state, the deceased could finally move into his eternal dwelling. The sarcophagus chamber was most often located hidden deep under the pyramid.

Through the Egypt Pyramids tour you will learn that the prototype of the pyramid is the multi-level tomb structure of King Djoser (III Dynasty, around 2650 BC) erected by the architect Imhotep. And you will see this structure during your Egypt pyramids excursions. It is a stepped mastaba rather than a pyramid and it consists of six levels, each one erected on top of the other. Each level tapers towards the top of the pyramid, and every layer is about 10 meters high. It never had a stone mantle, so the monumental steps of this building were always clearly visible. Adjacent to its northern wall was a small mortuary temple and a building imitating the royal palace. Here, King Djoser was to have his seat for eternity.

When visiting Giza on our Egypt pyramids tour your guide will tell you that the first ever pyramid was built by Pharaoh Huni at the beginning of the 4th Dynasty. It was originally intended to be a structure consisting of eight steps, but by adding an additional layer of stone blocks, it became a pyramid shape. Pyramids built following this were all erected according to a previously prepared plan. On your tour, you will also learn that the pyramids orientation on the east-west axis was in line with the movement of the sun. The sun was the most important celestial body for the Egyptians.

The kings of the 4th Dynasty created the finest examples of monumental tomb architecture and among these, the most impressive are the pyramids of Cheops and his two sons Khafre and Mykerinos in the Necropolis of Giza. You'll see them when visiting the pyramid's of Giza on our Egypt pyramids tour.

Your Giza pyramids tour guide will let you in on the mystery of the ancient architecture. You will learn about the precise calculation of the size of the individual stone blocks and their centimeter-sized fit in the structure of the pyramid. It's thanks to this that the pyramid's four sides meet exactly at the top. The pyramid builders had considerable knowledge of mathematics and astronomy. On the order of Cheops, six million tons of stone building materials were moved to erect a tomb in an area the size of eight football fields, the original height of which was 146 meters (now reduced to 137 meters).

The most comfortable way to explore the Giza plateau, visiting the Giza pyramids and Sphinx is our private tour of the Giza pyramids and Sphinx offered on our luxury Egypt tours. This private tour of the Cairo pyramids is significantly different from traditional Egypt pyramids excursions. Imagine having the privilege of special access to the Giza Plateau on your Pyramids and Sphinx tour! The whole area will be available to you early in the morning, before opening hours and the crowds appear. This is the moment you can start to feel excited about embarking on Egyptian pyramid tours inside the actual structure of these historic monuments. With Inside Egypt you will have private access inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu; the last of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the world still standing today. The VIP experience doesn't stop there. On your private tours, the guards will even open two additional chambers, which are normally closed to the public, just for us! - The Queen’s chamber and the Subterranean chamber. We will aslso be granted special private admittance to the enclosure of the Great Sphinx to marvel at this majestic creature up close without the din of the hassle of crowds. You’ll even have the opportunity to run your hand along its weathered limestone and imagine how magnificent it must have looked at the height of its glory. This is a truly exclusive private tour of the Cairo pyramids and the Great Sphinx!

While on our tour you will get to understand that during the troubled transitional periods in Egyptian history, the massive structure and enormity of the pyramid did not deter the tomb robbers. Therefore, the kings of the New Kingdom period decided to position their tombs in what they thought was a safe place called the Valley of the Kings, hidden in the mountain massif in Western Thebes. Both kings and high officials were buried in rock tombs. Only the tomb temples necessary for the provision and worship of deceased rulers were built in clearly visible places on the edge of the mountain massif. The form of the pyramid has survived in the superstructure of the tombs of that period, as evidenced by the paintings on the walls of the tombs.

Join us on our Egypt pyramids excursions to see the magnificent sites for yourself. Our private tour of the Cairo pyramids gives you private access to the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, giving you amazing memories to take home from your Egypt pyramids tour. What are you waiting for? Contact us now, we're waiting to welcome you!


Private Egypt Pyramids Tour FAQ

Do all your tours include Egypt Pyramids excursions?

All of our tours in Egypt visit pyramids and include Egypt pyramids excursions, and allowing you to visit the areas of the pyramids of Giza and Saqqara. Some of the Egyptian pyramids customers can only view from the outside, requiring a small entry fee. We tour inside Egypt's pyramids and these are included in the price of the tour.

