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The 5 star hotel in Egypt, Marriott Mena House in Cairo

The 5 star hotel in Egypt, the Mena House Hotel in Cairo, was first opened in 1869 in the heart of the Giza district, at the foot of the pyramids. The hotel today maintains its historic Palace Wing and also features the newer Garden Wing, where rooms have views of either the gardens or the pyramids.

Since its earliest days, the hotel has played host to heads of state, politicians, artists, writers, singers, actors, athletes and other celebrities from all around the world. Charlie Chaplin, Arthur Conan Doyle, Julio Iglesias, Gloria Gaynor, Frank Sinatra, Roger Moore, Richard Nixon, Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor, Sarah Bernhardt, Bill Clinton, Barbara Bush, Barack Obama, Bryan Adams, Kyle Minogue, Lionel Messi, Angela Merkel, Will Smith and many other well-known names have stayed at the Mena House Hotel at some point. This could be to enjoy their Egypt vacation or to discuss business on their trip to Egypt.

In the Palace Wing of this luxury hotel in Egypt, suites are named after some of their famous guests: the Jimmy Carter Suite, for the former president of the United States; the Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery Suite, for WWII British military commander; and the King Gustaf VI Adolf Suite, for the Swedish monarch. One of the best and most expensive suites in the hotel is the Winston Churchill Suite.

History has been written at Mena House. In November 1943, the prime minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill, United States president Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Chinese general Chiang Kai-Shek met to make a decision about the positions of the Allies toward Japan. In the older part of the hotel, the walls are adorned with historic photos that commemorate this meeting and their trip to Egypt.


In 1979 Mena House was where the Egyptian president Anwar Sadat, U.S. president Jimmy Carter and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin met to discuss the Egypt-Israel peace treaty. The 5 star hotel in Cairo was closed to the public and only delegates to the talks were permitted to stay.

Famous works of literature have come to fruition in the Mena House Hotel. English writer Agatha Christie worked on her criminal masterpieces while accompanying her husband Max Mallowan during his archeological work in Egypt.

Cinema is also represented at the Mena House Hotel: In 1956, actor Charlton Heston, director Cecil B. DeMille, and an entire film crew stayed in the hotel for three months as part of their Egypt tour while filming The Ten Commandments.

Today the Mena House is one of the best-known hotels in Cairo and is a real luxury hotel in Egypt. It stands out among other hotels for its impressive history, magnificent interior design, lush gardens, dining options, and perhaps most of all, its proximity to the pyramids, which you can see from many of the hotel’s rooms and balconies. This hotel is the best place to stay in Egypt to see the pyramids. 

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Inside Egypt’s guests will be accommodated in deluxe garden view rooms in this 5 star hotel in Cairo as part of your Egypt tour. You can upgrade at an extra cost to a room with a pyramid view or any other type of room offered by the hotel. Contact our office to further discuss room upgrade options and make the most of your Egypt vacation.