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The Great Pyramid of Giza is the most famous Egyptian monument and the dream destination for tourists from worldwide. Every day, the Giza Plateau is visited by crowds of people. All of these visitors can spoil the pleasure of discovering Egyptian culture and history, and too many people can take away the charm of the Giza Pyramid tour. Instead of relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the Giza necropolis, you have to face the crowds that prevent you from properly seeing the magnificent sights you came to see.

Inside Egypt offers its customers a private Giza Pyramid tour with a tour of the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx. This means that you will only explore this amazing place in the company of our group (up to 20 participants) in the early hours when it is closed to the public. In the peace and quiet of the morning you will enjoy your Great Pyramid of Giza tour to the fullest.

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But that's not all; during the tour inside the Pyramid of Giza, you will visit two other chambers beside the King's Chamber: the Queen's Chamber and the Subterranean Chamber. This is a huge privilege on our Giza pyramid tour as these chambers are normally closed to the public.

A Giza tour guide will accompany our trip to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Our Giza travel guide is exceptional, he is an Egyptologist who will share his encyclopedic knowledge, curiosities and the latest archaeological discoveries in the Giza Plateau in an interesting way.

With Inside Egypt your exclusive Giza Pyramid tour will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Book one of our luxury Egypt tours featuring a private tour of the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx and explore those iconic wonders completely on your own.

Great Pyramid Tour FAQs

The History of the Great Pyramids

The pyramids were erected on the plateau of Giza and once stood proud in the desert, getting to them was a great adventure. Today, they tower over the compact buildings adjacent to the eastern part of the necropolis. The location for their construction was chosen by the rulers of the 4th dynasty (XXVII - XXVI centuries BC). The famous buildings are best viewed from the vantage point, southwest of the pyramids. In good weather and with the right wind blowing from the desert, you can also see the pyramids of Saqqara and Abusir. You can visit them as part of our exclusive 8-day Egypt Tour

Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops)

Stunning, greatest, controversial - these are just a few epithets that describe the Great Pyramid of Giza, belonging to the pharaoh Cheops (2604-2581 BC), the first of the world's ancient wonders. Once upon a time the pyramid shone from afar, because the smooth white limestone walls reflected the sunlight. Unfortunately, the limestone veneer was looted and used to build new buildings in the city. However, it has yet to be discovered what happened to the pyramidion - the pyramid crowning the building.

The original entrance to the pyramid is on its north wall. The holes that are currently used for this function were made on the orders of the Caliph Al Mamun (813-833), who wanted to find the local treasures. However, they were stolen in antiquity.

To enter the Great Pyramid, you have to climb huge stone blocks. The next step is the tunnel that goes up. After 40 meters you reach the Grand Gallery. The room is a marvel of Egyptian architecture. The stepped vault weighs hundreds of tons. Along the walls, at the bottom, there are ramps with 54 holes at regular distances, 27 on each side. Probably wooden piles were inserted into them, on which the royal sarcophagus was transported.

From the Grand Gallery you can then go to the King's Chamber, which is Cheops' burial chamber. Its interior is raw and simple. For the pharaohs from the Old Kingdom, the monumentalism of the building and the symbolism of its elements were the most important thing.

The walls of Cheops' burial chamber were made of large blocks with a total weight exceeding 400 tons. The sarcophagus of the ruler was also made of granite. Interestingly, the sarcophagus is a few millimeters wider than the entrance to the King's Chamber. So how was he drawn inside? It remains a mystery.

On the right side of the exit from the Cheops pyramid, there are three small pyramids, the so-called satellite. The first on the left belonged to Cheops's mother. Its extensive funerary equipment is on display in the Egyptian Museum. The other two were built for the wives of Pharaoh Cheops. On the east and west sides of the Cheops pyramid there are mastaba fields (cuboid-shaped tombs). They are the resting place of royal family members, high dignitaries and officials.

Pyramid of Khafre (Chephren)

The Pyramid of Khafre (2572-2546 BC) draws attention from the very first moment - its tip is still covered with a limestone veneer. At first it seems taller than its predecessor, the Great Pyramid. It is only an illusion. In fact, it is several meters lower, but it was built on a small hill.

