All-Inclusive Egypt Vacation Packages

An All-Inclusive Luxury Egypt Experience

Our all-inclusive Egypt vacation packages are ideal for people who enjoy traveling and visiting many wonderful places in a short time. Our guests spend their all-inclusive trip to Egypt sightseeing in-depth but without rushing comfortably and conveniently. Our all-inclusive Egypt tours include visits to the most important Egyptian monuments and places of interest in Egypt with our highly qualified guides. Most of our Egyptian guides are Egyptologists and all speak excellent English.

Thanks to our many years of working with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, we can offer private all-inclusive Egypt vacation packages, visiting selected monuments and gaining access to places that are are typically closed to tourists. Other travel agencies that organize standard all-inclusive Egypt tours do not offer this.

During their trip to Egypt, our clients stay in the best 5-star Egyptian hotels and sail by luxury ship along the Nile.


The long-distance between Cairo and Luxor or Cairo and Abu Simbel will be traveled by plane. This is to stay refreshed and not get tired of traveling, allowing you to rest comfortably and have the best possible experience on your all-inclusive trip to Egypt. 

On your all-inclusive holidays to Egypt, you will learn and love Egyptian cuisine, sampling the most delicious local dishes. We will also provide some entertainment during your cruise on the Nile on a Nubian evening. This will include Nubian and Arabian folklore, and a belly dancer. We will also organize a Galabia party for your enjoyment. 

Our all-inclusive Egypt vacation packages do not include international airfare (we can assist you with the booking, if needed), travel insurance and an Egyptian visa, which is best purchased at Cairo Airport.

Our Egypt vacation packages will give you access to the best hotels, restaurants, historical sites and guides. Come and experience this amazing country on our all-inclusive tours to Egypt, and don't worry about anything. We'll handle everything for you!

Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime? Contact us for further details of our all-inclusive Egypt tours and book your luxury Egypt tour

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All-Inclusive Egypt Tours FAQs

How many meals are included in your all-inclusive vacation packages in Egypt?

Our all-inclusive Egypt vacation packages Egypt include three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The exceptions to this are the first day of the luxury Egypt tour, where you will get dinner, and the last day of your trip, where you will have breakfast before starting your journey home.

During our Egypt tours, breakfast and dinner are provided in Cairo hotels and are served as a buffet or set menu. Each package includes a stay at the best hotels in Egypt, all-inclusive, with 5-Star ratings, serving international cuisine with something for everyone. Lunch while visiting historical monuments will be served in local Egyptian restaurants famous for their delicious Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine. The restaurants are also known for their unusual restaurant interior design, such as Felfela, or beautiful views, such as the 9 Pyramids Lounge restaurant.

All meals on your all-inclusive Egypt packages are served during the Nile cruise in the ship's restaurant. Food includes both international and Egyptian dishes. You will be able to sample Egyptian ful medames or falafel for breakfast and lentil soup and grilled kofta at lunch. Dinner can be finished with a delicious sweet kunafa with cream.

Drinks with meals, except for bottled water, are an extra charge.

While out and about visiting monuments, our clients will also receive bottled water. You will certainly eat well on your luxury 5-star all-inclusive holiday to Egypt.

Can I count on transportation inside Egypt?

Our Egypt packages include your transfer from the airport on the day of arrival and your transfer to the airport on the day of departure. During our all-inclusive Egypt trips our guests will travel in comfortable coaches. However, the long distance between northern and southern Egypt will be traveled by airplane (both ways). The Luxor - Awan route or vice versa will be traveled aboard a luxury ship cruising the Nile. It's no ordinary boat, you will join a luxury 5-star floating hotel. In addition to this, our all-inclusive tours to Egypt include small motorboat cruises on the Nile in Luxor and Aswan, and a carriage ride from the quay to the Temple of Horus in Edfu and back to the boat. Sitting in a horse-drawn carriage while you travel through the streets of Edfu is an amazing thing to do.

Our luxury Egypt holidays are all-inclusive and do not include international flights. However, we will be happy to assist you with booking them.

Which hotels are included in your all-inclusive Egypt vacation packages?

