The Bent Pyramid in Dahshur

In Dahshur you eye is drawn to the Bent Pyramid. It is the only Egyptian pyramid whose walls have a different angle of inclination, hence its name.

The different angle of the walls of the Bent Pyramid is not a result from the imaginations of the builders, but out of necessity, and thanks to this, it was possible to avoid a construction disaster.

After half of the construction work was completed, the architects decided to change the angle of inclination of the walls from 55 to 44. This prevented the ceilings from collapsing from too much weight.

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It is the only Egyptian pyramid on which the limestone veneer has been preserved so well. It is also the only pyramid to have two entrances and two separate chamber systems. The entrance in the northern wall leads to the lower chamber, while in the west, it leads to the upper chamber, in which scaffolding made of cedar trunks was discovered.

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