After Tutankhamun

After Tutankhamun

Following the death of Tutenkhamun, his widow, Ankhsenamun realised that their was no one to become the heir to the throne. And there was no man of royal blood to become king. She did a strange thing, that had never been done before, she sent a message to their enemy, the Hittite king, asking him to send one of his sons to become the king of Egypt. We still don't know why she did this, as an Egyptian princess never married a foreigner. Maybe she did it as a piece offering so that they wouldn't invade Egypt again. He sent one of his sons, however he never reached Egypt & was murdered on his way.

Ankhsenamun then became the wife of Ay. Ay only ruled for three or four years. Horemheb then became king. He went in the remove the names of Akhenaten & even Tutenkhamun.

Tutenkhamun's name was never mentioned again, until Howard Carter discovered his tomb 3000 years later. 

The mystery of Tutankhamun's life & death is still not solved. He will continue to be the most famous king in the history of Ancient Egypt & his story will capture people's hearts forever. Learn a bit more about his history yourself by joining one of our tours of Tutankhamun's tomb.

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