Best Places to Visit in Egypt

The fascinating and colorful history of Egypt goes way back thousands of years. Hundreds of films and reportages were created to highlight the history. These are focused on mummies, pyramids, archaeological finds, unsolved mysteries, and the ancient Egyptians' fascinating beliefs. Over the centuries, various civilizations, characteristic of different periods in the history of mankind, flourished in Egypt. To this day, many monuments from these eras remain the most intriguing places to visit in Egypt while many are yet to be discovered.

Below we present the best Egypt tourist destinations to see in the Land of the Pharaohs, which we recommend visiting while on vacation in Egypt. Almost all of these Egypt sites are included in our Egypt tour itineraries.


Best Places to Visit in Egypt FAQ

Ancient Egypt Historical Sites That You Can’t Miss

The second of the early civilizations of the Old World left behind a mass of amazing relics that testify to the greatness of the past, and the unbelievable degree of development to this day, proving themselves as some of the best places to see in Egypt. Diving into Egypt's historical sites are like an open book of history of the land along the Nile. They all tell different stories and allow us to see life in this extraordinary place.

Egypt's historical sites are among the most valuable artifacts of ancient history. Which of the sites are worth seeing with your own eyes? Below we list the best places to see in Egypt.

Pyramids in Giza - The most important Cairo sites
The Pyramids of Giza are one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the only wonder that has survived to this day.  Built-in the most important city of Ancient Egypt, they are now part of the Cairo metropolitan area. The complex consists of three main structures - the Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre and  Mykerinos - and many side tombs and builder's quarters. The pyramid-shaped buildings, which are several dozen centuries old, make a great impression, not only in terms of size and craftsmanship, but above all in terms of precision of workmanship.

Great Sphinx - One of the most famous Cairo, Egypt sites
The Great Sphinx - a huge statue of a lion with a human head, carved out of a stone block - keeps the secrets in the area of the ancient necropolis in Giza to this day. It is 72 meters long and 20 meters high, making it one of the largest ancient statues. The most puzzling fact, however, is what lies inside and below the Sphinx. Three tunnels were discovered inside the building and below the statue is a network of corridors with numerous chambers still waiting to be explored.

Royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings - Interesting Luxor, Egypt places to visit
The Valley of the Kings, which is part of the Theban necropolis, is located in the territory of Western Thebes. It is the resting place of the Egyptian rulers of the 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties. Tuthmosis I was the first pharaoh to be buried there. The last pharaoh buried in this area was Ramses XI. The ancient tombs of the rulers were carved out of the rock on the hillside. The largest tomb chamber, where Seti I rested measures a total of 120 square meters. Sadly most of the rooms were plundered in antiquity. To date, archaeologists have discovered only one intact tomb belonging to Tutankhamun. The best part? You can visit it yourself by joining one of our tours of Tutankhamun's tomb.

Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara - One of the oldest Egypt heritage sites
The Djoser Pyramid, also known as the step pyramid, is the oldest of all monumental tombs, and it was erected around 2650 BCE and designed by the first architect known by the name - Imhotep. Previously, the rulers were buried in brick tombs. Currently, the building measures approx. 60 m. Under the pyramid's surface there is a large network of corridors and halls. The tomb chamber of Djoser is situated at a depth of 28 meters.

The Bent Pyramid in Dahshur - One of the most unusual sites to see in Egypt
Another interesting object that must be seen is the famous Bent Pyramid in Dahshur - the only building of its kind with such a specific structure. About halfway up the pyramid, the angle of the walls changes from 54° 31' to 43° 21'. Why did the builders decide to do this? The answer is simple. The object was built on ground that wasn't very stable which resulted in the walls cracking. By changing the angle of inclination, the object was finally lowered but it cannot be ruled out that such a construction hides an unknown symbolism. It should be emphasized that it is characterized by a certain duality - two angles of the sides, two corridors leading to two complexes of chambers and two burial chambers, and two entrances to the tomb. As you can see, the number 2 appears in many design aspects of this unusual object.

Hatshepsut Temple - One of the most spectacular Luxor, Egypt places to visit
The spectacular monuments of ancient Egypt are not only pyramids but also ancient Egypt temples. One of the greatest was built in Deir el-Bahari in the 15th century BC. Queen Hatshepsut's Mortuary Temple, also known as the "Temple of Millions of Years," consists of three cascading levels connected by ramps. The individual levels are built out of a huge rock wall. An avenue decorated with obelisks and sphinxes led to the lowest level. The middle level was the chapel of Hathor and Anubis. Two Rebirth Chambers occupied the highest terrace - Hatshepsut and her father.

