Best Egypt Vacation Packages
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17 Day Luxury Egypt Vacation and a Long Nile Cruise
Maximum group size:  20

Join Inside Egypt for a captivating luxurious long cruise on the Nile showcasing ancient Egyptian temples and serene stops across Egypt. Explore iconic sites like Saqqara and Giza before setting sail from Cairo to Beni Suef. Discover remote archaeological wonders like Tuna el-Gebel, Beni Hasan, Abydos, and Dendera during scenic stops along the Nile. Deepen your understanding of Egypt's history through interactive sessions and personal encounters with historic landmarks. Conclude your journey with visits to Abu Simbel, Philae Temple, Cairo's highlights, and the vibrant Khan el Khalili Bazaar. Experience unparalleled access to Egypt's treasures on this unforgettable Nile cruise adventure with Inside Egypt. Enhance your exploration with a 17-day Egypt tour.

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15 Day Luxury Egypt Vacation and Siwa Oasis
Maximum group size:  20

Embark on a luxury 15-day Egypt tour, discovering hidden treasures from Siwa Oasis to Luxor and beyond. Begin in Cairo with the Step Pyramid, Giza Plateau, and the Grand Egyptian Museum. Explore Alexandria's historical gems and relax at Siwa's palm-fringed springs. Return to Cairo for iconic sights before flying to Luxor for temples and a Nile cruise to Aswan. Luxuriate on board for four nights, visiting the Valley of the Kings and Abu Simbel. Immerse yourself in Egypt's history and culture on this unforgettable journey. Book now for a once-in-a-lifetime experience through the wonders of Egypt.

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14 Day Luxury Egypt Vacation and Tour
Maximum group size:  20

Our signature Egypt Vacation takes you on an enthralling 14-day Egypt tour from Cairo to visit Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Au Simbel, and back again, exploring Egypt's most iconic landmarks. Vacation the Egypt pyramids ahead of the crowds and enjoy a peaceful moment to drink in the atmosphere of the Pyramid tours of Khufu and the Great Sphinx at the Giza Plateau before tourists are admitted for the day. You’ll also discover the country’s hidden gems with exclusive access to rooms and locations normally off-limits to the public, and sail down the Nile in style aboard our well-appointed cruise ship to delve further into the mysteries of Southern Egypt. Our 14 day Egypt pyramids vacation offers the most in-depth experience of our Egypt vacation tour packages. 

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12 Day Red Sea Tour
Maximum group size:  20

Embark on a 12-day Egypt tour from Cairo to the Red Sea, starting with the Pyramid of Djoser and historic Saqqara. Explore the Giza Plateau, the Sphinx, and the Grand Pyramid of Khufu, followed by a visit to the Great Egyptian Museum. Witness Abu Simbel Temples' grandeur and cruise from Aswan to Luxor, unveiling royal tombs and temples. Luxor showcases Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple. Continue to Hurghada for a Red Sea vacation, filled with marine adventures and sun-soaked beaches. Conclude the trip in Cairo with the Citadel, El-Khalili Bazaar, and a deep dive into Egypt's rich history and culture.

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10 Day Luxury Egypt Vacation and Tour
Maximum group size:  20

This 10 day Egypt travel package vacation offers a unique tour of Egypt that is custom designed to highlight the attractions of four Egyptian cities: Cairo, Giza, Luxor, and Aswan. See the Step Pyramid, Egypt’s first pyramid; tour some of the most notable monuments on Earth at the Giza Plateau; enjoy a comfortable 4-night stay on our exquisite cruise ship as it sails down the Nile; explore ancient temples; and marvel at the stunning artifacts that chronicle a compelling history at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. You’ll enjoy all the exclusivity and luxury of our signature Egypt trip tours on a briefer timetable.

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8 Day Luxury Egypt Vacation and Tour
Maximum group size:  20

Don’t let an expedient schedule prevent you from getting a premium Cairo Egypt vacation to experience of the best of this mystical realm. This 8 day Egypt tour and vacation to Egypt is planned with efficiency in mind. You’ll wander through the halls of the Egyptian Museum, see awe-inspiring views of Cairo, and try your hand at bartering with local merchants before spending 3 nights abroad on a first-class trip down the Nile to see historic temples and the Valley of the Kings. Upon returning to Cairo, you’ll tour the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization and enjoy an intimate visit to the Giza Plateau before it’s open to other tourists, drinking in the majesty of the Sphinx and the great pyramids with every comfort our luxury Egypt vacation have to offer. 

