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 Ancient Egypt Tomb Tours 

The Ancient Egypt tombs are sacred buildings and amazing places to visit in Egypt during our Egypt tomb tours. Come & join us! Book your luxury Egypt tour and enjoy our Egypt tomb tours!

The Egyptians built them from stone that was resistant to the wind, the sand of the desert, and even the floods of the Nile. The burial tombs in ancient Egypt were located both on the border of arable lands, and in the desert, meaning that they weren't damaged as a result of modern construction. This is great news for the Egyptologists of today, as it allows them to gather lots of information from ancient Egypt tombs, learning about relating to the world of the gods and how the ancient Egyptians worshiped the dead.

A mastaba, a pyramid or a rock tomb used as the dwelling of the deceased, was more than just a utility building. In the religious sense, they were needed to resurrect the deceased, guaranteeing them eternal life. The ancient Egypt burial tombs are among the best places to see in Egypt. On our Egypt tomb tours you can visit famous tombs designed for Egyptian pharaohs, their wives, children, and many nobles. You can admire the walls of these tombs decorated with colorful murals and reliefs with your own eyes. Thanks to our knowledgeable guides, visits to Egypt burial chambers during the Egypt tomb tour will be an unforgettable experience.



Exclusive Egypt Tomb Tours FAQ

Find the Best Egypt Tomb Tours

Inside Egypt offers the best tours of the tombs of ancient Egypt bringing you to several different types of ancient Egypt tombs (pyramid, mastaba, rock tomb, catacombs), from different periods of ancient Egypt.

The famous pyramid-shaped ancient Egypt tombs are found mainly in the north of Egypt at Giza, Saqqara and Dahshur. They can be visited with Inside Egypt on our Egypt tomb tours. Mastaba-shaped Egypt tombs and the oldest pyramids in Egypt can be seen in the necropolis of Saqqara. This served as a cemetery for the capital of Egypt from Dynasty I (c. 3200 BCE) until the first centuries after Christ, known as Memphis. You can also visit the famous rock tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs from the 18th to 20th Dynasty in the Valley of the Kings, in the city of Luxor during our Egypt tomb tours. 

The ancient Egyptian tombs of the wives of the pharaohs, and some princes from the late 18th - 20th dynasties can be seen in the Valley of the Queens near Luxor during one of our optional Egypt tomb tours.

When visiting Alexandria, you will see the Kom El-Shoqaf catacombs from the 2nd-3rd century, which served as the largest burial place in the Greco-Roman period. The uniqueness of the catacombs is related to both their layout and the visible combination of Egyptian, Greek and Roman traditions.

During the last day of our Around Egypt in 14 days and Exploring Egypt guided tours there is an add-on trip to Beni Hassan and Tuna el-Gebel tour. Here you can visit the rock tombs in Beni Hassan, from the Middle Kingdom period, when dignitaries of the 11th and 12th dynasties ruled. The tombs have a rich painted decor, depicting scenes from everyday life. Tuna el-Gebel, on the other hand, is the largest known Greco-Roman necropolis in Egypt. Dating from the New Kingdom to the Roman period; they were intensively used during the Ptolemaic time. You can see elaborate ancient Egypt burial tombs and animal cemeteries with mummies of baboons and ibises representing Thoth as well as all kinds of bird mummies here.

On our Egypt tomb tours you will visit the famous tombs in Egypt that are located in different parts of the land of the Pharaohs. Some of them have beautifully crafted Egypt burial chambers, or ancient Egyptian mummies, while others will have amazing stories to tell. Our best Egypt tomb tour will let you in on all the secrets of the ancient Egypt tombs, and the ancient Egyptian mummies that were found in the tombs!

What Do These Burial Chambers Look Like Inside?

The art, architecture, Egyptian death rituals and the funeral writings of the pharaonic state still amaze and fascinate researchers, today. This culture was "permeated" with the cult of death and life after death. For this life, they built ancient Egyptian tombs the size of huge buildings, which were completely equipped - like a living man's dwelling. Visit many of the ancient Egypt tombs with us on our amazing Egypt tomb tours.