Luxor Temple - One of the most interesting places in Luxor, Egypt to visit
The Luxor Temple, also called the Temple of the Birth of Amun, is a monumental structure erected on the eastern bank of Thebes. Its construction was started by Amenhotep III. His successors then continued the works, and it gained its final shape during the reign of Ramesses II. In the exterior, the temple is decorated with columns and open squares that were once adorned with numerous statues. The most striking feature of this structure is the 53-meter double colonnade that leads to the Amenophis courtyard.

Temple of Karnak - One of the most important Luxor, Egypt places to visit
The Luxor Temple is the second most important monument of Thebes. The temple of Karnak, located 3 km away, has the priority palm. Both objects are connected by a processional avenue along which the sphinxes (the famous avenue of sphinxes) stand. The Temple of Karnak is the largest temple of ancient Egypt. In the old days, the entire complex covered 100 hectares. In its central part there was the temple of Amun, which was surrounded by areas dedicated to other deities. The most monumental part of the temple is the hypostyle hall, the ceiling of which was supported by 134 columns. The highest of them measure 23 meters.

Both the Luxor Temple and the Karnak Temple are places to tour in Egypt when in Luxor.

Temple of Ramesses II at Abu Simbel - One of the best places to see in Egypt
Another of the best museum in Egypt that you must see is the temple of Ramses II. The facility in Abu Simbel was built at the behest of this pharaoh who dedicated it to the gods of the sun. The entrance to the temple carved in the rock is decorated with four statues of the Pharaoh. Each of the statues is 20 meters high. Inside there are eight more sculptures, representing the greatest of all the rulers of the land on the Nile. The most distant halls are located at a depth of almost 60 meters. The temple walls are decorated with magnificent reliefs depicting the pharaoh and divine beings, in whose honor a magnificent structure was built.

It is only possible to list some cool places in Egypt here. Browse our website for a more extensive list of places to visit in Egypt. We look forward to showing you the wonderful ancient top destinations in Egypt. 

Religiosity in Egypt from Mosques to Synagogues

People have created temples and various sacred buildings since the dawn of history and from an inseparable part of our spirituality. They express the need for communication with a higher power and are an extraordinary testimony of faith, talent, and imagination. Where there was a temple, it was thought that man was closer to God. Around such a place, life flourished, culture flourished, so it could not be without splendor, traces of which have survived the ages. Objects of worship are inscribed in our culture, and have been surprising and moving for centuries. They are our heritage and wealth of civilization. Their diversity provokes reflection, teaches tolerance, and delights with the depth of the message.Monumental Coptic churches, synagogues, and erected mosques - all of these can be found in Egypt. These places are the embody man's eternal dream to meet God in the temple - at the "gates of heaven" - a meeting that will allow us to understand ourselves. They are interesting and peaceful places to visit in Egypt.
Egypt is currently a country that is fairly homogeneous in terms of nationality - 90% are considered Egyptians inhabitants of the country. The religious landscape is equally monotonous - about 85-90% are Muslims, the majority of the rest are Copts. However, in its thousands of years of history, the lands of Egypt have been home to many nationalities and religions. While wandering around Egypt, at almost every step you can find traces of various cultures and nations for whom the country on the Nile was their native place. This is especially so in the north of Egypt.

Below, we present some valuable sacred Egypt historical sites of particular religious importance. You’ll visit these Cairo and other must see things in Egypt throughout your tour of the country.

Muhammad Ali Mosque - One of the places to travel to in Egypt
The mosque is also known as the Alabaster Mosque is a mosque in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, within the Cairo Citadel. It was built in a typical Ottoman style in the years 1824–1848 at the behest of the Egyptian Kedyv Muhammad Ali. The Muhammad Ali Mosque is one of the most iconic Cairo Egypt sites and is one of the most popular places to visit in Egypt.

Amr Ibn al-As Mosque - One of the oldest Egypt historical sites in Old Cairo
The mosque is in Coptic Cairo district, Egypt. It was the first mosque built in Africa, funded by the Muslim military commander, Amr Ibn al-As in 641.

The Hanging Church - One of the most sacred places to visit in Egypt
Church of the Virgin Mary is a Coptic church in Cairo and one of the oldest in Egypt. The history of the church dates back to the end of the 3rd century. The name of the Hanging Church comes from the location of the nave above the gate leading to the Babylonian Fortress: a Roman fortress in old Coptic Cairo. You enter the temple via twenty-nine steps.

St. Sergius Church (Abu Sarga) - One of the oldest religious Egypt historical sites
The oldest Cairo church, dating back to the 4th or 5th century is located in Qasr el-Shama in Old Cairo. According to tradition, it is built in the place where the Holy Family stayed during their time in Egypt. The church belongs to the Archdiocese of Alexandria of the Coptic Orthodox Church and is dedicated to the Christian martyrs of St. Sergius and St. Bacchus, soldiers of the Roman army. Some of their relics are kept in this church.

