Luxury Egypt Oasis Tour

Ancient Egyptian civilization began and ended in the Nile Valley and Delta, a region known as "black earth" because of the color of the rich deposits from the river. Downstream from the river lay the "red earth," or desert, which had a practical and mystical significance.

East of the Nile, there was a wealth of minerals and the routes led to the coast of the Red Sea. To the west of the river lay the kingdom of Osiris, lord of the dead. The dead were said to "go west" to meet him.

Once it became known that there were human settlements, the Egyptian rulers had to recognize the oases of the Western Desert as a source of exotic goods and potential locations for invaders. Although oases in Egypt desert have been associated with the Nile Valley civilization since antiquity, they have always been very different in what they offer. This is still the case today.

Luxury Egypt Oasis Tour FAQ

Which tours include visiting an oasis in Egypt's desert?

Currently, only one of our Egypt group tours includes a day trip to Fayoum oasis. This is our Around in Egypt in 14 Days (14-day Egypt tour). Why do we only organize a group trip to al Fayoum oasis Egypt? The reason is that this is the only Egyptian oasis that is the closest distance to Cairo (115 km from Cairo = 2 hours by coach) and it offers an interesting place to visit while in Egypt. Fayoum oasis in Egypt is a famous oasis in Egypt for the Wadi Al Hitan National Park - Whale Valley. This oasis is the gateway to the Western Sahara and the desert dunes surrounding the Fayoum oasis allow you to imagine what this amazing desert looks like. There are also monuments from the times of the pharaohs near the al Fayoum oasis Egypt.

On our other group tours: Exploring Egypt (a 10-day tour of Egypt) and Golden Highlights of Egypt (a 8-day Egypt tour), our clients can also visit this oasis with its main attractions as we offer a Fayoum oasis tour in the form of a 1-day add-on for standard arrival day.

The other oases in Egypt desert are also interesting places to visit in Egypt. Unfortunately they are located at a great distance from the big Egyptian cities and standard tourist routes. However, these oases of Egypt can be visited as part of our Egypt private tours, which we can organize on request.

Is the Fayoum Oasis tour worth it?

Fayoum Oasis is one of six Egypt desert oases that enjoys mild weather all year round. It is also located a short distance from Cairo and you can get there in less than two hours by coach.
There are several attractions from different eras found at the Fayoum Oasis - pharaohs (the pyramids in Hawara, Lahun, Maidum, Medinat Madi - archeological site), Greco-Roman (ruins of temples in Qarun, Karanis), Coptic and Islamic. In the Fayoum oasis vicinity, you can find cetacean skeletons along with thousands of shells and corals. The Wadi Al Hitan - the cetacean valley has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2005. It is the best paleontological site in Africa. You will find there also the excellent Wadi Al Hitan Fossil and Climate Change Museum.

Al Fayoum oasis Egypt is famous for its shifting dunes, palm groves, lakes, waterfalls and valleys. Wild animals and rare species of birds also live there.

Truly unspoiled nature and deep history mean that you should visit the Fayoum Oasis when traveling to Egypt. Here at Inside Egypt we believe that the Fayoum oasis is the best oasis to visit in Egypt.

Amazing Fayoum oasis tour awaits you with great views and the possibility to take awesome photos. Don't miss this Egypt oasis tour!

What does the weather usually look like?

You can visit the famous Fayoum Oasis as part of our Egypt tours. It's an oasis in Egypt desert that has a hot desert climate. In the Fayoum Oasis, Egypt the summers are long, hot, dry and cloudless. The winters here are short, cool, dry and almost cloudless. Throughout the year, the temperature ranges from 48.2 °F (9° C) to 95 °F (35° C) and rarely drops below 42.8 °F (6° C) or exceeds 102.2 °F (39° C). The hot season lasts almost five months, from the beginning of May to the beginning of October, and the average daily maximum temperature then exceeds 89.6 °F (32° C). The hottest month of the year in al Fayoum Oasis Egypt is August, when the average maximum temperature is 95 °F (35° C) and minimum temperature is 75.2 °F (24° C).

The cold season lasts for three months, from the beginning of December to the beginning of March, and the average daily maximum temperature is below 71.6 °F (22° C). The coldest month of the year in al Fayoum oasis, Egypt is January, when the average minimum temperature is 48.2 °F (9° C) and the maximum is 66.2 °F (19° C). Rain may also occur during this month.

The best time to join a Fayoum Oasis tour is on a day without rainfall, which has a perceived temperature between 64.4 °F (18° C) and 80.6 °F (27° C). In order to take advantage of the outdoor attractions in the area, Fayoum Oasis, Egypt is best visited from late February to late April, and from mid October to early December.

The best time of year to visit the Fayoum oasis is in November.

Are there any monuments near the oasis?

Fayoum Oasis is the best oasis to visit in Egypt. There are three pyramids in the vicinity of al Fayoum Oasis Egypt: Hawara, Lahun, and Medium. The pyramid built in the times of Pharaoh Snerfu in Medium is the pyramid that remains in the best condition.

