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8 Day Egypt Tour

8 days in Egypt
17 sites
age 12+
limited to 20
100% safety

Egypt 8 Day Itinerary Description


Are you wondering what you can see in Egypt in 8 days? We have the perfect Egypt itinerary of 8 days for you!

We’re offering a whistle-stop tour of Egypt, where you get to see all of the amazing sights in the shortest time, making the most of your all-inclusive Egypt vacation packages. This 8 day Egypt tour is designed specifically for people who want to make the most of their trip to Egypt in just a week. Experience the highlights of this beautiful country and take away memories that will have you wanting to return for other Egypt tours. You’ll learn about the ancient and modern history of the Land of the Pharaohs and explore the best of Upper and Lower Egypt on a Nile River cruise.

Start your 8 day Egypt tour with a visit to the magnificent Egyptian Museum. Later, at the stunning Muhammad Ali Pasha Mosque, you’ll have a terrific photo opportunity with a view of the whole city of Cairo below you. Then, take a guided tour of al-Muizz Street in Historic Cairo to see how Egyptians live and to visit the Khan el-Khalili bazaar, the medieval-style market where you can shop for souvenirs while practicing your bartering skills.

On the second day of your Egypt 8 day itinerary you will fly to Abu Simbel to see the Abu Simbel Temples, carved into the rock, and the Temple of Philae. Then it’s time to relax on your 5-star deluxe Nile river cruise for three wonderful nights. You will wake up sailing along the Nile and enjoy a leisurely breakfast while taking in the picturesque view. Over the next few days, you’ll stop at multiple temples on an archaeological tour with your knowledgeable and passionate guide. Prepare to be wowed by the spectacular sites that Luxor has to offer. See the pharaohs’ final resting place at the Valley of the Kings, the Colossi of Memnon, the beautiful Temple of Hatshepsut and the spectacular Karnak Temple Complex with its many huge columns, statues and calm sacred lake. There will be a party on board the Nile river cruise, and the delicious Egyptian food is an essential element of your 8 days in Egypt. 

You will then fly back to Cairo to continue your 8 day Egypt tour, visiting the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. After breakfast the following day, you’ll visit the Giza Plateau privately, before it is open to other tourists. Enjoy the magnificent pyramids and the Great Sphinx rising from the sand amid the early morning peace and quiet during your Egypt 8 day itinerary. Finally, we journey to Saqqara, where the very first pyramid in Egypt, the Step Pyramid, was built in the vast desert. You’ll learn the secrets of ancient construction techniques and hear about the latest discoveries there.

By spending just one week in Egypt, you can still visit the highlights of this beautiful country, and see the magnificent sights. Our vacation packages give you everything you need on your trip to Egypt. Our itinerary is one of the most luxurious and best local tours in Egypt for 8 days you can find. One week in Egypt may change your life, and give you an understanding of Egyptian culture, both ancient and modern like you never had before.When choosing a tour package for your trip to Egypt, make sure you choose Inside Egypt. Our Egypt 8 day tour will give you all that you need and more, giving you a once in a lifetime experience, and wonderful memories to take away.

If you just can’t bear to end your trip to Egypt after seeing the best of Egypt, journey with us north across the Red Sea to a country often called the Jewel of the Middle East: Jordan. You can easily add a 5-day trip to Jordan when booking your Egypt 8 day itinerary through our online booking form. Do not miss this unique opportunity during your journey abroad with Inside Egypt and make an Egypt and Jordan trip!

You can also opt for a custom-made private tour of Egypt and let your knowledgeable experts work with you to find the best itineraries. 


Why Take A Luxury Vacation to Egypt?

  • Travel across Egypt and experience its greatest wonders in 5-star style on your Egypt 8 day tour.
  • Have a private entry to the Giza Plateau, the Great Pyramid & special access to the Great Sphinx enclosure
  • Learn how the earliest pyramids were built in Saqqara
  • Visit four Egyptian UNESCO World Heritage Sites on your 8 day Egypt tour
  • Enjoy a 3-day scenic cruise down the Nile River & visit the most awe-inspiring sites
  • Soak up the atmosphere in the Khan el-Khalili bazaar
  • Sample and enjoy the flavors of Egypt on your 8 day Egypt tour