Ben Ezra Synagogue - One of the oldest Jewish must-go places in Egypt
The synagogue in the Old Cairo district of Cairo is one of the oldest in Egypt. The synagogue is located on the site of an earlier-built Coptic church. The church was sold to the then-large Jewish community in order to raise funds to pay taxes levied on the Copts. The synagogue was named after the 12th-century rabbi of Jerusalem, Abraham Ben Ezra, who restored it.

Maimonides Synagogue - One of the many must-see things in Egypt
The synagogue, also known as the Rav Moshe Synagogue is a historic synagogue located in Cairo, Egypt. The synagogue has existed in this place since the 10th century, and around 1168 it was named after the famous Jewish philosopher, rabbi, and physician Maimonides. The building is believed to contain the original tomb of Maimonides. In March 2010, the Egyptian government completed the renovation of the present building from the end of the 19th century.

Natural Landscapes

There are places in Egypt so unique and unusual that it's hard to believe they exist. See the most stunning natural landscapes of the land of the pharaohs - among the best places to visit in Egypt!

White Desert (Sahara el Beida) - One of the most unique places to visit in Egypt
This is the main attraction of Farafra Oasis in western Egypt. Light sand and sculptures shaped by sandstorms create an interesting, fairy-tale landscape.

The waterfalls in Wadi el-Rayan - One of the important places to see in Egypt
These are artificial cascading waterfalls in the desert located near the Fayoum oasis. While visiting Fayoum, you must visit this place as it is one of the famous sites in Egypt. With the sound of water, fresh air, and a desert in the distance, it's one of the top must-see things in Egypt. In 2012, Wadi el Rayan was inscribed on the UNESCO World List.

Magic lake in the oasis of Fayoum - One of the most beautiful natural Egypt sites
This freshwater lake is located in the desert and surrounded by tall sand dunes. It changes the color of its water depending on the sun's exposure throughout the day. It's a great place in Egypt for sandboarding.

Red Sea - One of the naturally beautiful places to visit in Egypt
The Red Sea is the warmest sea on our planet. Its temperature never drops below 19° C, allowing for water sports and swimming all year round. It is a paradise for divers and snorkeling enthusiasts due to the beautiful coral reefs and lots of exotic fish. Kitesurfing and other water sports are popular with those who like a little adventure on the water. The waters of the Red Sea also attract avid anglers from all over the world.

Some of the Best Places to See in Egypt are its Museums

If you think that visiting museums can be boring, you'll see that this is different in Egypt. The wonderful collections of ancient and modern Egypt art explored during our Egypt-guided tours make Egyptian museums unique and must-see places in Egypt. During your Egypt tour, visit the museums with an open heart and immerse yourself into a completely different world.

Egypt museums are amazing places to visit when you're in Egypt, giving you a history lesson before your very eyes. A trip to Egypt is only complete with seeing these interesting places in Egypt with their fascinating exhibitions. Visiting Egyptian museums is one of the best ways to get in touch with Egyptian culture in person.

Egyptian museums are places where you can admire objects of great artistic, historical, and scientific value. It is worth visiting Egyptian museums to get to know the Egypt heritage sites better in a quiet space, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are looking to add a bit of culture to your Egypt vacation, visit the Egypt museums recommended by us as these may be just what you are looking for.

You’ll surely remember a visit to the museums and the Egypt heritage sites for long time.

Tour the Most Majestic Palaces

When you think of grand palaces, you probably think of European capital cities rather than Egyptian cities, such as Cairo or Alexandria. Egypt is home to a number of beautiful palaces, ranging from medieval Islamic to Ottoman Baroque, French Rococo, and even Hindu-inspired palaces. These are all interesting must see things in Egypt, where you will learn about the history of the palace as well as the aesthetic surroundings of the Egypt heritage sites.

Egyptian palaces were built to act as residences and project power and prestige throughout the land. As such, monarchs and aristocrats vied with one another, commissioning increasingly lavish homes and assembling exquisite art collections with which to fill their endless halls and chambers.

Alongside the magnificent architecture and artworks, Egyptian palaces also boast gorgeous grounds and gardens, with lots of fabulous fountains and flowerbeds on display. Due to their significant artistic, cultural, and historical value, these beautiful palaces have become some of Egypt' most popular and best places to see in Egypt.

Egypt's palaces were once the homes of kings and aristocrats, but today they serve as interesting places to visit in Egypt. If you're looking for some different Egypt sites to explore on your Egypt trip and you love the architecture, art, and history of palaces of the past, look no further than our tours of the famous sites in Egypt.

Montaza Palace - One of the most popular places to travel to in Egypt
Once a royal hunting lodge and summer retreat, the Al-Haramlik Palace at Montaza now serves as a public museum. Enjoy private access into the palace and discover the rich history and art of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty. The stately palace combines Turkish and Florentine influences while the beautifully landscaped gardens compose a delightful arrangement.