A total of 138 pyramids were built throughout Egypt. A pyramid is a structure in the shape of a correct pyramid with a quadrangular base that most often served as a tomb. The most famous Egyptian pyramids are: the pyramids from the times of the Old Kingdom - the pyramid of Menkaure, the pyramid of Khafre and the Great Pyramid (Khufu) - in Giza. You can visit these, and see them up close during our ancient Egyptian tomb pyramid tour. These pyramids consist of a maze of corridors, and the burial chamber, known as the "rebirth chamber", was placed inside the pyramid, or carved into the ground beneath it. The walls of the corridors and chambers are devoid of any inscriptions or decorations. At present, only empty sarcophagi can be found in the burial chamber.

The Egyptian burial chambers in the older pyramids, such as the last ruler of the 5th Dynasty, and the rulers of the 6th Dynasty are fundamentally different from their predecessors. The Pyramids of Unis, Pepi I, Teti, and Pepi II in Saqqara, which you can see on our Egypt tomb tours are called "Talking Pyramids" because of the texts on the walls of the vestibules, and the tomb chambers themselves are called the Pyramids Texts.

Besides the pyramids in Giza, the most famous are ancient Egypt burial tombs in the Valley of the Kings, in Luxor, which you can visit with us on our Egypt tomb tours. The tombs of the pharaohs from the New Kingdom are carved in solid rock. They consist of stairs and a long, multimeter corridor, from which there are entrances to other rooms: a burial chamber, a vestibule, a side chamber, and a treasury. In the Egyptian burial chambers, there were usually golden metal boxes and a sarcophagus. Inside the sarcophagus, there are golden metal coffins in the shape of a pharaoh's body. A golden mask decorated with precious stones was placed on the face of the Egyptian mummy, which was in the final coffin.

The full assortment of items that the rulers needed during their lifetime is brought to their tombs. This included food, furniture, tableware, cosmetics, toiletries, clothes, mirrors, games, amulets and written advice for the soul - about what it should do to be brought to the face of Osiris, and ultimately to paradise. However, all of these items and the ancient Egyptian mummies cannot be found in ancient tombs in Egypt, as the burial tombs in ancient Egypt were robbed in antiquity.

The exception to this is Tutankhamun's tomb and the items that modern archeologists found there are on display in Egyptian museums. You can see these items in the museums of Egypt on our luxury Egypt tours. This means that the inside of the ancient Egyptian tombs are empty, or you will find only sarcophagi or a mummy, as in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. However, the walls and ceilings of many of the tombs, and in particular the burial chamber, are covered with reliefs, magnificent paintings, and texts from the Royal Tomb Books. It's worth visiting them to see for yourself the amazing and colorful paintings. Join us on our Egypt tomb tours to see the details of the ancient Egypt burial tombs with your own eyes!

Will a Guide Join Us on This Tour?

When you are visiting Egyptian monuments, including ancient Egypt tombs, with Inside Egypt, this always includes a licensed Egyptian guide. Our private guides on our Egypt tomb tours are the best of the best. They are knowledgeable and passionate about their country, and its history. Our guides provide very detailed information on Egyptian death rituals, ancient Egyptian mummies, and the history, architecture, design and decoration of ancient Egypt tombs during our tours. They know all about every important Egyptian crypt, found in the land of the pharaohs, and they love to share their knowledge about them with you.

Unfortunately, not all ancient Egypt burial tombs can be entered by our clients with an Egypt guide. This includes the Egypt burial chambers in the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens, as well as the pyramids of Giza, Saqqara and Dahshur. The reason for this is the large number of visitors to these famous tombs in Egypt. It is dangerous to crowd the narrow corridors of these archaeological sites, so the guides provide information outside the ancient Egypt tombs and are available for questions at a pre-agreed location.

When visiting the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, our guides will always recommend which three tombs of the eight available, are worth entering. They take into account not only their artistic values but also the length and depth of the tomb. Visiting some ancient Egypt tombs can be quite tiring and require more effort than others, making them unsuitable for some people to visit.

