Arabic numerals? - Used around the world & invented in the 5th Century

Arabic numerals? - Used around the world & invented in the 5th Century

At school we were taught that there are Arabic and Roman numerals. We still use Arabic numerals every day, for example, by writing the time or phone numbers. However, it can be very confusing as seeing the number '0' in an Arab country actually means '5'. And the number zero is simply a dot - yes, a small little dot!
It turns out that the numbers used in Arabic countries today are very different from what we learnt about "Arabic numerals". The appearance of these numbers in Europe has evolved in a different direction than the appearance of the numbers in Arab countries, which, are much closer to their Indian origins.

Arabic numerals were invented in India at around 500 AD. The numerical system was taken over by Baghdad Arab mathematicians who then spread them further west, where the numbers were modified. Arabic numerals as we know them in their present form were developed in North Africa. In the city of Bejaia in northern Algeria, the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci first encountered Arabic numerals and spread them later through Europe. So, in fact, the figures came to Europe from Arab countries. What about the numbers used in Arabic-speaking countries? These are numbers derived from the ancient Indian numeral system and are still used in the Arabic language today.
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٠ 0 sifr

١ 1 wahid

٢ 2 itneen

٣ 3 talata

٤ 4 arbaa

٥ 5 khamsa

٦ 6 sitta

٧ 7 sabaa

٨ 8 tamanya

٩ 9 tisaa

١٠ 10 ashara

١١ 11 hidashar

١٢ 12 itnashar

١٣ 13 talattashar

١٤ 14 arbaatashar

١٥ 15 khamastashar

١٦ 16 sittashar

١٧ 17 sabaatashar

١٨ 18 tamantashar

١٩ 19 tisaatashar

٢٠ 20 aishreen

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