We don't settle for anything less than the best and you will enjoy 5-star accommodation at each of our luxury hotels in Egypt when joining us on one of our all-inclusive Egypt packages. Need a little extra space? Suite upgrades are available at all locations (subject to availability).

The 5-star hotel in Egypt, Marriott Mena House, offers unparalleled high-quality accommodation. The location of the hotel, overlooking the Pyramids of Giza has delighted travelers for centuries. The calm and fresh breeze has attracted royalty and the rich and famous to this magical place for 150 years. Marriott Mena House combines the unique heritage of the pyramids that witnessed thousands of years of civilization, teamed with Marriott International's 21st-century innovation with a traditional twist. According to Times Magazine, Marriott Mena House is one of the World's Greatest Places to stay. The hotel has 331 luxurious rooms and suites with private balconies, many with views of the Pyramids or the magnificent gardens. The hotel has four restaurants, lounges, a heated pool, and a wellness center.

The 5-star hotel in Egypt, the Four Seasons Cairo at the First Residence, is surrounded by Giza's lush zoological gardens and the west bank of the Nile Its address at the prestigious First Residence in Giza puts you at the center of it all. From the hotel, you can see the river Nile or the Great Pyramids and can set out to discover the ancient wonders this city has to offer. After sightseeing, spend the day lounging by the pool, treat yourself to an aromatic massage once reserved exclusively for the Egyptian royal family, or shop on the three floors of exclusive boutiques at First Mall.

The luxury 5-star Nile cruise ship, MS Le Fayan is one of the newest cruise ships available on the Nile and is listed as one of the Nile's Top 10 Cruisers. The 57 spacious rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the beautiful landscape along the Nile. The boat offers world-class standards and provides excellent hospitality. In your free time, you can sip cocktails at the ship bar, go to the gym or enjoy the modern sun deck with tables and chairs, comfortable sun loungers, a bar, a jacuzzi and a swimming pool. A luxury cruise on the Nile is always an unforgettable experience. It is also the most convenient way to travel while visiting Egypt's most famous historic sites and monuments.

Join us on our all-inclusive luxury Egypt tours and enjoy your home comforts while making memories that will last a lifetime.

Is the Nile cruise part of this all-inclusive trip to Egypt?

A luxury cruise on the Nile is one of the most memorable elements of all our all-inclusive Egypt packages. You will enjoy unforgettable, adventurous days on the Nile while visiting some of the amazing Egyptian monuments.

The beauty of the Nile is absolutely breathtaking.

Our Nile cruises last from three to seven days on our all-inclusive holidays to Egypt. The description of our all-inclusive Egypt vacation packages always includes information about the length of the cruise on the Nile and the trip's itinerary. Our longest seven-day cruise on the Nile is included in our Around Egypt in 14 Days package holiday to Egypt all-inclusive.

The Nile cruise ship is modern in design and everything is built to a high standard throughout. Food and beverages onboard are the best that are available on the river and the service is first class, fast, and has a great personal touch.

Mornings and afternoons on a Nile cruise pass by exploring ancient monuments, monumental temples and tombs carved into the rocks. And after a day full of attractions, you can relax in comfort and style, surrounded by the constantly changing natural beauty of the Nile and the villages alongside the river.

A cruise on the Nile onboard a 5-star ship is one of the best experiences in Egypt when joining us on our all-inclusive Egypt trips.

It's the vacation that dreams are made of and it's waiting for you!

Join us today. Check out our all-inclusive Egypt packages for further details.

Do I have to pay for the guides during my all-inclusive Egypt vacation package?

Our vacation packages include all our employees working during our luxury Egypt tours.

However, it is good for tourists to leave small tips on all-inclusive tours to Egypt for coach drivers, local guides, tour leaders or poorer Egyptian workers (workers in ancient Egyptian temples or tombs), especially when they are met with great care and commitment during their trip to Egypt.
Tips are under no circumstances compulsory. However, it is worth knowing that the custom of sharing and helping one another is commonly present and respected in Egypt, especially when giving service to a high standard.

What about the entrance to the different monuments?

