One way to make Egyptians smile

One of the effective ways to make Egyptians smile and gain their sympathy is to speak a little Arabic.

The below phrases and words will go a long way to enhancing your holiday & the locals will love it!

Welcome! - Ahlan wa sahlan!

Good Morning - Sabah al-kheir 

HelloSalam aleikum (response: aleikum es salam)

Good eveningMaasa al-kheir

How are you?Amel eh? 

Nice to meet youTasharaft bmarefatak  


No - La 

Please - Min fadlak ( to a man) / Min fadleek ( to a woman)

Thank you - Shukran 

Sorry - Asif

You're welcome - Afwan 

GoodbyeMa'as salama 

Go on! - Yalla 

I'm sorry, I haven't got any moneyMaleshi maeesh flus

No problemMafesh mushkela 

It does't matter - Maalesh

God willingInsha'Allah