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Download our Egypt travel brochure to learn what magical adventures await you. In Egypt you will join us on an exciting journey, full of unique impressions, sites, smells, and flavors. But before you travel to Egypt, you can learn more about Inside Egypt and what we offer by viewing our Egypt travel brochure. Find out why we are Egypt's leader in luxury travel; and why you should choose us for your luxury Egypt vacation!

Thanks to our Egypt holiday brochure, you can review the details of the different Egypt tour itineraries we offer and the places you will visit with us on each one. Read about our VIP experiences on some Egypt tours, the optional trips, and the 1-day add-ons before and after the main trip to Egypt as well as about our 5-days add-on to Jordan (you can also learn more about in our Egypt and Jordan tour page).

With our Egypt tourism brochure you will discover the best of Egypt; and unlock Egypt tourist information about the most important highlights. Learn about the famous monuments, museums, archaeological sites, and the best hotels. Find information about our culture trips to Egypt, including details about Egyptian traditions, typical Egyptian food, and other fascinating and exciting things this country has to offer. You don't want to miss a thing!

In fact, our Egypt travel brochure is your own little Egypt travel guide pdf. It is a concise and well presented source of knowledge about Egypt and our company, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with us and the amazing country where you will spend your vacation.

You'll find everything you're looking for and more in our Egypt travel brochure and we are waiting to welcome you to Egypt!


Egypt Travel Collection 2024/ 2025

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Egypt Travel Collection 2024/ 2025

If you would like to explore Egypt even further, join our optional trips and 1-day add-ons. If you would like to see more than just one beautiful country during your journey abroad, join our 5-days add-on to Jordan, including legendary Petra. 

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Tours covered in this Egypt holiday brochure

In our Egypt travel brochure, you will find detailed descriptions of the luxury Egypt tours that we offer. These are cultural and archaeological tours that include VIP experiences, allowing you to understand ancient Egyptian monuments as well as the modern attractions of Egypt and delve deep into Egyptian culture. Our Egypt tours are luxurious. Our guests stay overnight in 5-star hotels and cruise the Nile on a luxurious ship. We organize comfortable trips in which you travel around Egypt by plane, high-standard coaches, and even a carriage and a speedboat.

Around Egypt in 14 Days (14-day Egypt tour) is our most popular tour, featured most extensively in our Egypt travel brochure. For two weeks, our clients will get to visit the most important attractions of Egypt; from Alexandria in the North to Abu Simbel in the South of Egypt. They sail the Nile for 7 days and visit the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx with private access. This is our most thorough Egyptian experience.

Our Egypt tourism brochure also includes the Exploring Egypt tour (a 10-day tour of Egypt), which, in addition to the standard Egyptian monuments and a 3-day cruise on the Nile, includes a private tour of two historic palaces in Cairo and Alexandria, which are closed to the general public.

You can also find the Golden Highlights of Egypt tour (a 8-day in Egypt tour) in our Egypt holiday brochure. This tour covers all the most important monuments in Egypt, a 3-day cruise on the Nile and a private tour, without other tourists, of the Khufu Pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza.

If you want to create your own dream trip that isn't found in our ancient Egypt travel brochure, you can book a private tour with us and explore Egypt individually. Visit the sights that you are most interested in on a date that suits you.

Experts involved in putting together this Egypt tourism brochure

The Inside Egypt team behind this ancient Egypt brochure consists of specialists who have been associated with the tourism industry in Egypt for many years. Our employees have numerous contacts throughout Egypt extensive knowledge and skill. Their training and experience as experts has resulted in well-established procedures, and their ability and skill are of the highest level.

Our customer service experts, marketing specialists, operational managers and tourist guides have been part of the long-standing Inside Egypt team and have been involved in the creation of our Egypt travel brochure.

Their extensive knowledge, which comes from their experience of dealing with customers over years of service has given them the skills to create this Egypt holiday brochure. Our Egypt tourism brochure is the result of the great collaboration of all these experts.

Thanks to them, our Egypt turism guide below is vey concise, giving you all the Egypt travel information you need to plan your vacation; and you will quickly find the most important Egypt tourist information that you're looking for in our Egypt travel brochure.

You'll find information about Egyptian culture, as well as the magnificent sites that you need to visit on your Egypt vacation. Our team has put their heart and soul into our Egypt travel brochure to give you the best planning tool, and to get you excited about your trip to the wonderful land of the pharaohs.

We encourage you to download our Egypt travel guide pdf to find all of the Egypt tourist information you need. You will quickly find the most important Egypt tourist information that you're looking for in our Egypt travel brochure.

We hope that our Egypt tourism brochure will convince you to visit Egypt with us. We're looking forward to welcoming you to our amazing country.

What makes Inside Egypt different?

Inside Egypt is a travel agency in Egypt that organizes luxury tours in Egypt, at affordable prices. Our Egypt tours are distinguished by luxurious hotels, knowledgeable guides that are fluent in English, and a luxurious cruise on the Nile. On our trips, we provide our clients with exclusive access to some of the most famous attractions, such as private entry, without crowds, to the Giza plateau or touring historic palaces in Cairo and Alexandria which are tipically closed to the general public. This experience will make you feel completely unique, like a VIP. We believe that it's not only about the things that you see, but how you view them and experience them.

During our Egypt tour you will eat tasty and exquisite food. On our Egypt tours, you have the opportunity to sample traditional Egyptian cuisine and Egypt's main dishes. Bottled water is provided with every meal and during the sightseeing tours.