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Egypt Solar Eclipse 2027 Tour
Maximum group size:  20

Embark on a 7-day Egypt tour to witness the rare 2027 total solar eclipse across Luxor. Experience the longest land eclipse at 6 minutes and 23 seconds on August 2, 2027, against Luxor's clear skies. Explore Giza Plateau, Sphinx, Great Pyramid, Karnak, and Luxor temples, with exclusive tours of Valley of Kings and Queens. Visit Citadel of Salah Din and El-Khalili Bazaar in Old Cairo for a historic finale. Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime journey blending ancient history and celestial phenomena. Enjoy top-tier service, luxury accommodations, and personalized cultural tours for an unforgettable experience in Egypt's mesmerizing landscape.

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We source luxury accommodation for you throughout Egypt, and comfortable transport to your destinations. Relax in your hotel room after a wonderful day of sightseeing.
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From Cairo, to Alexandria, Luxor to Aswan and Abu Simbel, our Egypt tours allow you to see all of the famous Egyptian landmarks up close.
Leave the ordinary behind and discover a world where legends come to life. We’ll show you the way.


A Team of Egypt Experts

A Luxury Experience

Comprehensive Tour Packages

Leave the ordinary behind and discover a world where legends come to life. We’ll show you the way.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Egypt Travel Vacations and Covid-19 – What is required?

Travel with confidence – your health is our priority!

Egypt has lifted all restrictions that were previously imposed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. You can now travel to Egypt without requiring a negative PCR test 72 hours before departure, or an accredited COVID-19 vaccination certificate proving that you have been fully vaccinated 14 days prior to your departure.

Our guests’ safety is our highest priority. Here at Inside Egypt we have adopted the Safe Travels protocols produced by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and endorsed by Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to ensure a high level of hygiene and safety on our tours.

Our group sizes are kept small and are limited to just 20 guests.
We use a full-size coach (50 seats) while traveling to allow appropriate social distancing between travelers.
Face masks and hand sanitizer are available daily from our team.
All members of our team have completed the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for COVID-19 Virus course, certified by the World Health Organization, to minimize the risk of infection with the virus and ensure the safety of our customers.
All staff who will work during a tour will receive PCR tests both before and during the trip to make sure they are healthy throughout. This applies to tour guides, tour leaders, drivers and tour managers.
Local restaurants, hotels, buses and minibuses are regularly sterilized to keep everything clean and safe for all guests.
Guests and staff will have their temperature taken daily by the Nile cruise team and at all hotels when entering the premises.
When arriving at Cairo International Airport, checking in to hotels and when embarking on the luxury Nile cruise ship, your luggage will be sanitized. 
We will do everything possible to ensure that you have a great luxury Egypt vacation and feel safe at all times!

How Safe is Egypt?

Enjoy your luxury Egypt vacation packages to the fullest without any hesitation, it's safe in Egypt. The country is closely guarded by the police and the military. You can walk the streets in the middle of the night without fear. Sometimes, as in every country around the world there are thefts, that's why it is good to keep valuables, money and passports in your hotel safe. Egypt is very well protected against possible terrorist attacks.

Egypt is the 16th safest country in the world ahead of the USA and UK - you can read the article here.

You can feel safe and confident with Inside Egypt, because we pay special attention to Egyptian legal and moral standards, safety rules and health prophylaxis.

We are very well versed in the cultural specifics of the Arab world. Tourists are usually not aware of the details or they succumb to oriental myths that have nothing to do with reality (e.g. pseudo-knowledge about bargaining in bazaars, recognizing the true intentions of Egyptians).

In hotels in Cairo or on a ship during a cruise on the Nile, the rules of Islam are not mandatory due to the commercial nature of these places. But it is different when we go outside the hotel, leave the ship, or when we find ourselves in small towns and villages.

We are a travel company that will take care of your safety at every stage of your luxury Egypt vacation. Your safety and well-being are our number one priority. Read more about safety in Egypt here

Useful Tips for a Vacation in Egypt - What should you know before trip to Egypt?

Egypt attracts visitors with it's good weather all year round and it's beautiful monuments. It's no wonder that more and more travelers choose this destination as their holiday destination. However, your first trip to Egypt may raise doubts in formal matters. We'll explain how to get a visa to Egypt, what currency to take with you and what to remember when visiting this beautiful country.

