An Egyptian Winter, not as you would think!

An Egyptian Winter, not as you would think!

Everyone associates Egypt with the year round sunshine. The warm sunshine, spectacular pyramids, vast desert, tall palm trees, and colorful coral reefs are probably the first things that you think of when thinking about this country. However, not everyone has the opportunity to visit Egypt during winter. For those who live in Egypt for longer, winter is expected, however, for tourists, they are surprised in many ways by the change in season.

Clouds sometimes appear in the sky, and in the northern part of Egypt, rain occasionally falls

In Egypt, there is usually not a single cloud in the sky for most of the year. The brilliant blue stretches above our heads to the very horizon. In winter, the situation changes a bit. There are days when there are so many clouds in the sky that you can barely see the sun. Can you imagine it?

Winter clothing collections appear in stores

And we don't just mean long sleeves. The ubiquitous t-shirts, airy dresses and tunics are replaced in winter by coats, ponchos, boots, hats, scarves and even gloves. In winter the temperature drops to a minimum of 15 degrees during the day, and at night it is always above zero.

Tourists dressed in short-sleeved tops and shorts walk alongside Egyptians wearing winter jackets, hats and scarves

It is warm for tourists. They enjoy the sunshine and pleasant temperatures that are optimal for sightseeing. Winter is the only time of the year when Egypt is simply cooler.

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A winter jacket or a thick, warm sweater often goes hand in hand with flip-flops

It is a very common sight in Egypt to wear both at the same time. It is strange that the whole body needs winter warmer clothes, and the feet can be in flip-flops all year round. Egyptians do not get cold feet.

It is far colder inside the home than it is outside

In winter, if you are home and feeling cold, just leave the house and sit in the sun for a while. Winter in Egypt is cold at home as there is no heating in the houses. On cold winter evenings heated air-conditioning and oil or electric heaters warm the home.

After sunset, the temperature drops quickly

If you are leaving home in the afternoon for an afternoon walk a jacket should be taken, as returning an hour after sunset can be a real challenge without any warm clothing.

The water in the Red Sea is warmer in winter than the hotel's unheated swimming pools

Experience the shock of jumping into the hotel's unheated swimming pool in winter. The water will certainly be warmer in the Red Sea, especially on beaches located in a bay.

During the holiday season, Christmas trees and Santa Claus appears next to palm trees

If you're planning to get away from the festive atmosphere to Egypt, you might be in for a shock. Hotels, shopping centers, restaurants and cafes are beautifully decorated with lights, Christmas trees and Santa Claus to add to the festive spirit.

Christmas in Cairo

Strawberries are the fruit of winter in Egypt

The road from Cairo to Alexandria is lined with mega farms growing strawberries. The strawberry season runs from November to mid-March in Egypt and you will find the juicy, sweet fruit for sale on the streets of Egypt throughout winter. Everyone enjoys the taste of strawberries, especially when served as a fresh juice & served over ice. They are also used for making cakes and many desserts. The strawberries in Egypt are exported and enjoyed all over the world.

Outdoor coffee shops are still open until late at night

Outdoor coffee shops have many customers on winter evenings and the cold does not deter men from street cafes. Egyptians sit in jackets and caps smoking shisha, drinking hot tea and a winter favorite, sahleb. They play chess and in the better cafes, you will find gas heaters between the tables or other solutions to protect against cold wind.

Egyptian restaurant in winter

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