The entrance to the pyramid is on the north wall. A tunnel leads to the burial chamber, carved almost entirely in the rock. The chamber's ceiling is made of limestone slabs and has the shape of a tent. On the floor, you can see a depression in which a granite sarcophagus was once very large but now shattered. The walls are devoid of ornaments and inscriptions. The only inscription in the chamber was made on March 2nd, 1818, by the Italian Giovanni Belzoni, who was the first modern researcher to visit the pyramid's interior and decided to celebrate this moment.

A mortuary temple adjoins the eastern wall of the pyramid. Rituals were performed there to help the pharaoh in his resurrection, and sacrifices were made to the gods.

Pyramid of Menkaure (Mykerinos)

The Mykerinos Pyramid (2539-2511 BC), the smallest of the royal buildings in Giza, was also the least lucky. Muhammad Ali liked her beautiful veneer of pink Aswan grant, and decided to use it to build an arsenal in Alexandria. Seven centuries earlier, one of Sultan Saladin's sons, wanting to find the entrance to the pyramid, made a hole in its wall. The British officer Howard Vyse (1784-1853) enlarged the opening. Only the latter managed to find the entrance to the pyramid (slightly below the tear). A granite sarcophagus decorated with the motif of the palace facade was found in the burial chamber. Unfortunately, the ship that carried him sank during his transportation to Great Britain.

Get full access to these amazing sites and be treated like a true VIP. Come and join us, you'll have an unforgettable time!  Book your luxury Egypt tour today!

Which Tours Include It and How Much Do They Cost?

Inside Egypt offers three different Egypt tour packages, which include the tour of Giza Pyramids and Sphinx.

Our 14 Days in Egypt Tour takes you to five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Pyramid plateau in Giza to Dahshur with a private tour, where you will get to see more than the King's Chamber. Visit Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis, Historic Cairo, and the Nubian Monuments from Abu Simbel to Philae and Wadi Al Hitan (Whale Valley) in Fayoum. Our Around Egypt in 14-days tour also includes a 7-day cruise on the Nile, a visit to the Egyptian Museum and National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo, a trip to Alexandria, as well as a visit to a Nubian village. The tour costs $4,895 per person in a twin/double room, based on two travelers. If you would like to have a room for yourself, the single supplement is $1955.

Our 10-Day Tour of Egypt takes you to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Pyramid plateau in Giza to Dahshur with a private tour. Visit Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis, Historic Cairo, and the Nubian Monuments from Abu Simbel to Philae. Our Exploring Egypt tour also includes a 4-day cruise on the Nile on the Luxor - Aswan route and a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The Exploring Egypt tour costs $4,385 per person in a twin/double room, based on two travelers. If you travel alone and you want to stay in a single room, the supplement is $1585 (USD).

Our 8-Day Egypt Tour takes you to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Pyramid plateau in Giza to Saqqara, with an inside tour of the Pyramid of Giza. Visit Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis, Historic Cairo, and the Nubian Monuments from Abu Simbel to Philae. The Golden Highlights of Egypt tour also includes a 3-day Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor and a visit to the Egyptian Museum and the Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo. Our Golden Highlights of Egypt Tour costs $3,495 per person in a twin/double room, based on two travelers. If you want to have a room for yourself during this tour, the single supplement is $1255 (USD).

Will You Book the Giza Pyramid Tickets For Me?

Inside Egypt has cooperated with the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities for many years. Our contacts within the Ministry allow us to give our guests the possibility to enter the sites that are normally closed or unavailable to other visitors, such as the private Pyramid of Giza inside tour and the Great Sphinx enclosure, where you will stand between the paws of the Sphinx.
We arrange special permission for the private Giza Pyramid tour in advance. The same goes for Great Pyramid tickets. The Great Pyramid tickets, and other entrance tickets contained in the itinerary, are included in the tour Giza Pyramids and Sphinx package price, which aims to provide all of our VIP guests with a hassle-free visit during their trip.

Will We Do A Pyramid of Giza Inside Tour?

Early in the morning, when the entire Giza Plateau remains closed to other visitors, participants of the tour organized by Inside Egypt have exclusive access to this iconic Egyptian site. This crowd-free experience is usually only offered to heads of state, royalty and other guests of honor but we are happy to offer this to guests during our tour.