You can be sure that our Egyptian guides are professionals at what they do, and our clients consistently praise them after completing one of our Egypt historical tours. With our knowledgeable Egypt guides you can guarantee that all Egypt tomb tours will be unforgettable!

Is There an Ancient Egyptian Tomb Pyramid Tour?

The pyramids are the hallmark of Egypt, and are the images that you conjure up when thinking about Egypt. These are huge buildings erected during the Old and Middle Kingdoms, starting from the XXVII century BC, which attract the attention of scientists and tourists. You can visit these magnificent structures as part of our Egypt tomb tours. The pyramids, in addition to the mastaba, rock tombs and catacombs, are types of ancient Egypt tombs that can still be seen in the north of Egypt. 

The most popular pyramid-shaped ancient Egypt tombs are found in Giza, Saqqara and Dahshur. You can visit these famous Egyptian tombs with us during our ancient Egyptian tomb pyramid tour. The pyramids, as dwellings to serve the deceased pharaohs in eternity, had to be durable and representative. The Great Pyramid (Khufu) in Giza is currently 137 meters high (originally, it was 9 meters higher). Each side of its base is 230 meters long. Timelessness is one of the most important features that we associate with the Egyptian pyramids. The mummified bodies of deceased rulers were hidden in the pyramids of the Egyptian crypt and secured against robbers by numerous traps and corridors with no exits. No one had the right to interfere with the Pharaoh's posthumous life.

Inside Egypt offers the best Egypt tomb tour. We are proud to say that our ancient Egyptian tomb pyramid tour includes a private access tour of the Great Pyramid of Giza without other tourists and entrance to two additional chambers which are not accessible to the public. This exclusive experience is available as part of our Around Egypt in 14 days (a 14 days in Egypt tour) and Golden Highlights of Egypt (a 8-day Egypt tour).

Which Tours Include a Visit to These Tombs?

All of our luxury Egypt tours include visits to ancient Egypt tombs during the Egypt tomb tours.

The richest sightseeing itinerary of Egypt can be found on our longest trip, Around Egypt in 14 days (a 14 days in Egypt tour). During this luxury Egypt tour, our ancient Egyptian tomb pyramid tour brings you to the pyramids of Saqqara and Dahshur. You will also get to visit the Great Pyramid of Giza privately, without other tourists. At the Great Pyramid of Giza, you can access the entrances of its two chambers, unavailable to general visitors. In Luxor, at the Valley of the Kings, you can visit three ancient Egypt tombs during our Egypt tomb tours. For an additional fee, you can enter an additional three ancient Egypt burial tombs. In Luxor, we also offer an optional trip to the Valley of the Queens with a visit to the famous Nefretari tomb. In our opinion Luxor is a great location for the best Egypt tomb tour. During the trip to Alexandria, our guests visit the catacombs - the underground cemetery that was established in the 1st century CE and functioned until the 4th century CE.

If you want to extend your stay in Egypt you can join the Beni Hasan & Tuna el-Gebel 1-day add-on for the standard departure day trip. This tour includes visiting the rock tombs at Beni Hassan and the largest cemetery containing the ancient Egyptian tombs of Graeco-Roman Egypt at Tuna el Gebel. This is the best Egypt tomb tour.

Our Exploring Egypt tour (a 10-day tour of Egypt) includes visiting the most important tombs in Egypt during our Egypt tomb tours. With us you will visit the pyramids on the Giza Plateau, as well as in Saqqara and Dahshur. For an additional fee, you can enter the Giza Pyramids, the monumental ancient Egypt tombs of Egyptian rulers. During Alexandria 1-day add-on for the standard departure day, we will visit the underground Roman necropolis, the catacombs of Kom el-Shuqafa, dating from the 1st-2nd century AD. In Luxor, our clients will venture inside three rock tombs in which ancient Egyptian mummies were laid. For an additional fee, it is possible to visit another three ancient Egypt burial tombs, including the famous tomb of Tutankhamun. 

