Al Max fisherman village

Al Max fisherman village, otherwise known as ‘The Venice of Egypt’ is located on the Mahmoudeya canal in Alexandria. The village has hundreds of fishing boats zipping through every day.
The Mahmoudeya canal was first created in 1820 to bring freshwater from the Nile to Alexandria. The other purpose was to act as a path for cargo ships coming from Cairo and Upper Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea. The advantage of this shortcut into the harbor of Alexandria was that ships avoided going through Rosetta and the delta’s choppy waters.
The cargo ships no longer travel this route. Today, the Mahmoudiyah Canal is mostly used for irrigation and to supply Alexandria with drinking water. With the canal closed for navigation, a community of fishermen have taken residence around it. Small houses hug the water and boats are lined up like a picture on a postcard. The residents’ daily lives revolve around processing, storing, transporting, and selling fish
Al Max is rarely visited, yet it is one of the most intersting places in Alexandria.

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