The palace of Baron Empain

Is this Egypt? Or maybe India?

The Egyptian Champs Elysees, the Indian Temple, as well as tanks and combat vehicles - this diversity can be found in the Cairo district of Heliopolis.

This district, also known as the city of luxury and pleasure, was created at the beginning of the 20th century. Its founder, Belgian Baron Édouard Louis Joseph Empain, settled in Cairo in the early 1900s and fell in love with Yvette Boghdadli, one of Cairo’s most beautiful socialites. He decided to build a palace and develop Heliopolis for her. 

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The architects were from Europe & according to their intention, the main avenue, Al-Ahram, was to constitute the appropriate Parisian Champs Elysees. Baron Empain's dream was to create a residential neighborhood for European elites. Over time, villas were sold to rich Syrians, Turks, Egyptians and Jews. The Baron, himself, lived in a palace resembling an Indian temple (Palais Hindou).

The Egyptians renovated this facility and it is open to the public from 2020. The palace of Baron Empain is a tourist attraction of the Heliopolis district.

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