8 day Egypt tour Overview

Arrival in Cairo - Begin one of the best local tours in Egypt for 8 days.
The Egyptian Museum, the Citadel of Salah Din With Muhammad Ali Pasha Mosque & al-Muizz Street With Khan el-Khalili Bazaar
NILE RIVER: Flight to Abu Simbel, the Abu Simbel Temples & the Temple of Philae
NILE RIVER: Visit the Kom Ombo and Edfu Temples during one of the best tours in Egypt for 8 days.
NILE RIVER: The Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut, the Colossi of Memnon & the Karnak Temple Complex
Flight from Luxor to Cairo, Historic Cairo & the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization
EXCLUSIVE! The Giza Plateau with private entry to the Great Pyramid & the Great Sphinx, Saqqara
Depart Egypt - End of 8 day Egypt tour

Egypt 8 day tour Package Pricing

$3495 (USD) per person in a twin/double room, based on 2 sharing with a low deposit of just $1000. If you would like to have a room to yourself during your 8 day Egypt tour, the single supplement is $940 (USD).

Payment Schedule:
- During booking: $1000 deposit per person
- Final payment: due 90 days before the 8 day Egypt tour

Payments can be made via bank transfer or credit card. We accept Visa and MasterCard with 3-D Secure. For the wire transfer option, any fees are to be covered by the Traveler.  

Our 8 Days in Egypt Tour Travel Package Includes:
Exclusive VIP Experiences as indicated in the 8 day Egypt tour itinerary; Luxury Accommodations as indicated in the itinerary; All sightseeing tours and entries as indicated in the itinerary; Meals as indicated in the itinerary; English-speaking tour guide; English-speaking Travel Concierge; Domestic airfare; Bottled water during sightseeing; Transfers in air-conditioned buses; Reception at the airport and airport transfers on standard arrival and departure days; Taxes.

Our 8 Days in Egypt Tour Travel Package Does Not Include:
International airfare (we can assist you with the booking); Travel insurance; $25 entry visa (issued and paid in cash on arrival at Cairo International Airport); Tips; Soft and alcoholic beverages; Personal expenses incurred during your 8 day Egypt tour or at any time during your trip.

Tipping in Egypt is a way to express your appreciation, and we recommend a tip of $200 per person. This will be paid on the first day of your trip to your tour leader in the hotel.
The tip that you give includes all staff on your tour with Inside Egypt, such as the cruise staff, hotel staff, restaurant staff, drivers etc.

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Helpful Pre-Trip Information for Your 8 Day Egypt Tour


There is a possibility of upgrading the room in the hotel in Giza. The cruise ships also have a few suites that we can book for you on request. We will inform you about upgrade possibilities and prices for each tour date before your Egypt tour.

The first day of 8 days in Egypt tour is dedicated to arrivals and your flight can arrive any time on that day. The most convenient time to arrive is around noon (early afternoon) to have time to rest before dinner.  The last day of 8 days in Egypt tour (8th day) is dedicated to departures and you can depart any time on that day. The check-out time in the hotel is at 12pm on the 8th day. We organize the reception at the airport for our guests at any time, even for the flights arriving late at night. We also organize the transfers back to the airport for early morning or night departure flights.

We can organize your reception at the airport one day early and arrange the additional booking in our hotel in Giza. We can also book additional nights for you after the end of your Egypt tour.

Our guests can book their flights individually and send us the copy of their flights schedule. If you need any assistance with the international flights booking, we can find the best flight options from your place of residence and also make the booking for you. Please send us an email or call our office, if you would like us to help you with your flights



Our Egypt itinerary 8 days includes all of the major attractions and is sure to please you. Additional excursions are available for guests who would like to add on to our standard Egypt 8 day itinerary. 
The additional excursions are scheduled around the main itinerary to avoid any conflicts should you choose to add them to your trip. 
Below is a list of sites and excursions you can add to your trip. 

Hot air balloon trip over Luxor and the Nile river - 155$

For unbeatable views of Luxor's famous temples, take a hot-air balloon trip over the River Nile's West Bank. Away from the crowds in the peaceful glow of dawn, your sunrise flight over Egypt's ancient monuments promises to be a highlight of your visit. The hot air balloon trip will give you the opportunity to take the most stunning photographs.

Entrance to the man-made mountain of Abu Simbel - 390$

With Inside Egypt you will have an opportunity to see this temple from a completely different perspective. View the temple from the inside of a man-made mountain  erected to support the temple of Abu Simbel in its new location. You can go inside the mountain of Abu Simbel itself to see the dome and construction of the temple and learn more about the behind-the-scenes work of archaeologists on this unique complex. The site has been closed to tourists for almost 20 years.