In Fayoum Oasis you can find the ruins of one of the most important cities of the Greek-Roman period - Karnaris. Many papyri have been found here, telling about the life of ordinary people, their worries, desires and plans. Visitors to this place are attracted by the ruins of two stone temples that were built in the 1st century AD. The most noteworthy is the larger temple that's dedicated to the god Sobek, who was the most important god worshiped in the famous oasis in Egypt. The building consists of three rooms, preceded by a columned courtyard. The interior is austere and devoid of decorations. The smaller temple is located in the northern part of the ruins and is also dedicated to Sobek and the divine triad: Isis, Serapis and Harpocrates. There is also a small museum in Karnaris and the relics collected here show the history of the Fayoum oasis from predynastic times, to the Roman period.

In the oasis of Fayoum, near the village of Qarun are the ruins of the ancient city of Dionysias, which was founded in the 3rd century BC. The city was an important transportation hub as it was at the beginning of the caravan route leading to the Bahariyah Oasis. The remains of Roman baths and villas have survived here to this day. The biggest attraction of Dionysias is the Qasr Qarun temple, dedicated to the syncretic god Sobek - Ra. The temple, built of blocks of yellow limestone, remains in a very good condition. The exterior walls are devoid of decorations, but the interior of the temple is very interesting. You can visit this temple during our Fayoum Oasis tour.

In a secluded area of the oasis of Fayoum, in a desert basin, there is Narmouthis (Medinat Madi). These are the ruins of a city founded by Pharaoh Amenhotep III in the 19th century BC. We find here ruins of mud brick buildings, statues and sphinxes emerging from the sands of the desert. The greatest treasure of Narmutis is the Renenutet temple from the times of the Middle Kingdom, which is preserved in almost perfect condition. The temple is built of dark sandstone and is still fully covered. In 1995, archaeologists found dozens of petrified crocodile eggs north of the temple courtyard in varying degrees of development.

Which oasis activities do you recommend doing?

During our Fayoum Oasis tour, you will be able to swim at the Magic Lake where a longer lunch stop is planned. You will also be able to take a walk on the shores of the lake and climb the desert dunes.

Sandboarding can be a very interesting sport, especially for fans of snowboarding and physically active, adventurous people, and you can try it in al Fayoum Oasis Egypt. Sandboarding involves sliding down a steep sand dune slope on a wooden board. The dunes and deserts are the ideal environment for people who enjoy sandboarding. In the Fayoum Oasis by the Magic Lake, the conditions for sandboarding are perfect.
Sandboarding is a perfect summer alternative to winter sports. A large dose of adrenaline and lots of sand and sun - are the main advantages of this unique sport.

Would you dare to stand on the top of the dune, fasten your gear and go....?

How to go from the hotel to the oasis?

From your hotel in Cairo to the al Fayoum oasis Egypt you can travel, as we do, in a comfortable, air-conditioned coach. The journey takes less than two hours. In the oasis of Fayoum, in the village of Tunis, famous for its Fayoum Pottery School and original pottery, we have a short stop, where our guests change over to 4WD jeeps. We travel by jeep to a Ptolemaic temple, the Qasr Qarun, located just east of the village of Qasr Qarun, and after visiting it, we go to Wadi El Hitan - the Valley of the Whales. After exploring the Valley of the Whales our Fayoum oasis tour takes us to Magic Lake. Here we will have an extended stop for lunch. You can take part in a lakeside walk, lake swimming or sandboarding while you are here.

At the end of the day on our Fayoum Oasis tour, we return to the village of Tunis where you will transfer to the coach, for your journey back to the hotel in Cairo.

Will a guide accompany us?

As with all of our Egypt tours, your exploration of every part, including the oasis of Egypt, is done with our professional Egypt guide who speaks fluent English, and is a great travel companion. Your guide knows the area of each Egypt desert oasis, its history and the customs and culture of its inhabitants. On our Egypt oasis tour you will learn about the oasis' past, and present, see its highlights and learn amazing stories. You will also get some tips for local food, drinks and souvenirs from your knowledgeable guide.

We know the best oases to visit in Egypt and you can explore the Fayoum oasis with our knowledgeable guide during our luxury Egypt tours. On request, we can also arrange a private guided tour to another oasis in the Egypt desert that interests you.

How can I book this oasis tour?

If you want to visit Fayoum Oasis, Egypt, and go on a Fayoum Oasis tour, you will need to book onto our Around Egypt in 14 days tour (a 14-day tour of Egypt). This tour includes a one-day trip to al Fayoum Oasis, Egypt in its itinerary. You can easily book this trip using the booking form for the Around Egypt in 14 days tour. The booking form will open once you click the BOOK NOW button next to the date of the tour you are interested in.

The Fayoum Oasis tour can also be purchased as a 1-day add-on for the standard arrival day (day 1) to our two other luxury Egypt tours: the Exploring Egypt (a 10-day tour of Egypt) and the Golden Highlights of Egypt (an 8-day tour of Egypt). When booking your trip to Egypt, mark EXTENSIONS, PRE TOUR: FAYOUM: 1-DAY ADD-ON. Please note that you must remember to book an additional night at a hotel in Cairo before starting your tour of Egypt. You can also do this using our booking form on those tours. Please mark ACCOMMODATION, AN EXTRA NIGHT BEFORE YOUR TOUR.

If you are interested in a private Fayoum Oasis tour or other oasis Egypt tours, please contact us to inquire further. We will be happy to provide more details of a suitable Egypt oasis tour. Email us at: or call us at: + 1 (929) 224-5100.