The Red Pyramid in Dahshur

The main attraction of Dahshur is the Red Pyramid, a direct predecessor of the Cheops Pyramid in Giza. Egyptologists suspect that this is where Sneferu (2639 - 2604 BC), the father of the famous Cheops, was finally buried. This is the third pyramid that architects built for Sneferu. The two transverse ones; the Bent Pyramid and the pyramid in Medum /Maidun, near the oasis of Fayoum, were burdened with numerous construction errors, so they could not be used as royal tombs.

The pyramid measures 105 meters and was erected on a square plan with a side of 220 meters. Its walls were originally covered with a white limestone veneer, and on the top there was a pygmalion, which can now be seen in the nearby mortuary temple.

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The entrance to the pyramid is located on the south wall, 30 meters above the ground. A sloping tunnel leads to the burial chamber, which then leads through two identical rooms. In the last section you have to climb steep steps. The ceiling and walls of the room's burial chamber are blackened, probably as a result of the activity of robbers who used torches while searching for treasures hidden in the pyramid.

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