A magical visit to the magnificent Luxor Temple in the evening after dark - 90$

The Luxor Temple is filled with blinding sunlight by day and the faces change at night. The sculptures and reliefs appear to come to life and tell their story with great expressions. At night, when the dark sky is dotted with stars, the atmospheric light falling on the walls of the temple brings out details that are invisible in the sunlight.

Payment for these additional excursions can be via credit card or cash during the tour. Credit card payments include a 2.0% processing fee charged by the bank system. 
Please inform your tour leader upon arrival if you would like to take part in any of these optional excursions.


Fayoum: 1-day add-on for standard arrival day (Day 1)
The optional add-on tour to Fayoum Oasis is a full-day trip. We’ll leave after breakfast for the 1-hour journey in an air-conditioned coach.
First, you’ll see Wadi El Hitan (Whale Valley), a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, named for its hundreds of whale fossils. Then you will go to the nearby Magic Lake, where you will enjoy lunch before continuing to Qarun Lake, the third-largest lake in Egypt.
After returning to Cairo, you will enjoy dinner at the hotel. The price for the add-on tour  does not include an extra night in a hotel in Giza.
Price: $255 per person

If you wish to participate in our optional 1-day add-on, taking place on the standard arrival day, please indicate this tour when booking your Egypt tour via the booking form on our website. You will need to purchase an extra night in a hotel in Cairo before the tour starts. This can also be completed via our booking form on the website.

Alexandria 1-day add-on for standard departure day (Day 8)
Alexandria was founded by (and named for) Alexander the Great in the fourth century B.C. Its strategic location on the Mediterranean Sea made it a successful commercial and political center, which it remains to this day. It was the capital of the Ptolemaic Dynasty, the last dynasty of Egypt and also one of its greatest. Although much of the 2,000-year-old city is covered by today’s modern infrastructure, there is still a lot of ancient Egypt to see there. Under the Ptolemies, the Library of Alexandria – the ancient world’s single greatest archive of knowledge – was created, along with Pharos Lighthouse, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. We’ll visit the modern library, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, located on a magnificent site in the Eastern Harbor; the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa; and the Alexandria Museum. We will also see the Qaitbay fort from the outside. Lunch will take place at a seafood restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean.
We’ll return to Cairo and enjoy dinner at the hotel. The add-on’s price does not include an extra night at the Marriott Mena House Hotel in Giza. 
Price: $225 per person 

If you wish to participate in our optional 1-day add-on, taking place on the standard departure day, please indicate this tour when booking your Egypt tour via the booking form on our website. You will need to purchase an extra night in a hotel in Cairo after the tour ends. This can also be completed via our booking form on the website.


Jordan 5-day add-on  tour package, after GOLDEN HIGHLIGHTS OF EGYPT tour (Days 9-13)
We’ve organized an exceptional  tour package to Jordan, often called the jewel of the Middle East, with unique opportunities to visit ancient cities, admire the magnificent rock formations in the desert, and even swim in the Dead Sea. You’ll get to know the ancient city of Petra and the modern King Abdullah Mosque in Amman, the capital of Jordan. You will visit Wadi Rum, a protected desert reserve in the southern part of Jordan, often called the Valley of the Moon, known for its red-pink sands, stunning natural arches and imposing mountains, and prehistoric rock engravings. Wadi Rum Protected Area was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. You will end your trip with a wonderful visit to the Dead Sea, where the water is so salty you will float in it.

Day 1: Departure from Cairo & Arrival in Amman 
You’ll fly from Cairo to Amman, Jordan, where our representative will be waiting for you holding our company sign. You will then be transferred to your hotel.
Enjoy dinner and your overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 2: Amman City Tour 
Breakfast at the hotel.
You will start the day with a city tour to explore the highlights of Amman. The Roman Theater dates back to the second century, when the city was known as Philadelphia (literally “the city of brotherly love” in Greek). The theater could seat 6,000 and was commissioned by Emperor Antonius Pius.
Next, you will visit the Citadel of Amman. The complex consists of a number of structures built during the Bronze and Iron Ages and the Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad eras. At the Temple of Hercules, you’ll see the enormous hand that is believed to have been part of a massive Roman statue of the famous hero himself. The two complete pillars there are 30 feet tall and it’s believed that the temple would have reached more than 40 feet in height. Then you’ll visit the Umayyad Palace, the best-preserved structure at Amman Citadel. The palace includes a huge cistern which was used to transport water to the palace.
Lunch at a local restaurant.
Drive to Petra, where we’ll enjoy dinner and stay overnight at the Petra Marriott Hotel.

