Favorite Egyptian Dishes - Your Full Guide to Delicious Egyptian Cuisine

Ever wondered what to eat in Egypt? Well, look no further than our blog article that takes you through the delicious Egyptian food on offer. There are so many tasty Egyptian dishes to choose from, and a delicious sweet treat for each day of the week. Immerse yourself in Egyptian cuisine with Inside Egypt!

Food delight

Food is important, whether you’re at home or on an Egypt vacation and you want to make sure that you eat well. There’s no doubt about this when you go on a trip to Egypt. The food is flavorsome and will leave you wanting more.

Macaroni bechamel - Food for all the family

As the nights are drawing in and the weather is getting colder, there’s nothing more comforting than a hearty dish of pasta bechamel. The tasty meal is a favorite with Egyptian families and is perfect for family get-togethers as a little goes a long way.

A hearty, healthy oriental dish

A very popular, hearty dinner dish, especially in the colder months, is shorbaat aads. This delicate red/orange lentil soup is served ideally with a little lime. Do you want to know how the Egyptians prepare and cook this delicious soup at home?

Kunafa – a creamy syrupy sweet desert

Kunafa is known as queen of Arabic dessert. Its most royal and supreme sweet delicacy. When in Egypt, it's worth sampling this sweet delight.

A small bite to eat and share with family!

Mezze (hot and cold snacks) are the perfect start to any meal, and it’s usually acceptable for diners to order an entire meal from the mezze list and forego the mains.

Health in a cup – drink your nutrition!

Helba Tea has a deep nutty flavor with a bitter, maple-like taste. It also has a lot of health benefits. Try this tea yourself !  

Karkade - the refreshing red tea of Egypt

In addition to tea and fresh fruit juice, karkade or hibiscus drink is very popular in Egypt. Karkade can be prepared very easily, and there are plenty of recipes for this drink.

Eat like a pharaoh with the famous molokhia soup!

Are you visiting Egypt and looking for something delicious to eat?

Grilled Kofta, A succulent skewer of delicious meat Anyone for Egyptian coffee?

A kanaka pot is used to brew coffee in Egypt. Want to know what Egyptians do to give their coffee a unique flavor?

Foul medames - an Egyptian food you will find on every street corner

On a visit to Egypt, you must try the street food at least once. 

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