It’s all in the handwork

It’s all in the handwork

Many people have taken up crafts over the last 12 months, spending their free time making lots of wonderful creations. Imagine a craft being passed down through generation to generation and then being recognized for its cultural uniqueness.

This is exactly what has now happened in Upper Egypt, where the manual-textile industry has been added to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage sites.

Hand loom weaving is still in practice throughout Upper Egypt, specifically in the Aswan, Sohag and Qena areas. The tradition is a complex process that requires time, effort, patience and practice. The basic principles have remained the same as those used in the past, for all materials, linen, cotton, wool or silk.

The decision to include this will help to raise awareness about the importance of handicrafts and encourage other handicrafts to apply for registration and may even be included in school activities in the future to continue the tradition for future generations.

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