The Presidential Abdeen Palace

Visit the historic Abdeen Palace at Cairo, one of the richest palaces in the world and the official residence of the Egyptian president.

Built on the site of a small mansion owned by Abidin Bey, Abdeen Palace is one of the most famous palaces to be built during the rule of the Alaweya dynasty. Visiting it is part of one of our all-inclusive Egypt vacation packages

The construction of the palace begun in 1863 and it took about 12 years to build. A number of engineers, Egyptian, Italian, French and Turkish decorators helped to construct and design the palace under the supervision of the French architect Leon Rousseau. It is considered one of the most luxurious palaces in the world in terms of its ornaments, paintings, and large number of clocks scattered in the parlours and wings, most of which are decorated with pure gold.


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The palace became the seat of government in Egypt following Khedive Ismail Pasha in the second half of the nineteenth century and took over the rule of more than 100 years, five of them being the dynasty of Mohammed Ali Pasha and the last of them was the ruling of King Farouk.

After the revolution of July 1952 against the monarchy, many parts of the palace were opened as a museum for the public & some areas as government offices. At the beginning of the 1980’s the former president, Hosny Mubarak ordered to return the historical and artistic value of the palace by integrated restoration and historic recording for all the palace property. After the meticulous repairs & restoration, the palace was returned to its original beauty.

Although the palace is no longer open to the public, its exterior is still worth seeing for its intricate detailing and unusual design. 

However, you can visit this palace with us only during a private tour organized on special request.



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