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Al Montaza Palace in Alexandria

This popular complex of palaces and gardens has been visited by, among others, Queen Sofia of Spain and Queen Rania of Jordan. It is a favorite summer destination for many Egyptian writers and artists.

The Montazah Gardens Complex, which is located on the eastern edge of Alexandria on the Al-Montazah Bay, covers an area of 61 hectares. This extensive park surrounds Arab palaces as well as luxury hotels. On its grounds there are sandy city beaches that stretch along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Most of the trees and shrubs that grow in the lush gardens are over 100 years old. We can find various species of palm trees, tamarisks, acacia trees and branchy hibiscus bushes with colorful flowers in the gardens.

An important element of the complex are the two historic palaces: Salamlek and Haramlek, which in Turkish means a meeting place for men and women. The Salamlek Palace, built in 1892 by Khedive Abbas II, serves as an exclusive hotel. The second palace, Haramlek, was built in 1925 for King Ahmed Foaud and his family, and now serves as a museum dedicated to the family of Sultan Muhammad Ali (1805-1849). The architecture of this residence is an example of a mixture of styles, from Gothic, Classicism style and Byzantine through to Islamic art. The interior decoration is dominated by floral and geometric ornaments, and the furnishings are French antiques.