Spices of the souk: Egyptian flavors at your home

Egypt is famous for its spices & these are used in homes & restaurants all across the country. They are a secret ingredient in many recipes, handed down from generation to generation. Spices are sold on the streets & in the souks & are a must have on your shopping list.
Take a look at the journey of some of Egypt’s classic spices.


Is a strong smelling spice with a spicy, slightly bitter taste. It is used for seasoning poultry dishes, cream soups. Turmeric is a very aromatic spice that works well with beans, soya & lentils.


Is the most expensive spice in the world. It gives a unique aroma and pleasant golden colour to rice dishes, sauces, soups and cakes. Saffron is also known as aphrodisiac.


Is one of the most valuable oil plants because of its high nutritional value as it contains a lot of vitamin E. Sesame oil increases the platelet content in the blood, to help with clotting.


Is used in Chinese and Indian cuisine. Egyptians use fresh coriander in salads and also coriander seeds as they are ideal for meat (mutton, pork, venison) and for sauces, vegetable marinades.

In Arabic cuisine, powdered cumin is added to meat dishes to flavour meat and vegetables. It can also be mixed with cinnamon and saffron and added to stews.

Has a sharp smell and spicy, warming flavour. It is used to aromatise compotes, liqueurs, mulled wine and beer, as well as gingerbreads, pickles, pumpkin pickles and cucumbers & sauces. It is a mixture of curry and is added to many Asian vegetable dishes.

Is one of the more expensive spices of the world, used for centuries in medicine and considered aphrodisiac. Cardamom is added to meat, fish and poultry. Each dish will give you an unusual, oriental taste. It also tastes good with coffee, tea and chocolate. It improves metabolism, so it can help slimming. It also has antiseptic properties and refreshes the breath. Cardamom seeds have been chewed by Arabs for centuries.

The chilled tea from Hibiscus flowers is refreshing and increases energy. Drank hot, it is a good antidote to infections. Hibiscus is a valuable source of calcium, vitamin C and mineral salts. In addition, it protects the heart. Hibiscus also helps blood pressure.


Is used in a famous bedouin tea served to tourists in Egypt. Although mint tea is served with lots of sugar - it retains its amazing aroma and properties. According to the Bedouin, it has a beneficial effect on digestion, as well as medicinal properties and improves the work of the digestive system.

10 .Black cumin 

Is a plant whose properties were appreciated by the ancient Egyptians. They said that black cumin and the oil made from it is "gold of the pharaohs" as they thought it could cure everything except death. Black cumin is not only a tasty spice but is also a powerful element in health.

Smell the oriental aroma of Egyptian spices and energise your senses. Take a trip to Egypt and discover the unknown with its beauty and mesmerising magic. Check out our trips around Egypt and and be the part of an unforgettable adventure.