First, enjoy a Giza Pyramid tour where you will thoroughly explore Khufu's Pyramid, the Great Pyramid - the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing. During the Pyramid of Giza inside tour, you are accompanied by a Giza tour guide - an Egyptology expert who will show you inside the Great Pyramid and vividly describe its history, construction and mythology, as well as each chamber in detail.

In addition to the Great Pyramid of Giza tour and visit to the King's Chamber, the Director General of the Giza Pyramids Plateau opens two additional chambers for you - the Queen's Chamber and the Subterranean Chamber, both of these chambers are closed to the general public.

Then you have VIP access to the Great Sphinx enclosure. While other travelers can only view the Great Sphinx from a distant observation platform, you are standing right in front of the world's largest sculpture. Close enough to touch its giant paws!

These VIP Egypt travel experiences are now within your reach! Join our tour of the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx and experience the world's most famous ancient sites up close and personal like a true VIP!

What is There to See Inside the Giza Pyramids?

Visitors can explore various chambers and witness unique features and artifacts during the tour. Here are some of the chambers and key features that visitors can expect to see inside the Great Pyramid:

Entrance and Ascending Passage: The Giza Pyramid tour begins at the entrance on the pyramid's north side. Visitors will navigate the Ascending Passage, a long, narrow corridor that leads to the Grand Gallery.

Grand Gallery: The Grand Gallery is a remarkable feature of the Great Pyramid. It is a towering corridor with a height of about 28 feet (8.5 meters) and a length of approximately 150 feet (46 meters). The walls are intricately constructed with corbelled blocks, creating a visually stunning architectural display.

Queen's Chamber: Located on the east side of the pyramid, the Queen's Chamber is a smaller chamber likely intended for a symbolic purpose rather than for an actual queen. Visitors on the Giza Pyramid tour can explore this chamber and observe its unique architectural elements, including the granite sarcophagus.

King's Chamber: The King's Chamber is one of the most significant chambers in the Great Pyramid. It is larger than the Queen's Chamber and contains a granite sarcophagus. The chamber's walls are made of polished limestone, and its ceiling features massive granite blocks arranged in a corbelled pattern. The purpose of the King's Chamber remains debated among historians and archaeologists.

Subterranean Chamber:This chamber is located beneath the pyramid and features a rough-hewn appearance. This chamber is believed to have been unfinished, as the builders likely abandoned construction plans for it.

Visitors on the Giza Pyramid tour may only find a few artifacts within the Great Pyramid itself, as most of them have been moved to museums. However, the granite sarcophagi found in the King's and Queen's Chambers are significant examples of the artifacts associated with the pyramid's construction, and they can both be seen up close.

Meet Your Knowledgeable Giza Tour Guides

When you join our Giza pyramid tour you will get to see the magnificent structure from all angles, both outside and inside. You will also learn all about the pyramids and get a true feeling for the significance of the wonderful Giza necropolis from your Giza tour guide. Our tour guides have a background in Egyptology and archaeology, and they have an unbelievable amount of knowledge about ancient Egypt that they are waiting to share with you. They love to share their knowledge with our guests taking part in our Pyramid of Giza inside tour. The Giza tour guide has a fascinating way of keeping the information shared interesting, adding their own curiosities into the storytelling. They will keep you engaged throughout the tour and will urge you to ask questions to fill your imagination with details of times past. Our Giza tour guides are better than any Giza travel guide out there, truly bringing history to life!

How Long Does This Tour Take?

Inside Egypt's exclusive Great Pyramid of Giza tour is very detailed, giving you the best possible experience. Our Giza tour starts in the early hours - between 6 and 7 am. when the Giza plateau is closed to other visitors, as our guests can take part in the Pyramid of Giza inside tour. During this time, guests will visit three chambers in the pyramid with the Giza travel guide. In addition to the King's Chamber, they also enter the Queen's Chamber and the Subterranean Chamber, which are normally closed to visitors.

Following the Great Pyramid of Giza tour, from 7 to 8 a.m. there is a tour of the Great Sphinx. Our special guest provides detailed and interesting information about the Great Sphinx, Mr. Ashraf Mohie El-Din - Director General of the Giza Pyramids Plateau.

