Thirsty? Why not enjoy a refreshing glass of karkade in the hot Egyptian sunshine!

Thirsty? Why not enjoy a refreshing glass of karkade in the hot Egyptian sunshine!

Egypt has several drinks that are traditionally drunk at certain times of the year & during certain seasons.

There are refreshing summer drinks to quench your thirst & cool you during the summer months. Then there are warming winter drinks made using many herbs & spices to keep you warm during the cold desert evenings. There are even drinks that are favoured during the holy period of Ramadan.

Ten traditional beverages you must try while in Egypt:

1. Karakade - served cold or hot is an infusion from the petals of hibiscus flower. It is believed to be one of the pharaoh's favourite drinks.
2. Aromatic coffee, made in a kanaka pot with cardamom served in tiny cups.

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3. Shay bil na’na – refreshing black tea with fresh mint leaves. Served in every Egyptian home, with or without sugar.

4. Helbah - a hot drink made from fenugreek seeds.

5. Sahleb- a thick milk drink with peanuts and sesame seeds. Served hot and especially popular during the cold winter evenings.

6. Yansoon- anise tea, a perfect cure for hoarseness and sore throat.

7. Asab / Qasab juice - a very sweet juice extracted from sugarcane and served with ice cubes. A natural pick me up to restore energy on a hot day.

8. Fresh Guava/Watermelon/Strawberry/Mango juice – delicious and refreshing (according to season).

9. Tamarind juice -  a sour, chilled drink made from tamarind that is widely popular in the summer and during the holy month of Ramadan. This drink is available in juice shops, stands, mobile carts and colorful vendors clanging their sagaats (finger cymbals).

10. Date milk - the juice of dates with milk. Served cold.

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