The Hanging Church in Cairo

The Coptic temple that was built at the turn of the 3rd/4th century owes its name to its location on the foundations of the Babylon Roman fortress. They are much lower than the street level today, giving the impression that the church is hanging in the air.

There are 29 steps to enter the Hanging Church.

The main element that distinguishes the Church of Our Lady, called the hanging church, or A-Mu'allaqa in Arabic, is a wooden roof, which was shaped to resemble an inverted Noah's Ark.

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For six centuries (VII-XIII centuries), the temple was the residence of the Coptic patriarchs, it was witness to many religious ceremonies and elections. The interior of the church has three naves, and each nave ends with a small sancturium. The one on the left is dedicated to Saint George, on the right to John the Baptist, and the middle one is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The walls and wooden partitions are decorated with 110 icons. The oldest of them comes from the 8th century and shows the Virgin Mary, Jesus and John the Baptist.

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