Do you need a visa to enter Egypt?
Most visitors to Egypt need to obtain a visa to enter the country. A visa is only not required for a stay in the Sinai Peninsula.

Travel document
When going to Egypt, you must have a passport with you that's valid for a minimum of six months from the date of entry into Egypt. If your passport is valid for less than six months, you will also not be able to enter Egypt. So please check the expiry date of your passports carefully before traveling.

How to get a visa to Egypt?
A visa to Egypt can be obtained online before departure by completing the application on the website or purchasing it at the airport in Egypt. At the airport, you can buy the visa at the bank cubicles and it costs $ 25. This visa is valid for 30 days from the date of arrival. Visa sales desks are open 24 hours a day, so regardless of the time of arrival, you will be able to buy a visa on the spot. Just remember to have cash with you because card payments are very rarely accepted.

What does passport control look like at the airport?
After purchasing your Egyptian visa, go to passport control. There, the border guard will check if you have purchased a visa, and then stamp your passport with the date of entry to Egypt. Soon after, there is another control where an official checks if we have a visa and an entry stamp to Egypt.

After these two checks, you can collect your luggage from the belt. Your luggage is scanned to check whether you are carrying any prohibited substances or products on the way out of the airport.

What cannot be brought into Egypt?
It is strictly forbidden to bring drones of any size into Egypt.
Additionally, certain medicines are forbidden from entering Egypt. Strong painkillers such as Tramadol and drugs containing morphine are mainly forbidden. If customs officials at the airport have any doubts about a drug, it will be confiscated for examination. There is no official list of banned drugs, but if you want to be sure that you can take a drug with you, please contact the Egyptian embassy in the country where you live.

What can't be taken out of Egypt?
Restrictions also apply to tourists leaving Egypt. Attempts to take away items of historic value, i.e. historical artifacts and fragments of a coral reef or shells, are punishable.

The currency of Egypt is the Egyptian Pound. Usually the name is shortened to LE, from French livre égyptienne. The Egyptian Pound is divided into 100 piastres.

Cash or card?
Egypt is a country where cash payments are still very popular, especially in small shops and bazaars. So you should always try to have a supply of cash with you. You can pay by card in hotels, large supermarkets and restaurants.

What currency to take to Egypt?
Of course, it is best to pay with Egyptian pounds on the spot. If you bring US dollars with you, you can exchange them when needed.

Just in case, it is always worth having an ATM card with you and withdrawing Egyptian pounds from the nearest ATM.

When to go to Egypt?
The dates from November to February is our best recommendation for a luxury Egypt vacation. With the lower daytime temperatures during this period, you can easily explore. However, it is worth remembering that this is the tourist season in Egypt itself, so attractions will be crowded. At the start of January and February, there are also winter holidays in Egyptian schools, which is why many families come to Luxor or Aswan for holidays. On the one hand, daytime temperatures are not higher than 30ºC in the very south of the country, so you can visit comfortably. On the other hand, during this time, Egypt is visited by a lot of tourists.

What's the weather like in Egypt?
One of the reasons why tourists choose luxury Egypt vacations for their holidays is the good weather all year round. Remember, however, that Egypt is a large country and the temperatures vary greatly depending on the region. The easiest way to discuss the weather for us is taking into account the part of the country.

North Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria)
During the winter season (November to February) the temperatures are between 6-25ºC. Of course, it is coldest in the evenings, at night and in the morning, so if you are going to the north of the country at this time, take warm clothes. You will really need long pants and a sweatshirt, and even a jacket for cold evenings. In December and January you should also be prepared for rainy days. From May to October the temperature remains above 20ºC, and from June to August it even reaches over 40ºC during the day.

South Egypt (Luxor, Aswan)
It is much warmer in the south of the country than in the north. This means that in winter there is little chance of rain, and in summer it feels like an oven. From December to February, temperatures range from 8 to 30ºC. The nights are quite cold, so it's worth having something warmer for evening walks, but it's really hot during the day. From May to November, temperatures stay above 30ºC and even reach 50ºC in the warmest months, i.e. June and July.

Non-working days
In Egypt, Friday and Saturday are non-working days. However, shops, restaurants and tourist attractions are open 7 days a week. The exception is closure due to public holidays. Then you won't be able to visit the museums or most of the temples.

