Smuggled artifacts are on their way home

Smuggled artifacts are on their way home

It was recently announced by the Egyptian authorities that they have been successful in recovering 114 treasured artifacts that were previously smuggled out of Egypt by a French citizen. 

The case started in 2019 when it was discovered that this man had kept the smuggled artifacts in his apartment in France.

The artifacts date back to many of the eras of ancient Egypt, including the pre-historic ages, the modern state, and the Greek, Roman, and Coptic eras.

Included in the discovered artifacts are many pieces of pottery and alabaster, along with jewelry and funerary statues. The most valuable piece is a small statue of King Amenhotep III that has hieroglyphics that read "Master of Justice Ra."

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The investigation continues to understand how the items were able to be smuggled and just who is involved. Egyptian law criminalizes the trade and smuggling of any antiquities. Anyone involved in smuggling artifacts from Egypt could face a life sentence.

These amazing artifacts have now traveled from France and are now back home in Cairo where they belong.

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