What should I remember before trip to Egypt?

What should I remember before trip to Egypt?

Every tourist knows that Egypt is warm all year round, except for evenings from December to February. You should make sure that you prepare for your trip to Egypt, so that you feel comfortable and have a wonderful, unforgettable Egypt vacation!

Here are 10 things to keep in mind when you planning your trip to Egypt

  1. When departing for Egypt, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from your planned return date.
  2. Egypt does not require any vaccinations from tourists coming on vacation.
  3. Travel insurance is very important as the costs of any medical or dental treatment in Egypt are very high. If you have insurance in your travel package for Egypt, it’s worth knowing what exactly it covers.
  4. Due to the warm/hot climate of Egypt, you should bring mainly light-colored summer clothes, but you also may need to pack a sweatshirt or a light jacket for cool evenings. Lightweight long trousers are required, and women should have a long skirt, a blouse that covers the shoulders, and a scarf. These clothes will protect the body from the sun and will be useful when visiting mosques or Coptic churches or monasteries.
  5.  Comfortable footwear that’s not new. We recommend sports sandals or sports shoes.
  6. Suncream with a high UV filter to protect your skin from strong sunlight. You can buy it in Egypt, but almost all are imported and are expensive. 
  7. Sunglasses and summer hat, for example: a baseball cap or a wide-brimmed hat, to protect the head and the eyes from the sun.
  8. Cash, preferably in low-denomination US dollars, which will also be useful at the airport. You have to pay $25 for an Egyptian visa on arrival. Cash will also come in handy for tips. You should be aware that there are no ATMs in small towns and it is not possible to pay with cards in all shops.
  9. Although Egyptian pharmacies are very well stocked and you can buy practically all over-the-counter medications, it’s worth taking a handy mini-kit with plasters, hand sanitizer and medications for basic ailments. These drugs include: aspirin or acetaminophen, an antiseptic, something anti-diarrhea, and an ant-iallergic medication.
  10.  It’s a good idea to have a small backpack or bag for documents, a bottle of water, tissues, hand sanitizer, etc.to use while you are sightseeing.

Ready to plan your dream trip to Egypt? We’re looking forward to welcome you!

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