A complete guide to help you fit in with the locals!

A complete guide to help you fit in with the locals!

We would like to share a few tips and tricks that will help to make your visit to the land of the Pharaohs a little easier & a lot more comfortable.

1. Credit cards are accepted in a lot of places. However, not everyone provides this payment option. Always make sure that you have enough cash on you to avoid any hiccups during your holiday.

2. Leave tips, but don’t feel obligated to. Tips should be given when you have received a good service.

3. Carry some kind of ID with you at all times. This could be a photocopy of your passport for example. It may be needed at security checkpoints or certain monuments.

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4. Make sure you haggle when visiting the souk or the bazaars. Never accept the first price & you will end up with a bargain.

5. Always ask permission before taking a photograph (especially of people). In some places it is forbidden to take photos.

6. Dress conservatively when out & about, especially when visiting churches and mosques. Your shoulders & knees should not be showing & ladies should cover their heads.

7. Stay hydrated, drink lots of water! The temperature in Egypt is warm/hot all year round & you will lose a lot of fluid throughout the day, especially when sightseeing.

8. Talk to the people. Egyptians are interesting, kind and have a great sense of humour. They are interested in your stories...& will always have many stories of their own to entertain you with!

9. Learn a little Arabic. Just a few words will go a long way to enhancing your holiday & the locals will love it! If you only learn please (low samaht) & thank you (shukrān) it's a great start.

10. Enjoy this beautiful country as much as you can. Egypt is not just any country - Egypt is “Om el Donia” (the Mother of the World)!

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