Our all-inclusive Egypt vacation packages include all entrance tickets to museums, historic sites and monuments listed in our all-inclusive Egypt vacation packages. If a site is worth seeing that isn't included in the Egypt tour itinerary, we will inform you about it. However, only a few sites would be an additional charge.

One such site that you can visit for an additional fee on all our luxury tours is the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, found in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. Our package holiday to Egypt all-inclusive includes the entrance ticket to the Valley of the Kings with three royal tombs, but unfortunately this famous tomb is not included. For a small fee, you can enter this tomb, explore its interior with beautiful murals, and see the mummy of the pharaoh.

Around Egypt in 14 days and Exploring Egypt as well as Golden Highlights of Egypt all-inclusive Egypt vacation packages include a private tour of the Giza Plateau with a private pyramid tour of the interior of the Great Pyramid with all its chambers, and a close-up tour of the Great Sphinx.This exclusive tour takes place in the early morning before other tourists are allowed to enter the Giza Plateau.

Our Egypt packages are extensive and include admissions to almost all historical sites.

Which cities will I visit?

During our all-inclusive Egypt tours you will get to personally know the four main cities of Egypt: Cairo with Giza, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan and many smaller towns. Each Egyptian city has its unique atmosphere, traditions and wonderful monuments. On your all-inclusive trip to Egypt you will discover historical sites with firsthand stories, immersing yourself in the atmosphere of each city you visit. This will be done through the luxury hotels where you will spend the night, delicious meals in restaurants that we will take you to, and the wonderful places that we will show you on our all-inclusive Egypt packages.

All-Inclusive Alexandria, Egypt Tour
Alexandria is a city that's famous for the term "Pearl of the Mediterranean," and it has a fascinating blend of history and the modern day. While little is left of the old town, Alexandria still retains its Mediterranean elegance with its old houses and cafes that are elegant in a European way and its Greco-Roman monuments. The Catacombs of Kom el-Shouqafa, the underwater sea ruins, Montazah Palace and Gardens, and a vibrant art scene make Alexandria a unique place that must be seen.
Featured on Around Egypt in 14 Days and Exploring Egypt all-inclusive Egypt vacation packages.

All-Inclusive Aswan, Egypt Tour
Aswan, located in the south of Egypt, is about 900 km from Cairo. It is situated in the tranquil Nile Valley, where the river flows more fluidly than anywhere else in Egypt, washing over granite rocks and round emerald green islands dotted with palm trees and other tropical vegetation. The city is considered a favorite winter destination. No wonder - in summer the temperature here exceeds 104 °F (40 °C) daily!
Featured on all our luxury Egypt tours.

All-Inclusive Cairo, Egypt Tour
Most tourists don't really have time to look around the city as they just visit quickly for the day. It's a pity, because if we spend time visiting the city, we will discover an amazing metropolis away from the traffic jams and heavy air. The city of Cairo and its surroundings are home to the most valuable monuments of Egypt from the pharaonic period and Coptic and Islamic landmarks. You never know when you will encounter another remarkable trace of the past while walking around the city.
Featured on all our luxury Egypt tours.

All-Inclusive Luxor, Egypt Tour
Once the capital of Ancient Egypt, Luxor is known today as "the world's largest ancient open-air museum" due to its amazing temples and monuments. The Nile divides Luxor into two parts, called the East and West Bank. The Luxor Temple is a monument that must be noticed on any trip to Egypt. It is a testimony to the history of Egypt from the reign of the 12th dynasty in ancient Egypt to the 14th century AD when a mosque was built within the temple complex to commemorate Abuy Al-Haggag, responsible for introducing Islam to Luxor.
Featured on all our luxury Egypt tours.


What do the VIP experiences include?

Our luxury all-inclusive holidays to Egypt guarantee Inside Egypt guests access to sites that are inaccessible to the general public. Thanks to our many years of cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, participants of our luxury all-inclusive tours to Egypt have private access to the most iconic historic sites and beautiful palaces. These experiences are usually reserved for members of royal families, famous politicians, popular actors or singers, and VIPs.

- Private tour of the Giza Plateau
Our exclusive experience begins in the early morning with a private tour of the Giza Plateau before it is open for the general public. Your guide will tell the story of the Pharaohs against the breathtaking backdrop of the Great Pyramids.
Featured on all our all-inclusive Egypt tours.

