Delicious local and international flavors

A trip to a new destination is an opportunity for most people to taste the local cuisine. We are looking for flavors that will delight us, local dishes that we have not had a chance to try so far, and the memories of delicious flavors that we will take with us from our vacation.

Therefore, take your taste buds on a culinary adventure as you sample a variety of Egyptian dishes as part of your Egypt tour. We are sure you will love them.

Egyptian cuisine is based on richly seasoned, nutritious meals that are full of flavor. Meat, rice and vegetable dishes are the most popular. The food is usually prepared quite simply and includes lots of freshly picked vegetables such as peas, beans, okra, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes. Vegetables are often served with a delicious tomato and olive oil sauce.

Figs, dates, pomegranates, guava, oranges, mango, melon and strawberries are popular fruits in Egypt. These seasonal fruits are used to prepare exquisite desserts and are refreshing when eaten alone in the Egyptian sunshine. The cuisine at many restaurants will be European in style and will suit everyone’s tastes.

Our all inclusive Egypt trips include three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The exceptions are the first and last days of the Egypt tour. Customers receive dinner only on the first day of the tour, and breakfast on the last day of the tour.

During your trip to Egypt and your stay in Cairo you will eat breakfast and dinner at the hotel. Breakfast at the hotel will be buffet style and dinners will either be buffets or set menus.

We know where to eat in Egypt!

If we are on vacation in an unknown destination, one of the first problems we come across  is where to find tasty food and a restaurant with a great atmosphere. It's not a problem for Inside Egypt. Our clients always dine in the best places, not only in Cairo, but all over Egypt

All lunches on the Egypt tours in and around Cairo will be served at the best places to eat in Cairo. These will be local restaurants, giving you the opportunity to sample the local cuisine. These restaurants are some of the best restaurants in Cairo and are located close to the visited monuments, and are on the route of our sightseeing tour.  They have been carefully selected by us for their extraordinary food, interiors or beautiful view. 


In Cairo we invite our guests to eat lunch at the Felfela restaurant among others that are the best Egyptian restaurants in Cairo, located near the Egyptian Museum and Tahrir Square in the center of Cairo. This restaurant was established in 1959 and it serves Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Felfela has a very authentic interior and offers a unique experience, it’s not just a place to eat. You can feel the originality of the typical oriental decoration that symbolizes the traditions of the Egyptian societies from the past.

"Nine Pyramids Lounge restaurant” is a lovely new place with the most amazing view! It’s located on the southern side of the Giza plateau, from where there is an amazing view of the pyramids and the Sphinx. It’s simple in design and resembles a Bedouin village. The restaurant covers 1,340 square meters, is made of wood and it is divided into an internal and external part. Outside you can sit on cushions on the ground, Bedouin style. The restaurant serves Egyptian and European dishes.

On a day trip to Fayoum or Saqqara, our guests will have lunch in an open-air restaurant in the beautiful, calm scenery of the Egyptian countryside and desert. This restaurant serves tasty Egyptian cuisine. The dishes are dominated by grilled meat such as kofta, chicken skewers, fresh Egyptian baladi bread, tahini sauce and eggplant paste (baba ghanoush).

In Alexandria, we will have lunch in a restaurant located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. In this restaurant you will find mainly Mediterranean dishes. The restaurant is famous for its fish and seafood served in many different ways to suit everyone.

On our Around Egypt in 14-day tour, lunch will be also served at the Al Azar Park restaurant located on a hill in the heart of Al Azar Park in old Cairo, offering amazing views of the city. From here you have a great view of Saladin's Citadel and Mohamed Ali Mosque. Food is al fresco. You will enjoy Egyptian dishes served here.

We hope that you’ll get to know and love these different Egyptian restaurants like we do on your Egypt vacation. They all have their own unique atmosphere and beautiful tasty food. We also hope that you will enjoy our different kinds of Egyptian food.

During the Nile cruise, meals will be served aboard the ship. These meals will include both European and Egyptian dishes.

At the hotel, you will receive bottled water. You will also be provided with bottled water for site visits on your Egypt tours. Please note that all other soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are available at an extra cost throughout your trip to Egypt.

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