Here at Inside Egypt we will help you make the most of your trip of a lifetime on your Egypt vacation!

It’s not that difficult to plan and book an independent trip to Egypt if that’s what you prefer to do. However, most travelers quickly realize that there’s a lot more to booking your Egypt tour than you ever imagined.

  1. Navigation across the country - Egypt isn’t such an easy place to navigate, even if you speak fluent Arabic.
  2. Bartering and negotiation - The psychic exhaustion of having to negotiate every little piece of business can be tiring.
  3. The logistics of fitting everything in - There’s something to be said for someone else handling the logistics for you – something luxury travelers have long known.
  4. Knowledgeable guides - Having our company pre-book everything on your behalf and provide a guide to accompany you throughout your trip costs little more than doing it all yourself; a guided trip can be good value. It’s your guide, however, who will make or break your trip to Egypt, and having the same person with you throughout your journey is the real advantage of an Egypt tour.
  5. Exclusive access - When travelling on your own for your Egypt vacation you don't have access to some of the most exclusive iconic sites that only a handful of travel agencies like ourselves can offer.
  6. Safety is a priority - Travelling with an agency is safer as the tour guide & tour leader will be with you most of the time when visiting places such as bazaars preventing you from getting scammed.
  7. Premium hotels - Your accommodation is a very important part of any trip and we’ll make sure that you’re comfortable and well looked after. All travel lovers know that the hotel is a key element that will ultimately affect the quality of the trip and your experience. You spend much more time in a hotel than on a plane, coach or sightseeing, and you need somewhere comfortable to rest after a long day visiting the local sights. Travel agencies know which 5 star hotels in Egypt are the best, and they are able to offer more competitive prices per night than for individual travelers booking themselves. Here at Inside Egypt we carefully select the best hotels where our guests will stay during their Egypt tours, and our prices are very attractive. 

Imagine a trip perfectly crafted just for you. With Inside Egypt, that’s exactly what you’re getting. We have thought of every detail and have gone the extra mile to ensure that you not only experience the magnificence of all that Egypt has to offer, but do it feeling like royalty. Join us for a magical journey with all the luxuries. We are sure that you will take home memories that will last a lifetime.

Every one of our tailor-made tours takes you to the best-known monuments of ancient Egypt.

Our tour guides are qualified Egyptologists whose knowledge of their country is equaled by their passion for sharing it with others. We aim to give you in-depth insight into Egyptian life by exploring both ancient customs and modern culture. Our teams have hand-picked accommodation and restaurants with your comfort and pleasure in mind. The only thing we ask of you is to enjoy every moment. 
It is our great pleasure to deliver the luxury and expertise you deserve.

So, if you are interested in exploring Egypt, take a look at the group Egypt tours we offer or contact us and we will prepare a unique, individual tour for you, according to your requirements.

Imagine traveling so far and missing out on something. We’ll make sure that never happens at Inside Egypt!


With Inside Egypt, every tour is planned to perfection. Let us lead the way and we are sure you will be coming back for more magic.