Delicious local and international flavors

Take your taste buds on an adventure as you sample a variety of Egyptian dishes. We are sure you will love them.
Egyptian cuisine is based on richly seasoned, nutritious meals that are full of flavor. Meat, rice and vegetable dishes are the most popular. The food is usually prepared quite simply and includes lots of freshly picked vegetables such as peas, beans, okra, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes. Vegetables are often served with a delicious tomato and olive oil sauce.
Figs, dates, pomegranates, guava, oranges, melon and strawberries are popular fruits in Egypt. These seasonal fruits are used to prepare exquisite desserts and are refreshing eaten alone in the Egyptian sunshine.

During your stay in Cairo you will eat breakfast and dinner at the hotel. Breakfast at the hotel will be buffet style and dinners will either be buffets or set menus.



The cuisine here will be European in style and will suit everyone’s tastes.
All other lunches and dinners will be served at local restaurants. These restaurants have been carefully selected by us for their extraordinary food and interiors.

During the Nile cruise, meals will be served aboard the ship. These meals will include both European and Egyptian dishes.
At the hotel, you will receive bottled water. You will also be provided with bottled water for site visits. Please note that all other soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are available at an extra cost.