Egypt Tour Guides for a Luxury Experience

Places to Visit on Our Egypt Guided Tours

Egypt is known all over the world for its magnificent ancient history. Even today you can admire the remains of ancient buildings, temples and even entire cities while visiting them on Egypt tours with a guide. On our luxury best guided tours of Egypt, you will discover the most important highlights of this beautiful and mesmerizing country at the best Egypt tour prices.

You will stroll through the most famous Egyptian museums and even visit the modern library in Alexandria, containing artifacts from ancient times and beyond. On your Egypt tours with a guide you will also discover monumental ancient temples, tombs, and the Pyramids of Giza and more. You will see huge statues and soaring obelisks in Aswan, Egypt and Luxor, Egypt with tour guides. 

Our professional Egypt tour guide is extremely knowledgeable, and he will share with you extraordinary stories about these places and spice them up with a bit of humor. Your private guide in Egypt will also show you around the famous Cairo and Alexandria fortresses.

Under the supervision of our professional Egypt private tour guide on our luxury guided tours in Cairo, you will get to know and understand the significance of historic buildings such as Coptic churches, palaces, synagogues and mosques. Your best Egyptian private guide will hold your attention on interesting facts so that you do not miss any of the most interesting items or places.

Your Cairo local guide in Egypt will also take you to oases, such as the Fayoum oasis, where among other things, you can see an amazing open air museum.

Professional Egypt Tour Guides

Behind every element of the Inside Egypt tour there is our great Inside Egypt team. Our team consists of professional staff working in our Giza office dealing with customers, sharing information about our luxury tours in Egypt and booking these tours for our customers. We have specialized staff who book hotel and luxury Nile cruise accommodations on the Nile and meals at local restaurants. We also have transfer and logistics specialists dealing with domestic flights in Egypt and international flights, transfers from airports, travel by comfortable coaches for tourists while visiting monuments.

Among us, there are people who work with Egyptian government institutions to provide our customers with special private access to visit Egyptian monuments and stay safe during their entire Egypt vacation. We also have specialists who prepare the itineraries of Egyptian private and group guided tours, bringing the itinerary together.

Our team consists of knowledgeable Egyptian tour leaders (concierges travel) and Egyptian tour guides who love to tell all about their country's amazing history, and our staff are as enthusiastic about traveling as you are. When you spend your Egypt vacation with us, you will be traveling with Egyptian citizens who know their country well and love to share their knowledge with you.


Our tour leaders (concierges travel) are here to look after every detail of your trip to Egypt. They are Egyptian locals who are passionate about your enjoyment and want to tell you all about the fascinating history and beauty of their country with you on your Egypt vacation.
Your Cairo Egypt tour guide, along with our local guide in Egypt will make sure that all services offered meet our high standards and that the tour itinerary runs according to plan. They check the cleanliness of the coaches that we travel on and the hotel rooms and cruise ship cabins that we stay in. They ensure that the delicious food we enjoy on our trips is of great quality, whether at a 5-star hotel, on board a luxury cruise ship, or at a local restaurant.

If you require a wake-up call at any time on the tour, they can arrange this for you. If you visit the local bazaar for some souvenirs, they will help you get the best price and have some fun in the process.

Our best guided tours of Egypt will take you back in time, showing so much more than you can even imagine on your trip to Egypt.
Our Egypt tours are designed to immerse you in Egyptian culture and allow you to get to know the Egyptian people. Our Egypt private tour guides are chosen for their expertise and for their friendly, helpful approach as traveling companions on your luxury guided tours in Cairo Egypt.

Inside Egypt works with only the best licensed and professional Egypt private tour guides. Most of our private tour guides are Egyptologists, offering in-depth Egypt historical tours with a deep knowledge and understanding of their beautiful country and its history. They like nothing more than to tell you all about their country of which they are so proud. You will learn lots about this amazing country on your trip to Egypt with us and our team.

On Egypt tours your guide will be there for every element of your trip, with a smile on his face, making sure that you have a fantastic vacation and return home with happy memories that will last a lifetime. You will want to share your memories of your best guided tours of Egypt with everyone you meet.

We can guarantee that all of our team members and tour leaders, along with our Egyptian guides, are the best, and we find that long term friendships between our staff and guests are continually formed during every trip to Egypt. We may meet as strangers but we will part as friends, hoping to meet you again someday soon.

