Travel in comfort and style

When travelling throughout Egypt, your Inside Egypt team will make sure that your transfer journeys are as comfortable as possible. As well as looking after your comfort and making sure that your journey is quick, we will also provide you with some adventure and lots of unforgettable memories.

During your stay in Egypt, you will be travelling by different means of transportation.

On the route between the international airport in Cairo to your hotel accommodation, you will travel by an air conditioned microbus or coaster. You will be travelling by coach when visiting monuments or travelling to local airports. However, in some places, we will use carriages.

When travelling long distances between one destination and another, we will travel by air. This will reduce travelling time to a minimum and will ensure your comfort throughout your trip. 

During the Nile cruise, you will travel on a modern ship with full hotel facilities. You will also travel by motor boat when making short transfers across the River Nile.

By making your travel arrangements as comfortable as possible, we are truly convinced that this will add to the enjoyment of your trip and will provide you with many positive memories that will stay with you long after you arrive back home.

Please note that all transfers, excluding international flight, are included in the cost of the trip.

Please let an Inside Egypt representative know if you need help booking your international flight to and from Egypt.