Day 3: Wadi Rum Desert
After breakfast, you’ll start the day at Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon for its otherworldly rock formations. This is where the films Lawrence of Arabia and The Martian, among others, were shot.  It is the largest wadi (valley) in Jordan, set on a high plateau at the western edge of the Arabian Desert. Human occupation of Wadi Rum dates back 12,000 years, and on today’s SUV safari, you will learn about the ancient and modern Bedouin lifestyle and the animals that make this arid zone their home. 
You’ll have free time to relax in the afternoon.
Return to the hotel for dinner. 

Day 4: Petra Breakfast at the hotel.
Today, you’ll visit breathtaking Petra, made world-famous when it was featured in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Its rock-cut tombs and temples were carved into the cliffs more than 2,000 years ago. You will see the mysteries of the “Rose Red City,” the most famous and impressive of which is known as the Treasury, although in reality it was a tomb for a Nabataean king. Its facade reveals many Roman and ancient Greek influences, and it may have been used as a Christian church in Byzantine times.

Lunch at a local restaurant.
Next, we will drive to Shobak Castle, the most important Crusader castle in Jordan, followed by a visit to St. George’s Church in Madaba, which contains the oldest and largest floor-mosaic map of the Holy Land, dating to the sixth century. We will then travel to Mount Nebo, where the Bible says Moses was given his first look at the Promised Land. The panoramic view takes in the Dead Sea, and you might be able to see as far as Jericho and Jerusalem.
Next we’ll check in to our hotel at the Dead Sea. At more than 1,000 feet below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest land elevation in the world. It is also one of the saltiest lakes in the world, so much so that you can float in it.
Dinner and overnight at hotel at the Dead Sea.

Day 5: Departure
Transfer to Amman for your flight from Queen Alia International Airport.

Transfer from the hotel in Cairo to airport
1-way flight from Cairo to Amman
Pickup at Queen Alia International Airport and transport to hotel in Amman
Transportation in modern air-conditioned private vehicle with an English-speaking driver
Local English-speaking guide
Luxury 5-star hotel accommodation
Entrance fees to all sites on the itinerary
2-hour 4x4 tour in Wadi Rum
3 meals per day
Bottled water
Visa to Jordan (if we receive your full passport details a few days prior to arrival date)

Not included:

Price: $2885 per person for a double room (deposit is $500 per person during booking; full payment is due 90 days before the tour). Single supplement costs $625. 

To download our digital brochure for the Jordan Extencion  CLICK HERE.

If you wish to participate in our optional Jordan 5-day add-on, please indicate this tour when booking your Egypt tour via the booking form on our website. You will need to purchase an extra night in a hotel in Cairo after the tour ends. This can also be completed via our booking form on the website.


What a trip of a lifetime! An Experience I will never forget. I''ve been back two weeks and still think about it every day. Our guide, Noura, is probably the reason. She is extremely knowledgable, but it is her passion for the country, its people and its wonders that truly brought to life all of the history this country offers. The entire team, especially Haney was there every step of the way. From our arrival, to anything we needed every minute. Haney always had a smile on his face. The people behind the scenes - Mustafa (spelling might not be correct) to Rim (spelling again) to all the rest of the team. I always felt safe and don't think I missed one thing. Egypt will forever be in my heart.

Egypt was number one on our bucket list. We'd done Africa, Croatia, SE Asia, Patagonia, Europe, the US and Canada, but Egypt loomed as a big wish. We completely underestimated how much it would astound and captivate us. Beginning with the crack of dawn arrival at Cairo airport and being greeted by Hysin (sp) who made us feel welcome, completely safe and at home, to the insane traffic of late night Cairo, to the beautiful FOUR SEASONS hotel and the delightful staff our arrival was terrific. Our arrangements through Mostafa and Rim were complete and organized. We had a journey ahead of us that would take us from the Giza Pyramids to the Valleys of the Kings and Queens, to the paws of the Sphinx, to Luxor and Aswan to Alexandria and the catacombs. Each place more amazing than the last, each story more fascinating than the last and all brought to life by our extraordinary adorable, humorous, knowledgeable and awesome guide, Noura. Hany kept the ship afloat and on schedule and we were kept secure by Mohamed and Asham. All in all Egypt was so much more than we could have hoped, all due to the incredible staff of Inside Egypt and their access. We are home one day and miss them already.

You can read more reviews from of our 8 day Egypt tour here.

Terms and Conditions for 8 Days in Egypt Tour Travel Package

Please carefully read our Terms and Conditions


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