Sculpture and religion

There are many different sculptures that have been discovered over the years, and each gives us a greater insight into the world of the pharaohs and the gods of ancient Egypt. They are fascinating, extravagant, and beautifully stunning, painting a clearer picture of the history of Egypt.

The Mystery of How the Egyptian pyramids were built

There are many theories as to how the pyramids of Giza were constructed. Were they built by ordinary Egyptian civilians, slaves, or was it aliens? The mystery continues today but one thing is clear, they’re a magnificent spectacle that must be seen to be believed!

Can you make a Pharaoh disappear?

Forged documents and distorted facts have long manipulated, how we view the course of history. Scientists continue to unmask new examples of historical fiction. 

The Rosetta riddle finally understood

What makes the Rosetta Stone unique are the three inscriptions of identical content: written in Egyptian in hieroglyphic and demotic and easy to read in ancient Greek. The key to understanding the top two passages can be found in the last lines at the bottom of the stele. There you can read that the three types of writing are used so that everyone can understand the priests' decree, which means that the two previous parts must have the same content as the Greek text.

The sacred animal

We hear about the pharaohs in ancient Egypt being worshipped along with the gods but little is known about the animals that were also respected and worshipped in the same way. Read on to understand the role of a cat in the ancient Egyptian times and how they lived…..and died!

Eternal life – passing from one form of life to another

The ancient Egyptians believed that their life on earth was only one part of their journey. The eternal journey ended not in death but in everlasting joy and life. Read on to understand the reasons behind this and the processes in place to make sure that they were as prepared for the afterlife as their life on earth

Held back by tradition & stuck in a moment

Eighty pyramids and hundreds of temples were built during the reign of the pharaohs in Egypt. Did these megalomaniacal construction projects bring the empire to completion?

Sakkara - fascinating necropolis of the pharaohs

Sakkara is an extremely important place for Egyptian culture & history. Do you know why? 

The story of the bust of Nefertiti in Berlin

The bust of Nefretete illustrates the splendor of royal power during the eighteenth dynasty, and the canon of the then beauty.  It has been copied and replicated many times makes it one of the more iconic works of art. 

The life force

The Egyptian soul was thought to have three parts, the K’s, the Ba & the Akh. The Ka was the life force believed to live within the body during life & survive it following death...

The Solar ship

Some say the vessel is a solar barge, used by the Pharoah during his daily voyages across the sky. Others say the ship was a funerary craft for transporting the Pharaohs body to the afterlife.

The second female ruler of ancient Egypt

There were three female pharaohs, of whom the greatest was Hatshepsut (reigned 1498-1483 B.C.).

Safety Updates on Visiting Egypt During the Hamas-Israel War

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