- Private tour of the interior of the Great Pyramid
Venture inside the Pyramid of Khufu, the oldest and last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that's still standing today. Explore two chambers that are rarely open to the public.
Featured on all our all-inclusive Egypt tours.

- Special private access to the enclosure of the Great Sphinx
Enjoy exclusive access to the Great Sphinx's enclosure and take in this breathtaking site's magic in the quiet mystique of early morning before other visitors are admitted. You'll even have the opportunity to run your hand along its weathered limestone and imagine how magnificent it must have looked at the height of its glory.
Featured on all our all-inclusive Egypt tours.

Our packages will give you full access to these amazing sites and treat you like a true VIP. Come and join us on our all-inclusive Egypt historical tours, you will have an unforgettable Egypt vacation!

Which tours do you have available?

We offer three all-inclusive Egypt tours to explore the ancient and modern Egyptian monuments and sample Egyptian culture.

A 14-day Egypt tour package holiday all-inclusive
Our all-inclusive trip to Egypt will take you on a fascinating 14-day journey from Cairo via Luxor to Abu Simbel and back, discovering Egypt's most iconic sights along the way. This package holiday to Egypt all-inclusive will take you to Saqqara, Dahshur, Fayoum, Giza, Aswan, Kom Ombo, Edfu and even a Nubian village on the banks of the Nile. On your luxury Egypt holidays all-inclusive you will discover the country's hidden gems with exclusive access to sites and locations that are normally off-limits to the general public. Watch the sunrise over the Giza Plateau and visit the Khufu Pyramid and the Great Sphinx before tourists are admitted for the day. You will explore southern Egypt as you sail in style on the Nile on board our luxury cruise ship. A wonderful journey through Egypt awaits you!

Exploring Egypt (a 10-day tour of Egypt) package holiday to Egypt all-inclusive
This trip to Egypt has been specially designed to highlight the attractions of five major Egyptian cities: Cairo, Giza, Luxor and Aswan. This package holiday to Egypt all inclusive includes visiting the step pyramid in Saqqara, the first stone pyramid in Egypt. You will also visit some of the most famous monuments on earth when visiting the Giza Plateau and enjoy a comfortable 4-day stay on our unique cruise ship which sails on the Nile. You will see ancient temples and admire the stunning artifacts that chronicle the fascinating history of Egypt at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. You will enjoy the exclusivity and luxury of our unique tour with a shorter timetable.

Golden Highlights of Egypt (an 8-day Egypt tour) package holiday to Egypt all-inclusive
Our 8-day all-inclusive Egypt tour is designed with efficiency in mind. On your luxury Egypt holidays all-inclusive you will wander the halls of the Egyptian Museum, see stunning views of Cairo, and try your hand at trading with local merchants. You'll then spend a wonderful 3 nights onboard a luxury ship sailing along the Nile to see historic temples and the Valley of the Kings. On your return to Cairo, you will visit the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization and enjoy an intimate visit to the Giza Plateau before it opens to other tourists, soaking up the majesty of the Sphinx and the great pyramids with all the luxury comforts we have to offer.

Can I customize my own tour?

At Inside Egypt we have very good all-inclusive Egypt vacation packages, but if you wish to embark on a customized journey through Egypt's fascinating history and experience the most iconic sites your way, let our experts help you. Our team of experts at Inside Egypt can assist, creating your own customized Egypt tour. All you have to do is fill out the contact form and provide us with the necessary information. We'll do the rest! Choose your Egypt private tour and let us make your dream a reality

Are the international flights included?

International flights are not included in our Egypt all-inclusive holiday packages, nor are the Egyptian visa and travel insurance. However, Inside Egypt is happy to assist you with booking your international flights if needed. Our employees will help you find the best air connections at the best prices by checking the offers of various airlines for you. All you need to do is let us know from which airport you want to fly upon arrival in Cairo and give us the name and date of the Egypt tour you have booked or are going to book with us.

Book your all-inclusive trip to Egypt, and come and discover the land of the pharaohs without any worries.