Abdeen Palace - One of the most sumptuous Cairo, Egypt sites
The honor of your presence is requested at Abdeen Palace. This palace has a vast collection of adornments, paintings, and golden clocks, widely considered one of the most sumptuous palaces in the world. Get a glimpse into the royal family's lives from the late 19th to mid-20th centuries, concluding with a special lunch fit for a king.

Baron Empain Palace - One of the most interesting Cairo, Egypt sites
The Baron Empain Palace was constructed in 1911 by Belgian architect Alexandre Marcel. His works include the French Embassy in Tokyo and several projects for King Leopold II of Belgium. The impressive mansion, inspired by Hindu temples, was built at the behest of Baron Édouard Empain, a wealthy Belgian entrepreneur and amateur Egyptologist. The Baron's family occupied the estate until the early 1950s, after which it was abandoned and fell into disrepair. After an extensive restoration project by the Egyptian government, the palace has returned to its former glory. Venture inside and you may feel echoes of the ghosts of the Baron and his family that are rumored to wander the halls.

Prince Muhammad Ali Palace and Museum - One of the Egypt sities to see
This palace is one of the Egypt historical sites that  that you must see with your own eyes. The palace is an architectural showcase that is surrounded by verdant historical gardens and a forested nature park. Step inside and find yourself transported back in time to the 19th-century Alawiyya Dynasty where the dazzling collection of manuscripts, textiles, and masterpieces of brass and crystal surround you.

Historical Villages and Bazaars

The Nubian villages around Aswan are great places to visit while you're in Egypt. A visit to the village of Nubia is an amazing experience that brings you into the life of the locals. Nubians are very open and friendly and you shouldn't be afraid of anything there. On the contrary, the visit here leaves you with many nice memories. For example learning to write in a Nubian school or visiting one of the families. We will not only get tea to drink but also, for the brave ones, of course, a little crocodile to hold. For just a few dollars, you can get a traditional henna tattoo and buy interesting handicrafts. When moving around the village, you will be surrounded by the smiling faces of children. This is really one of the best places to see in Egypt.

Bazaars, known as souks, are also fascinating places to see in Egypt. A skilled shopper can find beautiful examples of handicrafts, interesting souvenirs, jewelry, and local delicacies among the countless articles found here. The most famous bazaar in Egypt is Khan al-Khalili located in the center of the old quarter of Cairo. It is one of the main Cairo Egypt sites to visit. Due to its size, it is difficult to call it a "bazaar simply"- it is a whole commercial district. The history of the souk goes back to 1382, when a caravanserai was built here - an inn connected with a marketplace. Within the souk, you can buy many oriental souvenirs and handicrafts, stock up on spice and food stalls, and spend time in a traditionally decorated cafe.

Other famous Cairo bazaars include El-Tawfiq Souk, where you can buy a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as El-Mosky Souk. On Friday mornings, 35 km outside the city, on the edge of the Western Desert, Egypt's largest camel market is held at the Souk al-Gamaal.

Don’t Forget to Visit Modern Egypt Sites

Modern Egypt sites are also interesting places to visit in Egypt as well as ancient Egypt sites. If you're interested in seeing these modern sites, in addition to ancient sites, the sites below are among the best places to see in Egypt.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina - One of the best places to visit in Egypt
The library was erected to commemorate the ancient Library of Alexandria which burned down in the 1st century BC. The official inauguration of the new library took place on October 16, 2002. In the complex, apart from the library, there are exhibition halls, libraries for children and teenagers, three museums, four art galleries, a conference center, and accessible areas for people with eyesight problems. In separate buildings that belong to the complex you’ll find a planetarium and a laboratory where manuscripts are developed and preserved.

Suez Canal - One of the best modern places to see in Egypt
This is one of the modern man-made works that must be seen when in Egypt. The sight of ships "sailing" in the desert is one of the most amazing experiences you can experience in Egypt. Built by the sweat of the brow by the Egyptians for Europeans, it was a source of several local conflicts. Today, 44 ships a day can pass through the Suez Canal with a transit time of 15 hours. Thanks to its great technical characteristics, can accommodate the largest ocean-going vessels.

Great Aswan Dam - One of the most famous sites in Egypt
The Great High Dam at Aswan is found on the Nile near the city of Aswan in Egypt. The High Dam is 3600m long, 980m wide at the base and 40m at the top, and 111m high. Over 43 million m³ of materials were used during construction. The maximum capacity of the dam is 11,000 m³ / s. The capacity of the High Dam hydropower plant is approximately 2.1 gigawatts (12 generators of 175 megawatts each). Near the western end of the dam, there is a lotus-shaped tower. It was built as a monument to the Egyptian-Soviet friendship, to commemorate the help of the USSR in the construction of this dam.

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