On our Egyptian tours: Around Egypt in 14 days (a 14-day Egypt tour) and Golden Highlights of Egypt (an 8-day Egypt tour), our clients have private access to the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx of Giza. This is the best way to see the pyramids in Egypt.
What does a private tour of the Cairo pyramids mean, and can you tour the pyramids themselves? This is access to the Giza Plateau with the Pyramids and Sphinx in the early hours of the morning, before other tourists are allowed to visit the area. Explore the Great Pyramid in the silence of the morning with entry to other chambers of the pyramid that tourists have no access to. A private tour of the Great Sphinx means that our clients will not need to view the sphinx from a distance like other tourists, but will get up close and will be able to see the stone stele between its paws and touch it. It will also be an opportunity to take amazing photos with the sphinx. The other two pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure you will see from the outside during the tour.

This is a unique VIP-style pyramid and sphinx tour. Don't miss viewing inside the Egypt pyramids and visit the Egypt pyramids with us.

How would you like to visit the pyramids of Giza in this unique way? Join us and book our luxury Egypt tour now!

Which pyramids will I be able to visit?

During our Egypt pyramids excursions, our guests will be touring the pyramids of Giza, Saqqara and Dahshur(Our 8 Days in Egypt Tour travel package does not Include Dahshur).

On the Egypt pyramids tour in Saqqara, we visit the Djoser Pyramid, the Teti Pyramid and inside of the Unas Pyramid. The Unas Pyramid is only open to visitors until noon. So if the Saqqara tour is in the afternoon, you will be able to view this pyramid from the outside.

In Dahshur, we will visit both the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid. We will get to see them from both the outside and inside.

During the standard Giza pyramids tour from Cairo, which takes place during the Exploring Egypt tour (a 10-day tour of Egypt), our clients will visit the Pyramid of Khufu, Pyramid of Khafre and Pyramid of Menkaure from the outside. For a small fee you can visit Egypt pyramids from inside. On this Giza pyramids tour from Cairo, we go with our clients to the viewpoint, where you can photograph yourself against the backdrop of the three pyramids. This place is the best way to see pyramids in Egypt.

We also organize a private tour of the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx. During this Pyramids and Sphinx tour, our clients enter the Giza Plateau early in the morning, when there are no other tourists around. You'll first visit the Great Pyramid, climb inside the pyramid, and then visit the Great Sphinx up close. This is not possible on a typical pyramids and sphinx tour. Thanks to a special permit, which we obtain from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, our clients receive the full VIP experience. The other two pyramids on the private tour Giza pyramids and sphinx are visited from the outside.

Seeing the pyramids in Egypt from the vantage point on the Giza Plateau is breathtaking. This is the last point on the private tour of the Giza pyramids and sphinx itinerary, leaving you with everlasting memories.

This private tour of the Giza pyramids and Sphinx is exclusive to our Around Egypt in 14 days, Golden of Egypt tours, and Golden Highlights of Egypt. 

Do you organize a private tour of the Cairo pyramids?

The Giza Plateau: between 2575 and 2465 BC, the pyramids of Khafre, Menkaure and - the highest and most popular of all - Khufu were erected to endure pharaohs' perpetuity. The Great Sphinx, one of the most  famous monuments in the world, is also found there. Your private tour of the Cairo pyramids is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, so you want to be sure it is absolutely exceptional. The travel agency you choose for your tour makes all the difference.

With Inside Egypt you can have exclusive VIP access on your Egypt pyramids tour, granted by Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities and visit the Egypt pyramids in private, outside regular hours, and without the crowds. Your only companion on your way to the Giza Pyramids is Egypt's rising sun. Your VIP access means that your group is the only one passing through the gate to the Giza Plateau. There are no crowds, and no other tourists around. You head toward the Great Pyramid in the company of your fellow travelers. The director of Giza Plateau opens up the Pyramid of Khafre especially for you.

Your private access to the interior of the Great Pyramid makes you feel like a VIP. The fact that your group enters the site early in the morning, when the sun is rising over the horizon also means that the conditions inside the pyramid are much more comfortable for sightseeing. During the entire visit you are accompanied by our Giza pyramids tour guide who leads you through the Great Pyramid's interior and vividly describes its past, structure and stories. On top of accessing the pyramid privately and seeing the King's Chamber you can visit two additional chambers that are closed to the public: the Queen's Chamber and Subterranean Chamber.

Can you imagine yourself standing in front of the Great Sphinx? On your Egypt pyramids tour with Inside Egypt, you are allowed into the Great Sphinx Enclosure where you can gaze upward between its paws. There you have a chance to take a priceless picture. Other tours can't come close.