It's worth mentioning that after some time, many of our clients return to Egypt and visit other Egyptian attractions with us or come back with their friends or their family members to show them what captivated them on their guided tour of Egypt. At Inside Egypt we capture your heart and give you the best memories from your Egypt vacation or Egypt honeymoon tour.

Join us and see for yourself! If you have any doubts or need any further convincing, we encourage you to read the reviews of guests who have already enjoyed a trip with us. We're sure that they will inspire you to want to book your trip straight away, and we can't wait to welcome you to our amazing country.

Luxury Egypt Private Tour Guide FAQs

Are the guides fluent in English?

Inside Egypt has been arranging finding a tour guide in Egypt as a company for a long time. Not one year or two, but over a dozen years. During this time, we have gained a lot of experience and we know perfectly well which professional Egypt tour guide is right to show our guests this wonderful country, and which are not. Our travel agency works only with the best private guide in Egypt who know English perfectly, and we are sure that our Egypt private tour guide communicates with clients clearly. It is very important to provide our clients with the best experience possible. 
It is worth adding that we also cooperate with professional Egypt private tour guides who speak other languages fluently e.g. Spanish, German, French, Chinese, etc.

Will I have exclusive access to monuments?

From history’s most famous landmarks to the Nile’s hidden gems, prepare to be whisked away to places many have seen but very few truly experience. Our collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities grants us up-close-and-personal access you won’t find anywhere else.

- Private entry to the Giza Plateau
Visit the most iconic historic site outside regular hours for an intimate and crowd-free experience.
Featured on all tours.

- Private entry to the Great Pyramid
Explore the Pyramid of Khufu without any other tourists - including two chambers that are closed to the public.
Featured on all tours.

- Special access to the Great Sphinx enclosure
Marvel at a once-in-a-lifetime chance to touch the Great Sphinx and watch the sunrise from in between its huge paws.
Featured on all tours.

Check out our luxury Egypt tours and choose the one that best fits you.

What do other people say about Inside Egypt’s guides?

Our clients appreciate the work of a professional Egypt tour guide on our tours. They enhance their knowledge, competence, and passion for Egypt and its inhabitants. Our Egypt private tour guides can be humorous, they help in understanding local customs and are available in case of any questions. Our clients appreciate the guide's help in buying souvenirs at Khan el Khalili bazaar.

Before hiring a guide in Egypt, read some reviews:

What a trip of a lifetime! An Experience I will never forget. I've been back for two weeks and still think about it every day. Our Egypt tour guide, Noura, is probably the reason. She is extremely knowledgeable, but it is her passion for the country, its people, and its wonders that truly brought to life all of the history this country offers. KAREN HACKER, USA.

Noura was beyond exceptional as our Egypt tours guide. Her knowledge and brilliant delivery of information was mesmerizing. What a storyteller she is! Because of her, I was able to really immerse myself in the rich history of Egypt. TERRY BURSTEIN, USA.

I have been interested in Egypt my whole life and our Egypt tours guide was able to tell us things I have never heard before. He was very engaged and passionate. It was very exciting to see this passion. JENNIFER JAMES, USA. 

Learn more about what our clients say and the Egypt tour reviews they left us. 

Should I tip the guides?

Our Egypt tour guide receives a salary from us for his work. When you book an Egypt tour guide, the Egypt tour guide's price for his work is included. However, if you think that he works very well and you want to appreciate his commitment and motivate him to continue working at such a high level, you can give a tip.

In Egypt, tips are part of the local culture and an expression of courtesy. It is related to the principles of Islam, where one of the pillars of faith is alms (sadaka) for the poor.

However, baksheesh is something else, it's a small fee expected for many small services or the granting of favors. Baksheesh is given to, among others: restaurant staff, hotel staff, taxi and private drivers in Egypt, service at gas stations, local guides.

It can also be expected, for example, for taking a photo next to a tourist attraction or showing the way.

What kind of Egypt tours with a Guide do you offer?

Inside Egypt offers the best guided tours of Egypt with archaeological and cultural tours allowing you to discover the fascinating ancient history and modern heritage of Egypt. The itineraries of all our luxury Egypt tours include a cruise on the Nile and the most important highlights of Egypt. We also offer various exclusive VIP experiences on our tours, and at the end of each of our Egypt guided tours, there is a possibility to add on a 5-day trip to Jordan.

