Ancient tombs in Egypt

The ancient tombs are sacred buildings and places to visit in Egypt. The Egyptians built them from stone that's resistant to the wind, the sand of the desert, and even the floods of the Nile. The tombs were located both on the border of arable lands, and in the desert, meaning that they weren't damaged as a result of modern construction. This is great news for Egyptologists today, as it allows them to gather lots of information relating to the world of the gods and how the ancient Egyptians worshipped the dead.

Mastaba, a pyramid or a rock tomb used as the dwelling of the deceased, were more than just utility buildings. In the religious sense, they were needed by the deceased to resurrect, therefore, guaranteeing them eternal life.

The ancient tombs are the best places to see in Egypt. You can visit the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, their wives and children, as well as nobles & see walls of these tombs decorated with colorful murals and reliefs with your own eyes during our Egypt tour. Come & join us! Book your luxury Egypt tour