The all new capital city of Egypt

The all new capital city of Egypt

Cairo is Egypt's largest city with a population of nearly 20.5 million. Currently, it serves as the capital of the country, but this will soon change. In December 2021 this role will be taken over by the New Administrative Capital. For now, it is referred to this way, but unofficially it is said that the new capital city will be called Wedian.

Where did this change come from? A few years ago, such a decision was made by the president, Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi. The politician has held office since 2014 and six years ago he came up with the idea of creating a capital from scratch, and in a complete wasteland. The first phase of his project is coming to an end. Now all that remains is to encourage officials to work in a complete remote area.

Egypt will have a new capital. Thus, the state will join the group of places that have decided to build their capital cities from scratch, in complete desolation. This is related to the project of the New Administrative Capital, announced in 2015, which was initiated by President Sisi himself.

The implementation of the project continues and is doing well, and the country's authorities only have to persuade their officials and employees to move to a remote area to work. The government persuades them with luxurious living conditions, as well as safety.

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What will the new capital, which will unofficially be called Wedian, be like? It will cover an area of 168 km2 and will include all the facilities necessary to live. The center of the city will be a 385-meter tower, which can be reached by a monorail. We find here parliament, a large religious complex and a 10 km park area.

In addition to this, ministries, universities, shopping malls and large business complexes are to be moved to the new Egyptian capital. The headquarters of the companies are to create a separate economic district here, which is to be completed by 2023.

The city will be built in accordance with modern technologies and will also function with lots of novelties. Housing estates will be built here, in which the roofs of the buildings are to be covered with photovoltaic panels. The residents will not miss out on anything here. So far, 60 percent of the work has been completed on this project, and of course the coronavirus pandemic has been responsible for delays.

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