Beauty is found in stone...

Beauty is found in stone...

Alabaster is a stone that is used to create many beautiful items, and is illuminated to add warmth to any interior.

In Egypt, you can buy alabaster in many shops, especially in Luxor and Asyut. You can also visit the alabaster factory to see how the beauty of these large and invisible stones is extracted.

It can take up to one year to make some of the items, starting with candle and lamp holders, statues, and plates which take a few hours to finish. Beautiful lamps and vases take 2 days to produce.
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The natural colour of alabaster is orange. A special dye is used to achieve the green, blue, red and black colours. The combination of natural materials a beautiful finish and lighting creates a warm, romantic, ambient light, making it a perfect gift for the home.

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Alabaster factories are a family business in Egypt. Alabaster products continue to be produced using the same technique as the years past; rock blocks are cut into smaller pieces and then subjected to cutting and grinding. In this way products of the same shape are created, but with unique markings in the stone, meaning that each item is unique.

Valuable products made of alabaster are very popular. They are made using a long process of cutting and grinding as well as lots of manual work. The end product is beautiful and is certainly a great natural Egyptian souvenir or gift.

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