No compulsory vaccinations are required for Egypt. However, it is worth bearing in mind the different bacterial flora of this country, which causes the so-called "Pharaoh's revenge" or travelers' diarrhea.  When on your luxury Egypt vacation, be careful with the food you eat, do not drink tap water and take care of hygiene.

As with any trip abroad, remember to have concise travel insurance. Public health care in Egypt is not the best, but private is quite expensive. If you plan to visit Egypt, make sure that your insurance covers the types of activities that you will complete on your vacation.

Things To See on Your Trip to Egypt - What sites are worth seeing on Egypt vacation ? 

Egypt is a country of indescribable diversity, and it gives you the opportunity to experience an extraordinary adventure. The land of the pharaohs has many attractions to offer, including admiring the magnificent pyramids, enjoying camel safaris with Bedouin guides and a relaxing cruise along the Nile. Unforgettable memories to take away are guaranteed. Check out below the sights that we think are worth seeing during your luxury Egypt vacation!

Pyramids in Giza
Located on the outskirts of Cairo, the Giza Pyramids are a landmark of ancient Egypt that must be seen with your own eyes to be believed. The biggest pyramid on the complex is the Great Pyramid, also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops. It is the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world that has survived to this day and it is a truly unforgettable sight. The size of this monumental structure means that tourists facing this amazing building most often feel humble thinking about the ancient builders. With our luxury Egypt vacations, you can visit this pyramid in an intimate private atmosphere, without the crowds.

True lovers of antiquity must visit Saqqaa, which, according to many tourists, is more interesting than the famous monuments in Giza. Recognized as the oldest stone structure in the world, the unique step pyramid of Djoser is part of the funeral complex of King Djoser, ruler of the 3rd Dynasty. It is a unique, six-level pyramid, designed by the architect Imhotep.

Nile Valley
One of the best, most comfortable, and also one of the most enjoyable ways to explore with luxury Egypt vacation is to take a cruise along the Nile. Sailing along the lush shores of the Nile Valley surrounded by golden sand dunes. Then visiting ancient Egyptian buildings and monuments such as Kom Ombo and Abu Simbel are undoubtedly on the wish list of any tourist visiting Egypt.

Karnak Temple Complex
The temple complex in Karnak consists of three main temples, several smaller inner temples and a number of outer temples. They are all testimony of the work of many generations of ancient builders over the course of 1500 years. Approx. 30 different pharaohs contributed to the creation and expansion of this complex, which gained greatness, complexity and variety to be seen nowhere else. The Temple of Amun,which is the main structure of the complex, is the largest place of worship ever built.

Oasis of Siwa
All experts on the subject unanimously agree that the Siwa Oasis is by far the most interesting oasis in Egypt. It's a green island full of mineral springs, salt lakes and endless olive and palm groves. Shali, the oasis' main town, invites you to visit the strange ruins of the Shali Fortress that dominate the city center. It is worth following the sandy paths towards the Temple of the Oracle, to which Alexander the Great himself came to seek advice.

The White Desert
The White Desert has a well-deserved reputation as Egypt's most famous desert destination for luxury Egypt vacations - and for good reason. Cretaceous rocks have eroded here and become monolithic sculptures - venoms - with unusual forms resembling camels, leopards, lions, ostriches and hawks. The number of otherworldly and beautifully carved rock formations shaped as giant mushrooms or stacked pebbles is unmatched in any other desert in the world. The easiest way to get to the White Desert is from Oasis Baharija or Farafra.

Temple of Deir el Bahari
Queen Hatshepsut's mortuary temple is located at the foot of a mighty cliff on the west bank of the Nile. The temple is also known as Deir el Bahri and it was dedicated to Amon-Ra, god of the sun. The creator of the unique building was an architect named Senemut, who designed the temple in a classic way. The terrace with columns, several of which are almost 28 meters high, is a sight to admire.

Philae Island
The ancient island of Philae was the sacred center of worship of the goddess Isis, and the site of the magnificent temple complex that's now known as the Temple of Philae. For millennia, Philae Island attracted pilgrims from all over the world known at the time. The island was completely flooded after the construction of the Aswan Dam. The flooding of the island spurred the UNESCO initiative to preserve the magnificent Temple of Philae. The temple complex was dismantled, and moved to the island of Agilkia, which then took the name of Philae.

These are just some of the places that you need to visit during your all-inclusive trip to Egypt. Browse our site for a more extensive list of places to visit for your luxury Egypt vacations

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