At 08:30 a.m, you will move on to the public visit to the enchanting Sphinx Valley, home to an exquisite small temple nestled adjacent to the resplendent Khufu. Next, we return to the Great Pyramid and look at it from the outside with the guide and explore its surroundings. Then we will visit the Pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure from the outside.

Later on our VIP tour, we will go to the viewpoint from where you can take a picture with the three pyramids in the background. This exclusive view from here is breathtaking.

Lunch is served at the Nine Pyramids Lounge restaurant between 11:30 and 12 noon on the Giza Pyramid tour. It's lunch with an amazing view in a unique setting, with the Giza necropolis in the background.

Our Great Pyramid of Giza tour is unique, and by taking part in exclusive the Inside Egypt tour, you will have the best possible experience and be treated as a VIP throughout your trip. 

Will We Visit the Great Sphinx Too?

When you book a Giza Pyramid tour package with Inside Egypt, you don't just get a standard tour. We will take you to see the most interesting sites throughout Egypt. You will get to spend time in the Giza necropolis on a private tour, Giza Pyramids and Sphinx - venture inside the Great Pyramid, visiting the King's chamber. There are two other chambers that Inside Egypt guests can see that are closed to the public.

That's not all! On the tour you will be accompanied by our knowledgeable tour guide, who will share with you the most interesting facts about the pyramids and the Great Sphinx. As part of our Giza Pyramid tour, you can get up close to the Great Sphinx. Inside Egypt, VIP guests are given access to the Sphinx's enclosure, giving you and our other VIPs the perfect opportunity for a selfie with the most famous statue of all time.
Join us, and we will give you the exclusive trip of a lifetime!

What Should I Wear While Visiting the Pyramids?

When visiting the Giza necropolis on our Giza pyramid tour, it's important to dress appropriately for the weather, respect cultural sensitivities, and prioritize comfort during the tour. Here are some recommendations for attire, accessories, and footwear to help make your visit as comfortable as possible:

Egypt is hot, especially during the summer months, so choose lightweight and loose-fitting clothes that allow air circulation and help keep you cool during our Giza Pyramid tour.

Out of respect for the local culture and religious customs, it's advisable to dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites on our Giza pyramid tour. Both men and women should avoid wearing revealing or tight-fitting clothing. Women may consider wearing long skirts or loose pants and covering their shoulders with a shawl or scarf.

Remember to wear a wide-brimmed hat or cap to protect your face and neck from the sun's rays when your trip to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Additionally, apply sunscreen on any exposed skin to prevent sunburn.

Your visit to the Great Pyramid of Giza involves a lot of walking and exploring, so it's essential to wear comfortable closed-toe shoes with good support. Opt for sneakers or sturdy sandals that can handle uneven terrain.

Protect your eyes from the sun at all times during your trip when outdoors at the Giza necropolis by wearing sunglasses with UV protection.

Carrying a lightweight scarf or shawl can serve multiple purposes on our tour. It can provide additional sun protection, and can cover your head or shoulders if needed for cultural reasons.

Bring a small backpack or shoulder bag. A small bag can be useful for carrying essentials such as water, snacks, a camera, and personal belongings.
It's important to stay hydrated throughout the day even as you tour inside the Pyramid of Giza. Carry a water bottle and drink plenty of fluids throughout your tour.

Can I Book My Own Private Tour?

If you're looking to explore historic Cairo and other amazing areas in Egypt, but you don't want to travel as part of a group, you may want to book your own tour. At Inside Egypt we can arrange anything you require, including a private Giza Pyramid tour where you can explore the Giza necropolis with your very own experienced tour guide. The main advantage of a private tour of Giza Pyramids and Sphinx is that you can view the most interesting sites on your own schedule. There's no need to rush on this personalized Giza Pyramid tour, you can spend as much or as little time exploring, as you would like. Visit the Great Pyramid of Giza and the King's chamber, you can even visit other chambers not open to the general public on our VIP tour.

The accommodation on our tour is 5-star and fit for a VIP celebrity! A luxurious, comfortable room will be waiting for you after a long day of sightseeing. Our Great Pyramid of Giza tour may cost a little extra, but the benefits make it totally worthwhile.

Contact us now to book your exclusive Giza Pyramid tour. Your personalized experience of a lifetime is waiting for you!

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