Come and see us at the King Tut exhibition!

Come and see us at the King Tut exhibition!

We are waiting to meet you at the King Tut exhibition: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh in the California Science Center in Los Angeles - our team are there to say hi and answer all of your questions, giving you lots of information about our extraordinary trip to Egypt.

The life and death of Tutenkhamun, and all of the riches discovered in his tomb, are surrounded by mystery. The story of Tutenkhamun has an important place in history and highlights the archaeological findings in Egypt. People all over the world are passionate about this amazing country and its history.

For us at Inside Egypt, this fascination is a great way for us to show you the real Egypt - from its mysterious past, through all the amazing historical events, to modern day Egypt, as we know it today - full of unique sounds, colours and smells to stimulate your senses.

With us, you will get closer to the Pharaohs with VIP access to areas that are normally closed to the public, private tours of magnificent monuments and a real adventure straight to make you feel like a member of the royal family.

Details can be found on our dedicated tour page inspired by Tutenkhamun

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