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The Saladin Citadel

The Saladin Citadel, located in Cairo, was built by Saladin Al Ayoub at the end of 12th century. Situated on the top of the Moqattam hill, the Citadel’s major role was to defend the city of Cairo against foreign attacks from crusaders who carried out military campaigns during the Saladin’s reign. The Citadel also played an important role for centuries as a seat for the king and his government in Egypt. The Citadel witnessed many pivotal historical events, such as during the invasion of Egypt by Napoleon Bonaparte, when the Citadel served as a city defense until the French soldiers took it over.

Today the Citadel, thanks to the hilltop location, offers visitors a breathtaking view over Cairo. Many important monuments like the Mosque of Mohamed Ali, the Mamluk Mosque of El Naser Mohamed and the Mosque of Suleiman Pasha El Kadim were built inside the Citadel, proving the architectural splendour of the Egyptian history. The Citadel also hosts four museums; the Military Museum, the Police Museum, the Royal Carriages Museum and the Qaser El Gawhara Museum— all four are worth visiting.