On our Golden Highlights of Egypt tour (a 8-day Egypt tour) as part of the ancient Egyptian tomb pyramid tour, our clients will be able to visit the pyramids in Saqqara and privately, the Great Pyramid of Giza. In addition, you will be able to enter two additional chambers in this pyramid, which are closed to general visitors. You will enjoy special access to the Great Sphinx enclosure also. In Luxor, there will be a visit to three Egypt burial chambers and for an additional fee it will be possible to visit another three ancient Egypt burial tombs. During the Alexandria 1-day add-on for standard departure day you will be able to visit the catacombs, among other great sites.

Inside Egypt offers the best Egypt tomb tours, focussing on the most famous tombs in Egypt. Join us and see the magnificent ancient Egypt tombs for yourself on one of our tours!


What’s The Average Group Size?

Inside Egypt offers small group Egypt tours, which allows participants to enjoy Egypt tomb tours more, giving you a more personal experience. All of our small group Egypt tomb tours are limited to a maximum of just 20 travelers.

Egypt tomb tours in small groups are a great option for all, especially when traveling as individuals. In such a group, each participant of the Egypt tomb tours has more time to talk to the guide on-a-one on one basis and ask him questions. It also allows you to take a leisurely tour of the ancient Egypt tombs, without having to wait for others or rush at all. This is a much more comfortable option.

In small groups, communication with your Egyptian guide is much easier. Each participant is noticed along with their needs, and it is much easier to establish a relationship with the entire group. Traveling and sightseeing of ancient Egyptian burial tombs in this way connects a small group, thanks to the shared experiences. This is why the participants of our ancient Egyptian tomb pyramid tour are closer to each other, having a positive effect on the course of the trip to Egypt.

A smaller group has more options. It is also easier to visit more burial tombs in ancient Egypt when traveling as a smaller group. When leading a group of up to 20 people on tours inside an Egyptian tomb, the guide can also look at places that they could not show to a larger group. It's also easier to show you exactly what you are looking for on the Egypt tomb tours - sightseeing, interesting facts about ancient Egyptian mummies, as well as Egyptian death rituals.

A small group on the best Egypt tomb tour is a huge advantage and it allows you to visit ancient Egypt tombs more comfortably. It is also a solution to establish friendly relationships with the participants of the trip and the guide. Such a group allows greater freedom in sightseeing and the fulfillment of individual wishes of travelers.

Is Inside Egypt a Reputable Travel Agency?

Yes, Inside Egypt is a reputable travel agency in Egypt and is certified, holding an Egyptian Travel Agency License, No. 1096. We are a Member of the Egyptian Travel Agent Association (ETAA). Inside Egypt is also recommended by several well-known and respected Egyptians and Egyptologists.

Our Egypt tours company prides itself on an excellent reputation. This includes the positive opinion of our clients as evidenced by many five-star Egypt travel reviews. We are the undisputed expert in Egypt tomb tours as well as ancient Egyptian tomb pyramid tours.

We employ only the best Egyptian guides to take you on visits to ancient Egypt tombs during our Egypt tomb tours, where you will learn about ancient Egyptian mummies, Egyptian death rituals, Egyptian burial chambers and much, much more. With us, it is possible to visit the Great Pyramid of Giza privately, away from the crowds, which is part of our ancient Egyptian tomb pyramid tour. This exclusive experience allows you to explore the interior of the Khufu Pyramid without other tourists and enter the Queen's Chamber (Egyptian crypt) and the Subterranean Chamber, which are closed to other tourists. Unfortunately, you won't see the Egyptian mummy on this unique Egypt tour tomb. One of the most famous ancient Egyptian mummies can be seen in an Egyptian tomb at the Valley of the Kings in Luxor as part of our Egypt tomb tours.

We organize the best Egypt tomb tours in different parts of Egypt to allow you to get to know all types of ancient Egypt tombs, and visit the famous tombs. With us every Egypt tour tomb is an unforgettable adventure.

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