A private tour of the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx is an extraordinary visit to the Giza Plateau that shouldn't be missed. Book your Egypt private tour today!

How well does your team know the pyramids?

Enrich your experience of Egypt by spending time during our Egypt pyramids tour with our professional guide - an Egyptologist

The members of our Inside Egypt team who are your guides during the Egypt pyramids have worked with us for many years and are the utmost professionals. They have the vast knowledge and experience required for this job. They are experts in Egypt, factually prepared people with extensive knowledge in many areas. Their knowledge of the history of both modern and ancient Egypt is impressive. Most of them are trained Egyptologists. They are experts in the history, language, literature, religion, architecture and art of Ancient Egypt.

They know the English language very well and during the Egypt pyramids tour, provide our clients with information about the history of the pyramids, their construction and mythology. They are also excellent storytellers and travel companions. They enrich the facts with curiosities and humor that will enliven their stories.
Guides of this class guarantee a thorough acquaintance with all the visited Egypt sites and make our Egypt pyramids excursions unique. You can be sure that by visiting Giza pyramids and sphinx with Inside Egypt you are exploring the pyramids with experts.

During our private tour of the Cairo pyramids, and our Egypt pyramids excursions, our guides will take you back in time and share with you their passion and love for the pyramids and Egypt. They will bring out the inner explorer in you on our tour.
Thanks to our competent and friendly guides you will feel special during the private tour of the Giza pyramids and sphinx. We are sure that you will remember our Egypt pyramids excursions for a long time to come.

Will I also be able to visit the Sphinx?

One site; two experiences; visiting Egyptian Pyramids and Sphinx.
Compare the two different ways to visit the Great Sphinx of Giza - one of the most recognizable monuments on Earth - we offer an opportunity to do both, so you can see the differences between them.

On our Exploring Egypt Tour (a 10-day Egypt tour), our clients visit the Great Sphinx of Giza during normal visiting hours together with other tourists. They are allowed to see the Great Sphinx only for several minutes at a distance from the platform.

Our Around Egypt in 14 days Tour (14-day Egypt tour) and Golden Highlights of Egypt Tour (an 8-day Egypt tour) Inside Egypt provides our guests with special private admittance to the enclosure of the Great Sphinx so you can marvel at this majestic statue up close without the crowds. You'll even have the opportunity to touch the Great Sphinx. Our clients spend almost one hour at the Great Sphinx. There is time to walk around the Great Sphinx with a guide, see the stone stele between the paws of the sphinx and listen to the interesting stories our guide has to tell. Such sightseeing also allows for taking unique photos of the Great Sphinx. This takes place during the private tour of the Giza pyramids and Sphinx.

You decide which tour of the Great Sphinx suits you best and then book the Pyramids and Sphinx tour with us.

How can I book a tour to see the Egyptian pyramids?

You have seen the Egyptian pyramids on TV and have always wondered how you can visit the pyramids to see them for yourself. We make it easy for you! Book one of our luxury Egypt vacation packages, which includes the Egypt Pyramids Tour, and your dream will come true.

All of the Egypt tours that we offer include a pyramids and sphinx tour with a Giza pyramids tour guide. On one of our Egypt tours, we offer a standard visit to the Giza pyramids and sphinx. On the other Egypt tours you can enjoy private access to the Cairo pyramids. You can even book a private tour of the Cairo pyramids, with your own personalized itinerary.

Familiarize yourself with the itineraries of our amazing tour and decide which one you want to join. Once you've decided, select a date for the trip and click the "Book Now" button. This is the first step to booking your trip to Egypt to see the pyramids. A booking form will  appear; which must be completed correctly. You will need your passport for this.

Through our booking form, you can reserve extra nights at your hotel in Cairo, both before and after your main Egypt pyramids tour. We offer accommodation at the Marriott Mena House hotel in Giza, among others. This hotel is the best place to stay in Egypt to see the pyramids.

If you're looking for a little extra adventure, you can also book additional day trips to Egyptian pyramids as well as a 5-day trip to Jordan after your main trip to Egypt.

During the booking process you can choose whether you pay only the deposit or the entire amount for the trip. If there are fewer than 90 days before your departure to Egypt, you will have to pay the full amount for the trip. Select whether you will pay by bank transfer or card, mark that you have read and agree with the Terms & Conditions and go to make your payment.

Once you've paid; you're ready to go. You have now booked your holidays to see the pyramids in Egypt!

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