We encourage you to read the short description of our luxurious tour packages and contact us if you have any questions. We're sure that at least one of them will interest you and you will visit the land of the pharaohs with us for the experience of a lifetime, making great memories that will last forever.

Our Guided Tour of Egypt packages:

14-day Egypt Tours with a Guide
This is our most popular Egypt guided tours, allowing for an in-depth look into the rich Egyptian history and present day wonders. It is a journey through the country of Egypt from north to south and back. Some of it highlights are the private Egypt pyramids tours of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx, a seven-day luxury cruise on the Nile, a trip to the oasis of Fayoum, and a visit to Mediterranean Alexandria. The whole trip takes place in very comfortable conditions, with 5-star accommodation in Cairo, a luxurious ship during a cruise on the Nile, long-distance flights by airplanes, comfortable coaches, and a professional private guide in Egypt with a wealth of knowledge and perfect English.

This is not just a trip around Egypt, it is a trip of a lifetime!

10-day Egypt Tours with a Guide 
This 10-day luxury tour allows you to experience the major sights in four Egyptian cities. The tour includes a four-day cruise on the Nile and a private tour of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx of Giza. This is an all-inclusive trip throughout Egypt, including accommodation in 5-star hotels and on a luxury ship during a cruise on the Nile. An amazing journey awaits you!

8 days Egypt Tours with a Guide
This is the 8-day version of our Around Egypt in 14 Days tour which, despite the shorter duration, still offers one of the most comprehensive journeys through Egypt's fascinating history. It also includes many of the elements of our flagship, 14-day tour. These luxury Egypt guided tours include a private tour of the Giza Plateau. Perfect for travelers planning a short but active vacation in Egypt.

Luxury Egypt Private Tours with a Guide
This is a private trip only for you and your family members, your friends or business partners. The tour is executed to a very high standard, and can be organized at any time, taking into account all of your wishes and dreams. The private tour includes the best private tour guides Egypt, who love to share with you their knowledge of their beautiful country's history.

Our all-inclusive Egypt vacation packages are prepared with great care to meet the wildest expectations of customers who trust us to make their dreams come true.

Is this a group tour?

Our luxury small-group Egypt tours are limited to 20 participants. This is a good number that provides our clients with comfortable guided Egypt tours and safe travel. During the Egypt tour, we use a full-size coach (50 seats) to allow for adequate social distance.

Many nationals travel with us, but we mostly organize Egypt Tours from:

Our luxury Egypt guided tours are designed for travelers of all ages, including seniors. We understand that older travelers have specific needs and preferences, which is why our Egypt tours for seniors are tailored to provide comfort, convenience, and flexibility.

Our luxury tours are great for solo travelers, couples, families with children aged 12 and over, groups of friends, and business partners. Often traveling with us are small groups of long-term friends who are comfortable with other people they didn't know before.

The advantage is that they allow you to make new friends, discover the secrets of Egyptian culture together, and spend time with a larger group. On your trip to Egypt, you can make lasting friendships that will stay with you even after you return home. It is therefore the perfect solution for solo travelers who enjoy finding nice company during their Egyptian vacation.

Are there any health safety protocols to follow?

As our luxury Egypt guided tours are organized for groups, our participants should follow the health precautions:

Good hygiene and increased precautions are now normal during Covid-19. To reduce the risk of infection, participants in our luxury guided tours in Cairo, Egypt must remember to wash and sanitize their hands frequently. You should also avoid touching any surfaces where bacteria may be found. If possible, we should also avoid touching the face, especially the eyes, nose and mouth, especially if our hands have been in contact with dirty surfaces.

On a trip to Egypt take with you antibacterial gels or wipes and disposable masks.

Remember to keep a social distance on your Egypt tours with a guide . It is also necessary to cover the mouth and nose with a mask at airports, on airplanes, in museums and other closed spaces where you will find many people.

We can assure you that on our luxury guided Egypt tours you will travel in large coaches with 50 seats. This will allow us to keep a social distance when we have groups of up to 20 travelers. All of our staff in contact with the tour participants (drivers, guides, tour leaders, tour managers, etc.) will cover their nose and mouth with a mask during the tours and will perform PCR tests before and after the tour to ensure they are healthy.

Safety Updates on Visiting Egypt During the Hamas-Israel War

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