You will travel with us comfortably via air-conditioned coaches, airplanes, and even a motorboat or horse-drawn carriage.

We will provide you with a transfer from and to Cairo airport on the day of your arrival and departure. We can also book hotel accommodation for you before and after your trip to Egypt.

Our Egypt tours itineraries cover the most important Egyptian attractions. They include both ancient monuments and modern Egypt sites such as mosques, Coptic churches, a bazaar, and a library in Alexandria. With us you can immerse yourself in Egyptian culture, traditions and customs by visiting a Nubian village in Aswan, or shopping at Khan el Khalili bazaar in Cairo.

Every detail has been thought of to make your Egypt vacation special. Let us lead the way.

Check out our luxury Egypt tours and book your VIP experience today!

How to book your tour with us?

The booking process for our luxury Egypt tours is very simple. On our website, first select the trip to Egypt that you want to participate in, then pick the required date of the Egypt tour and click the "Book Now" button. A booking form will then appear, which must be completed correctly. Your passport will be required for this. You can also make reservations for other people, your family members, friends or business partners using this process.

You can book extra nights at your hotel in Cairo before or after the tour. These may be needed due to your international flight dates. Before booking an Egypt tour, check the flight connections to Cairo from your home country. We can check these flight connections for you and help you book international flights, if needed.

You can also book a 1-day add-on before or after the main tour. When using the booking form it is also possible to book a 5-day trip to Jordan to follow the end of your trip to Egypt.

If your tour date is more than 90 days away, you can pay a deposit or the full amount. If there are less than 90 days before you travel, you will be required to pay the full amount. Payment for the trip can be made with a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card, or you can pay by international bank transfer. When paying by bank transfer, you should make sure that all bank transfer costs are covered.

Should you have any questions or problems during the booking process, please contact us by phone + 1 929-224-5100 or e-mail: We’re happy to provide information about ancient Egypt pyramids you’ll see in each itinerary, hotel accommodations, transportation, meals, culture, and more!

Our travel consultants will be happy to give you all the information you need.

The journey of a lifetime awaits you! Book your luxury Egypt tour now!

Prepare for your trip

Preparing for a trip can often be a source of stress. Even experienced travelers sometimes forget something before departure. The feeling that accompanies us on our way, that we have forgotten to pack something important, happens to best of us. Each trip abroad, including to Egypt, can be reduced to a few basic steps to allow you to remove any stress:

Travel Documents
You will need a passport to travel to Egypt. The Egyptian government requires the passport to be valid for at least 6 months from the planned date of return from Egypt, so you need to arrange it in advance. Also make a few copies of your passport or a photo of your passport with your phone - you may need them, for example, to buy a sim card. This also removes the need to carry your passport with you all the time.

Visa for Egypt
You can apply for a visa at the Egyptian diplomatic mission, at the airport in Egypt, or electronically via the website. Egypt visa fees are $ 25 (single visa) and $ 60 (multiple visa). Tourist visas are issued for 30 days.

Covid 19
Egypt has lifted all restrictions that were previously imposed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. You can now travel to Egypt without providing proof of a negative PCR test or an accredited COVID-19 vaccination certificate prior to departure.

Flight Tickets
Buy plane tickets to Cairo, Egypt. By buying them early you will most likely pay less than if you were to buy them at the last moment. In addition, there may also be a problem with available seats on the plane on the dates you are interested in, if you wait. You will then need to purchase additional hotel nights before or after your trip to Egypt.

Travel Insurance
When traveling, while rare, accidents do happen. Make sure that you purchase travel insurance. This could save your family from unnecessary costs. When buying travel insurance, avoid the cheapest policies. We would advise you to take out a complex insurance policy that covers all possibilities. The insurance company must, for example, cover the costs of hospitalization (a very expensive service in Egypt), treatment of a chronic disease (e.g. cardiovascular, cancer, epilepsy), mental illness or the effects of passive participation in acts of terror.

When choosing your insurance policy, also consider the things that you plan to do in Egypt. A standard policy does not cover the costs of accidents when doing specific sports, e.g. diving with specialized equipment, surfing, windsurfing, quad biking, water scooter or joining a balloon flight.
When buying travel insurance, it is worth paying attention to:
- recognition and credibility of the insurer
- the amount of compensation in the case of:
1) delayed flight
2) lost luggage
3) theft
4) an accident
5) death

Adequate Clothes
Due to the warm climate of Egypt, you should mainly take light summer clothes with you. On cool evenings, however, you may also need to pack a sweatshirt or a light jacket. Light, long pants are required and women should wear a long skirt, a blouse that covers the shoulders, and a headscarf. Comfortable footwear, which is not new, will also be useful. We recommend sports sandals or sports shoes.
Sunglasses and a baseball cap or a wide-brimmed hat to protect the head and eyes from the sun are essential.

Sunscreen with a high UV filter to protect your skin from strong sunlight is a must have when visiting Egypt. Hand disinfectant gels and liquids, wet wipes for use in public toilets are also useful. You should purchase suitable face masks to wear on airplanes, coaches and crowded public places in Egypt.

Everyone has a lot to do in their day-to-day life, and there is not always time to prepare for the trip. However, it's best to do your preparation in advance and gradually, without leaving everything to the last minute, to avoid rushing.

Safety Updates on Visiting Egypt During the Hamas-Israel War

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