Buying Souvenirs in Egypt

What to bring back from Egypt besides a beautiful tan, photos, and memories? If you are wondering what souvenirs to buy in Egypt to bring a bit of the local atmosphere into your own home, keeping the memories alive, we have prepared a list of ideas for great Egyptian souvenirs and gifts from Egypt. We'll also share ideas for some local gems that are not only beautiful but also useful.

10 of the most Spectacular views over Egypt

Egypt is a beautiful country with an amazing landscape. What better way to make the most of this than by seeing it from above at one of the most amazing viewpoints.


Things that you don’t know about modern Egypt!

Everyone has heard the history of Egypt and it’s this that gets the most interest from tourists. However, Egypt has a lot more going for it that the magnificent sights from long ago.

10 TOP  ancient Egyptian monuments

Looking for the top things to do in Egypt? We've got you covered. Discover bucket-list-worthy sites that you can only see in Egypt with our top 10 list.

Thirsty? Why not enjoy a refreshing glass of karkade in the hot Egyptian sunshine!

Egypt has several drinks that are traditionally drunk at certain times of the year & during certain seasons.

Egyptian food to stimulate your senses

The Egyptian kitchen is a place of great flavours and aromas making full use of many richly seasoned vegetables, fruits and rice.

Egyptian flavors at your home

 Egypt is famous for its spices & these are used in homes & restaurants all across the country. 

Safety Updates on Visiting Egypt During the Hamas-Israel War

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